My Enigma

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This is just a bit of a lyrical poem that spilled onto my page a while back. I can't tell you how much poetry I write. It's just sort of my way of venting, because I suck at verbally communicating my emotions. I'm a bottler, but since it allows me to produce things like this, I suppose that makes it okay.

Submitted: July 16, 2008

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Submitted: July 16, 2008



I want to be a part of your world,
But you seem a world apart from me.
Sometimes you keep me blind, hurled
Out in the cold; others you let me in and let me see.
You are my enigma,
My most consuming, confusing friend.
You are no teacher, my enigma,
But you’ve taught me many things; I don’t want it to end.
One of us will have to go some day,
And I’ll miss our conversations,
But when that day comes, I won’t know what to say.
Because I never really know if we’ll meet again with friendly salutations,
Or if this is our last goodbye, always and forever.
You don’t have to be there all the time,
But baby, you’re my greatest blessing
Because I have known you and you have been mine.
Every time you look in my eyes, it’s my soul you’re addressing.
If you have to leave,
You can leave,
If you must go,
Then just go.
All I’m asking is please,
Please don’t forget me when you’re gone.
I’m begging you please,
Don’t stay long enough to watch me come undone.
Because I know,
How I know,
I’ll never forget you because
You’re the best there ever was,
And I love you for you.
No matter what I do,
If it means I’m just a friend
Until the very end.
Yeah, that’s just fine,
Yes love, I’ll be fine,
Because I had you, even for a while.

No matter what you do, it’ll always end me with a smile.

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