Haunted work place

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This is a story about my experience working in a haunted store. Like all experiences associated with the haunted, I thought that this was my imagination, but it proved to be so much more than that.

Submitted: November 24, 2011

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Submitted: November 24, 2011



Everybody has heard of a haunted house or watched a show "The Haunted" at some point. Well, my story is about a store that I work in and that is rumored to be haunted, and this is what I experienced while working there for the past two years.
Some of the things that I started to notice was when objects started moving around. One time I remember I was on the register, it was early in the morning and nobody was in the store. I look down the isle and everything is okay, and nothing is out of place. So I got bored and went down to the deli to talk to one of my co-workers. After a few minutes I come back to the register and looking down the isle I see a can just lying right in the middle of the isle. I certainly did not hear a crash, and nobody could have moved it because there was nobody in the store. I thought that that was weird, but moved on. Some time later I started to notice how things fly off of the shelves. One thing in particular the bread. Now we don't stuff the shelves with bread so that there is no room, and the bread has to fall. No, if we did that, the boss would have a fit, so that is not the explanation for falling bread. But no, everything would be sitting nice and neatly, and all of the sudden, I would see how the bread just jumps off of the shelf. I also remember just putting the bread out and leaving the store for a few minutes empty to throw out the boxes, come back, and the bread is on the floor. And mind you it was scattered. It wasn't just on the floor like it would if it fell from lack of room. It looked like it was thrown on the floor on purpose. And I also remember coming in one time I went around the corner where the candy is by the register, and some of it was again, like the bread scattered around on the floor. At first I thought that somebody must have knocked some off while cleaning or something. But when I asked the register people that closed the night before, they said they left everything in order. So that was also weird. But it gets weirder. One morning I was taking the carts outside and upon coming in, I heard a distinct voice. And about a couple of seconds after I walked in, it was gone. And I stood there for a minute trying to make sense out of it. I thought 'oh it is just the bread delivery guy'. But it was quiet, and I know all of the delivery people and that voice did not match them. Then I looked behind me outside to see if anybody was out there, but there was none, no poeple, no cars, nothing. So I listened some more, there was nothing. The store was empty. I walked around, but I was alone.

Another morning, it was just me and my other co-worker. I was helping her in the deli, buttering rolls. She was standing a good two or three feet away from me. And as we were buttering the rolls, I distinctly felt something brush against my waist. And I felt it through a good three layers of clothing on. It was distinct like someone has touched me. I look over at my co-worker and she is still buttering the rolls. So I asked her if she has touched me. She gave me the weird look like 'what are you talking about'. I told her that I felt like somthing touched me. She replied that she did not touch me and that she has no clue what it might have been. That is when I fully realized that the store is clearly haunted.

Another instance that I recall is when the candy man was stocking the candy isle by the register. He put the box on top of the shelf and bend down to stock the bottom shelf. Now wer had some people in the deli, but they were not near the candy shelf anf there was nobody around it. And all of the sudden, I hear this loud 'smack' and the box flies up in the air and lands on the floor. So the candy man stoped for a minute, and went to get the box. Nobody knew what was going on, and it was just weird. I don't think that with all of the noise anybody really heard what was going on, but I heard it since I was the closest to it, and it freaked me out a little.

I also heard a lot of stories since I started working there. We have this fan over by where the registers are. And the story goes that one time, it just came on. And it was cold, so nobody knew why would it be on. The bosses went over to see the switch, but it was set on off. But the fan was still going. The light bulb was on and it was clearly spinning. And then it just went off. That was very strange.

And to this day, I notice those little things again, like when the bread jumps off, to things like tomaotoes just falling off the box and there is clearly enough room for all of them there. It is not like it is overflowing and stuff. It just falls off, just like that. I came to believe that this is a haunting and that the only thing we can do is just deal with it.

And the thing is, is that everybody knows its haunted, but they accept it as something that is completely normal and disregard it any way that they can. It just surprised me the way they say, 'oh its nothing.' I just don't see that as something to be taken so lightly, but I guess there is nothing left to do but just accept that it is there and move on.

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