Enough - MJ

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Submitted: August 13, 2011

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Submitted: August 13, 2011



This poem is published in One Voice Magazine in Knoxville area.

There are too many people,

Following false prophets,

And not enough Believers,

Care enough to stop it,

I say ENOUGH!,

Enough is enough,

We can save the lost,

It really isn't that tough,

Show them compassion,

Be the light in their lives,

Find out why they hurt,

Be the shoulder on which they cry,

Stop preaching to them,

And start loving instead,

They may grow to be one-hundred,

But without Jesus,inside they are dead,

We have the responsibility,

And the means to give,

I want to bring people to Christ,

So they may truly live!,

If God is love,

Then what are we?,

Shouldn't we mirror our Father?,

Look in the mirror and see,

Is there a reflection resembling our creator?,

Can you say "yes" truthfully?,

I will ask myself the same question,

For it is my duty,

It is my duty to say ENOUGH!,

I am tired of letting souls slip away,

Let us change lives,

Get up and do it today

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