Prom Night-by Kaylee Landis

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After a lot of stuff happened, I was scared of him and he forced me to go to his prom...written in 2010.

Submitted: May 16, 2014

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Submitted: May 16, 2014



Here we are,

the music’s blaring.

We're just walking around

and no one seems to be caring.

We both dressed up,

which was very sweet.

You tell me I look beautiful

when we finally meet.

You brush back my hair

and gently kiss my lips.

You pull me close

and put your hands on my hips.

You pull back

and I see your beautiful eyes in the dim light.

I tell you look handsome

and I'm glad to be with you tonight.

Everyone says "hi" to you,

you seem very cool.

I don't know anyone here,

this isn't my school.

We stand in a corner

and we're just chatting.

I wish a slow song would come on

so we could start dancing.

I'm thinking

and staring off into space.

I won't look at you,

I won't look at your face.

You ask me what's wrong

and I tell you I'm fine.

I quickly grab my phone so I can

check the time.

It's about seven o'clock,

the dance is just starting.

I'm not mad at you,

I'm just thinking.

It's been a long, hard,

stressful day.

But you’re talking

is making me okay.

A slow song finally comes on

and you ask me to dance.

I tell you I'd love to

when I snap out of my trance.

You hold out your hand

and I smile.

I take your hand

and you guide me along the tile.

You lead me

out to the middle.

I am so scared,

I've danced very little.

I don't know how to move,

I don't know how to go.

I hope you know

and take it slow.

There’s no one around us

and I am so nervous.

You tell me to calm down

and that it doesn't have to be perfect.

You out your hands on my hips

and pull me close.

I wrap my arms around your neck,

I know how this part goes.

You take the lead

and I follow.

My throat is so dry so

I try to swallow.

I keep looking down

at our feet.

You put your head my mine

and whisper "look at me."

I look up and you

and your eyes are glistening.

You’re so amazing

and I am listening.

You tell me I'm fine,

that I'm doing great.

You tell me I haven't messed up,

or made a mistake.

We keep dancing

for what I hope is forever.

But then the music dies down

and our beautiful dance is over. ~12/28/11~

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