Thank You, Morpheus

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Well, this is an epistle to Morpheus, one of the Oneiroi, or one of the sons of Hypnos. Morpheus was the most powerful of them. Morpheus shapes dreams over all and the human figures in them, while Phobetor shapes animal figures, and Phantasos shapes inanimate objects. They are supposed to be the personification of dreams, black-winged demons, and were said to live on the shores of the ocean in the far West, in a cavern near the border of Hades. Just a little tidbit and another in the series of epistles to abstract ideas that I had to do for creative writing class.

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Submitted: July 22, 2008

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Submitted: July 22, 2008



Thank you for the amethyst midnight,
Alone, save for the moon and cold winking stars.
Mort ou viv, I know not which I am.
Thank you for the icy glitter in my eyes.
Expecting some kind of stab or slash,
Instead I am greeted by a gentle caress.
Piercing eyes smile at me as we sit beside the fire.
A call rises in the night like a ghost,
And we watch the wolves dance in the distance.
A light rain outside our shelter blurs the night into a purple-hued painting sprinkled with periwinkle stars.
It’s like a dream from the other side of the Looking Glass.
A vixen and her pups stare at us,
Wide-eyed with shock,
And I smile a besotted smile.
Thank you, Morpheus, King of Dreams,
For a sweet and tender
Amethyst Midnight.

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