In my Memory

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There was a girl and a boy, and their love was pure. So pure that not even the soul of a newborn baby could’ve matched…but it was forbidden. Not because of their parents or because they didn't love each other enough that they slowly drifted apart. No. It was because of fate. Because someone in heaven just wouldn’t want them together, wouldn't want their stars to be aligned.

Submitted: August 24, 2017

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Submitted: August 24, 2017



A/N: My inspiration came from the novel Lord of Shadows by Cassandra Clare on the part where Alexander Lightwood told Zara Dearborn off that Magnus Bane would always love and remember him even when he died.


"Rosaline," The boy paced back and forth in his room. "Ah, Rose—"

"The number you dial is temporary—"

He hung up and sighed, tousling his hair even more. "Please, answer your phone."

"Caleb." There was a knock on his door then his mother swung it open and came in.

"Mom," said Caleb, smiling a little."It's been five days and I still can't contact her."

"Have you tried hard enough?" His mother said kindly, patiently.

"I don't want to pester her so I've restrained myself to just one call a day…and I did go to her house but she wasn't there." He flopped down his bed, staring at the ceiling. "But I can feel it, Mom. There's something wrong with her.… For that, am I weird?"

"No, baby boy. No." She reached for his hand and massaged it gently. "You guys are boarding for England tomorrow. You should be worried."

"I reckon she just went grocery shopping." He let out a laugh. For a mother, that was the most beautiful sound.

She looked at her son, fondness painted all over her face. Her heart broke. Her façade cracked. Her smile faltered. If a mother's happiness came from seeing her children happy, how could she lie to him?

So, she told him about the call she just received from Rose's mother, about how she was hiding her sickness from him, about how she was dying, about how she didn't want Caleb to witness how terrible she looked right now. She watched how her son's eyes grew wider, how gobsmacked he'd become, how he then ran out.

There were many regrets in her life, but she hoped this wouldn't be one of them.


He was sentient of somebody coughing, choking. Then, the coppery scent of blood hit him. The sight of it was even worse. Spots of blood everywhere. On the floor, duvet, and her body.


"Mom!" She laid sprawled on the bed, pale and thin. Too pale. Too thin. Her long hair was gone, a beanie in substitute. She blocked her face with the back of her hands. "Don't come any closer!"


She started crying. "Caleb, please. I beg of you. Get out."

"Is this the last time I get to see you?" Their eyes met.


In three strides she was in his arms. A tear slid down his cheek. She sobbed into the crook of his neck and pounded at him but she was too weak to do any damage. "Go to Cambridge. Finish the course. Complete my dream for me. I've always wanted to study there." She looked up, smiling slightly. "Be an architect like you've always wanted. I love you, and I'm sorry I can't be there for you."

He kissed her temple. "I love you, too— Rose? Rosaline!" She was limp in his arms. He shook her. He checked her pulse. Nothing. "I promise I'll remember you forever. You'll always have a place in my heart." He clutched her tightly against his chest, crying hard. It was as if she was waiting to see him one last time, the last unfinished business on Earth.


Twelve years later

Caleb was treading along the beach, seawater lapping against his feet. "I haven't forgotten about you, Rose, nor have I ceased loving you," he said as he looked at the structure that should've been their dream house.

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