Lost Lives

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This just as the other one was a project for 9th grade, same project. This one I liked, I don't know why, but it represents in someways the way I felt held by some of my teachers since I had moved to my new home. I was surrounded by teachers that hounded me about grades, and lack of talent, when in turn I had more talent that I understood. Or so people say.

Submitted: July 09, 2007

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Submitted: July 09, 2007



Lost Lives

By Andrew Eason


I remember in the distant past

The work hours and the soldiers going by so fast

Threats and shouts of anger

Rang through my head, as they would call another stranger.

Identified by digits, my identity lost

The feeling of strength in my body is tossed

Day in and day out

Screams from the flames the lost lives will shout.

Rain of ashes of my friends fall from the sky

And the threat of myself about to die

Rains constant in my memory

As I stare back down to crematory

My body lays and burns.

I am sooner free than the pain the Nazis will bring.

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