underthemoon-Her Suicide

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I wrote this poem when I was 13, it was one of the first pieces I wrote. I wrote it when thinking about my sister. She is still alive btw, she was just going through a lot at the time, and became my inspiration to write this.

Submitted: May 16, 2012

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Submitted: May 16, 2012



She thinks she is dying

because she's in so much pain

the life she is living

she cannot regain.

She sits in her room

cutting herself

to get out the frustration

and anger of someone else.

She tries not to cry

when she sees other happy

because she knows the life she's living

it isn't all that happy.

So she's back in her room

cutting herself

and her mom walks in,

she starts to cry

not wanting her daughter to die

but the wound was to deep

she now has nothing to keep

because her daughter is dead

no more life

never ahead.

So I want you to know

that death is cruel but also sad

the girl in this poem

never really knew her dad.

She was an outcast in school

a girl nobody really liked

because she wore black lipstick

and had her hair dyed.

She'd still go to school

even though she wasn't liked

even though they told her she was a mistake

and always a dike.

What nobody ever knew

was that she'd take matters to the extreme

cutting herself made her die

she committed suicide.


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