Letters of Hope

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The girl in the story (who will be nameless because I don't feel like naming her character) struggles to overcome the horrid sting of breakup, losing the one she loves the most in the world. Eventually, she'll find herself in another person that she, as well as everyone else, wasn't expecting. Together, they'll overcome the hardships that coincide with heartbreak as they become closer in their less than typical relationship.

Submitted: August 20, 2007

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Submitted: August 20, 2007



To her, it was funny, as well as tragic.  It was the most freeing feeling, yet it was also something that would stay with her for the longest time to come.  Perhaps it was her fault, she often thought to herself, that the imprint he left on her heart seemed to be burned into her soul as well.

It was only during times like the present -- and seemingly many others -- where she would think about it, where she would, much against her will, reminisce about their times together.  It was somewhat saddening, the way she would sit outside in the gazebo for hours upon hours on end doing nothing except thinking over the unanswered question of what she did wrong.  No answer would ever present itself, however, because she, in fact, had done nothing wrong.  But this fact would never stop her from asking the constant question that would never be answered and yet, still demand an answer just the same.

She wrote letters to him that he would never see, for her blank, lined books did what a person could not: not talk back.  Each letter was unique.  Each pertained to one single emotion out of the countless she happened to be experiencing at that moment.  Naturally, there were countless letters, the same.

The first expressed her understanding.  In the beginning, she understood why he didn't want to be with her for the time being.  And even though it pained her to write about how his decision was truly justified, she held in the tears, just as she promised she would, and wrote anyway.

The second letter conveyed her depression and sadness.  In the first letter, she had told him that everything was all right, but a creeping sense of lonliness enveloped her soul.  Never had she felt this low, and as a naturally content and optimistic person, she had no idea what to do with herself.  Not seeing him for the short amount of time that had passed under the present circumstances was torture.

Among and between other letters of sorrow, love, confusion, and longing, was one of anger.  Anger was an emotion she rarely experienced, but when she seldom felt betrayed and lied to, her anger surfaced like oil in water.  It was little known to her that during the two weeks after their supposed breakup, he was lengthening the distance between them instead of mending his own emotional problems in order to be with her again.  He didn't want to see her, nor would he make any attempt to speak with her; all for an underlying reason made clear to her, not by him but by a reliable friend.


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