Kiddie Love

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This short story is a true story of two kids who seem to be in love with one another. They do everything together and show affection in the cutest of ways.

Submitted: November 19, 2011

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Submitted: November 19, 2011




The following story is proff that love knows no age limits, knows no expiration dates, and knows no boundaries. And this is a true story of two kids from a daycare that I work in.

I think that as kids we all had that one other kid at school or at a daycare that we liked playing with more than other kids, well this is a story that I witnessed and could not help myself but to write about it.

It is hard to tell when the affection between Eleanor and Jeffrey began; was it when Jeffrey heasrd stories about a princess Eleanor? or was it spontaneous as love can sometimes be? It is hard to tell. But whatever the the cuase of this affection is, it is not only adorable but is also pure and unquestionably unpredictable.

I guess it all started with those little moments that erupted here and there. Moments like waiting for each other to have breakfast with. Or staring at each other's pictures for what seems to be like endless hours. And moments like becoming upset when learning that the other one has not shown up yet, or will not be there today. And let's not forget those moments where one would fall and the other one would run up and ask whether they were okay or not. Over time either one by one or in combination these little moments paved the way for bigger signs of affection. One day while in the middle of playing with toys, I watched how they got up and starte playing 'ring around the rosey'. They were holding hands and looking at each other as they sang the words. Eleanor always tended to sing the beginning while Jeffrey, attentively listening and would end the famous phrase of 'we all fall down' as they both did fall down while still managing to holding on tight to one another.

A few days later Eleanor arrived at the daycare a bit cranky. But Jeffrey was there to comfort her. As she sat in the chair, visibly upset, Jeffresy came up to her got down on his knees and started to gently stroke her arm while looking into her eyes. Eleanor, still cranky refused the attention and turned away. But Jeffrey was persistent. He got up, came around, got back down on his knees and started to gently stroke her other arm while still trying to make eye contact. Eleanor eventually warmed up and they went off playing together.  Sometime later they were playing trains. Eleanor sat in front, while Jeffrey climbed in the back and as he sat behind her, he put his arms around her and whispered 'all aboard'.

Later that week as they were playing, I watched as they pulled up two chairs side by side, took up two baby dolls, and sat down side by side. It looked like a traditional family portrait! And they must have been sitting like that for a good half an hour before running off to play something else together.

And the affection continued and probably gained some momentum when Jeffrey took Eleanor by the hand and leaded her into their so called 'secret hideout' which was really just space behind a shelf, but you know, it is what they make of it that really counts. Anyway, he led her there and they just sat side by side and were just talking about something; yes I actually could not resisit and  I went around so that they would not see me to see just what they were talking about. And even though it almost sounded like baby talk, it was just the more cute!

I also can't get over how cute it is when say Jeffrey accidentally hits Eleanor, or makes her fell bad, as she would burst into tears, Jeffrey would immediately stop and give Eleanor hug after hug and stroke her as much as possible before she would run off to find comfort in a teacher.

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