Suicide-by Kaylee Landis

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When I first tried to commit suicide. My best friend, now my current boyfriend, was there the entire time and went to jail for beating up my ex...written in 2010.

Submitted: May 16, 2014

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Submitted: May 16, 2014



It's dark

and it's scary.

I'm still alive and breathing,

but just barely.

You're sitting by my bed

thinking your dreaming.

You sit there and pray

that I awake from sleeping.

You start to cry

about the scary thought.

That I might not wake up

and you think it's your fault.

I want to wake

and tell the truth.

But I can't because the darkness is calm

and to smooth.

I've got to wake,

I've got to tell.

It wasn't your fault

and I'm putting you through hell.

I was hurt

and wanted to die.

I know you didn't mean it,

I know what you said was a lie.

We had a fight,

a huge war.

The war in which

I walked out the door.

I want to come back,

immerge from the darkness

and give you my heart back

and complete forgiveness.

I finally awake

and see you there.

You start to cry

and kiss my hair.

I tell you I love you

and I don't want to lose you.

You pull me close

and tell me you love me too.

I start to cry

and cover my head.

With the shirt on your body

while you sit on my bed.

My chest hurts,

my chest aches.

Probably from the bullet I used

or the life I tried to take.

I love you so much

so I have to say.

Mend my heart again

and I will stay...



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