I Stand Alone

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Basically I'm troubled at the moment, nothing else for me to do but to write and continute writing. Expect a lot more poetry out of the next couple days. Or until this issue of mine becomes solved.

Submitted: July 23, 2007

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Submitted: July 23, 2007



I look back at all this incredible nonsense
Wondered shit man where's the time been
My life strecthed out on a timeless map
This shits been planned out just another mishap
I speak my mind with every lyrical line
I spit and shine over every critical time
I fall back on myself yet again
To be mistrusted or misjudged never again
I scream with my heart don't you see
I'm not sure whats next nothings plain to me
I'm blinded by my own insecurities
Wishful thinking surrounded by darkening animosities
I lived my life enjoyed this shit
Survived this place and every single hit
I'm getting knocked out
and severely fucked up
Never thought I'd be getting my ass kicked
Not like this
What more can I do my defenses down
I try to fight back give another punch
rock in fear of that lurking fatal punch
But my butterflies seemingly lost their sting
Now I'm sitting here alone seeing stars above
A recount of ones that I onced loved
Taken from me most hastily
What more can I do but sit and wait and see.

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