Last Breath (GuitarPlayer's Challenge)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Jaspar Zarin, the bane of law enforcers across Tiastar, has always been inexplicably drawn towards the shadier side of the law. Fraud and thievery are second nature, crime being one of the few things he excels at in life, and so it seems perfectly reasonable to him that he should use his natural talents to earn a living.

But when his past catches up with him and he is offered a choice between redeeming himself and death, Jaspar believes that he is choosing wisely by agreeing to the influential and imposing Lord Vittora's demands. But did he really pick the lesser of two evils?

A/N: I'd like to say a huge thank you GuitarPlayer for hosting such a great contest and awarding this novel first place in her challenge!


Table of Contents

Prologue: Ensnared

Prologue ENSNARED A single teardrop broke against the glass and slid down the length of the picture frame. Her mother’s face ... Read Chapter

Chapter One: Reckoning

Chapter One RECKONING “By the Maker, it’s moving!” “Afton, it’s him; he’s speaking to us!” “…not possib... Read Chapter

Chapter Two: House of Cards

Chapter Two HOUSE OF CARDS After a torturously long day of travelling, the spires and steeples of the King’s old palace, the bu... Read Chapter

Chapter Three: Point of No Return

Chapter Three POINT OF NO RETURN Jaspar hurried after Mira, trying hard not to lose sight of her as she strode at a furious pace ... Read Chapter

Chapter Four: Taking Wing

Chapter Four TAKING WING “What’s taking you so long?” Mira’s voice jerked Jaspar back to reality and he resolved to m... Read Chapter

Chapter Five: Deadly Deceptions

Chapter Five DEADLY DECEPTIONS Something was coming. Mira took a pace backwards, held in fear’s thrall, but she ... Read Chapter

Chapter Six: Where the World Ends

Chapter Six WHERE THE WORLD ENDS Japar Zarin was not a happy man. In his two decades of life, nothing he’d faced compared to th... Read Chapter

Chapter Seven: Home of Dying Light

Chapter Seven HOME OF DYING LIGHT Controlling the winds was not the easiest of tasks. Besides being flighty and fanciful beings, ... Read Chapter

Chapter Eight: All That Remains

Chapter Eight ALL THAT REMAINS “What happened here?” Mira whispered, horrified by what she was seeing. Dalton’s home had be... Read Chapter

Chapter Nine: Unravelling

Chapter Nine UNRAVELLING Jaspar regarded the still form of the woman standing across the room from him. Barely a day before she h... Read Chapter

Chapter Ten: Hearts and Minds

Chapter Ten HEARTS AND MINDS The sound of approaching footsteps silenced any further grumbling from Jaspar. Mira appeared in the ... Read Chapter

Chapter Eleven: On a Knife Edge

Chapter Eleven ON A KNIFE EDGE “If you could please wait here, my lady, I shall fetch Lord Stannard.” Orla Kelock exposed... Read Chapter

Chapter Twelve: A Ripple in the Water

Chapter Twelve A RIPPLE IN THE WATER The steps down to the dungeons were dark and narrow. Mira shivered as the fingers of her lef... Read Chapter

Chapter Thirteen: What Lurks Beneath

Chapter Thirteen WHAT LURKS BENEATH “You took such a long time to come to me, my dear Nicholin,” Alya said. “I was afraid y... Read Chapter

Chapter Fourteen: The Soul Seeker

Chapter Fourteen THE SOUL SEEKER Radyrr’s anguish became Jaspar’s own; he could barely breathe past the weight of the crushin... Read Chapter

Chapter Fifteen: What Once Was

Chapter Fifteen WHAT ONCE WAS “Easier said than done, no doubt,” Jaspar remarked, once again putting the gift of understateme... Read Chapter

Chapter Sixteen: Collateral Damage

Chapter Sixteen COLLATERAL DAMAGE A dark shape occupied the far corner of the cabin of the Adelaide. Knee-height and just over th... Read Chapter

Chapter Seventeen: A Voice on the Wind

Chapter Seventeen A VOICE ON THE WIND A woman emerged from one of the five cells lining the walls of the chamber. Morann took in ... Read Chapter

Chapter Eighteen: Without A Trace

Chapter Eighteen WITHOUT A TRACE “When in the presence of the master, you must address him as ‘Lord Stannard’ or simply as ... Read Chapter

Chapter Nineteen: Lethal Eloquence

Chapter Nineteen LETHAL ELOQUENCE The passageway terminated in a small archway, constructed of roughly hewn stone. Beyond that, b... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty: Dark Harbour

Chapter Twenty DARK HARBOUR “You’re lying,” Jaspar said weakly, as he struggled to put his confusion—his alarm—his dism... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty-One: Frozen Moment

Chapter Twenty-One FROZEN MOMENT Jaspar’s mouth snapped shut and formed a grin that spread from ear to ear. “Coming!” he ca... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty-Two: Name Above All Names

Chapter Twenty-Two NAME ABOVE ALL NAMES Watching someone have their soul sucked out through their mouth was not something Jaspar ... Read Chapter

Epilogue: Dreams of Fireflies

Epilogue DREAMS OF FIREFLIES The last of the day’s light bled into the horizon, staining it vermillion. Time passed and the sun... Read Chapter