Thoughts of a Statue

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heart cold as a statue's... oh it is a statue

Submitted: April 17, 2015

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Submitted: April 17, 2015



Here I am watching as you walk by

You don’t know I’m watching

Or how I hurt inside

How I long for the touch that I once felt

But I do

I watch as people walk by

I watch as some laugh

And some as sit on this bench

To my right and cry

With tears of sorrow flowing down

As loved ones try to ease their pain

And I just watch.

I watch as day turns to night

I watch as sun turns to moon

I watch as green trees turn yellow and red

I watch as by old women

The pigeons are fed

I watch as in their graves

People are laid to rest

But of all these

None compare to the eternity it takes

Just watching you walk by.

I knew you once

When I could still cry

No I haven’t always been this way

I cried tears I felt pain

Wishing it would go away.

I can’t feel you anymore

But I still love you more than anything

My heart, I’ve hardened to the pain

And now my all does hardness reign.

I wish to hold you in my arms

I wish to soothe your tears

As you sit there talking of your fears.

I know more now than I ever did

But you think I’m dead

You don’t who this statue hides

If only you looked into it eyes.

I’m sure I love you more than life itself

And as my heart reheals itself

I know I’m starting to feel again.

I know one day I’ll break through this stone

On that day as you sit there on that bench

I will reach over and take your hand in mine


And you will know who it was all this time

Sitting beside you calming your fears

Just sitting as I watch your tears

Listening as you talk aloud

Then you will know I was never dead

I’d just hardened my heart

Because of my head

But for now

I just sit wishing that time to come

Wishing I’d used my heart instead.

I tried to leave the pain

And lost everything

Yet still the pain remains

As I watch you walk by

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