No Longer Blank

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the one thing that balances me is my art. it is my love and it is my source of control

Submitted: October 09, 2008

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Submitted: October 09, 2008



the paper is blank......

as blank as the thoughts running through my head,

i sit on the cold stool, it sends a chilling sensation through my spine

i shiver,

i sit there as the day grows older

i dip into red then orange, making a color

a color as warm as the love in my heart

i curve the sensation over my empty sheet

each moment my thoughts grow as i splash

green then pink

yellow then brown

blue then purple

i feel power within myself,

my soul fills with a spiritual rage

  my hands grow numb from the power i had given them

my mind, blank as can be, but my immagination is fully grown

the cold shiver i had once felt is now a burning sensation

it twists and overtakes me,

i feel unstoppable, absolute power flows through me

as i sweep my brush

left to right

up and down

my emotions soon are poured onto this paper

the paper is my most trusted friend, the one who knows all

and shows me,

who i am

what i am

 how i feel

my breathing become heavy and my heart is racing,

my eyes follow each movement, trying to control my hands

nothing can stop me, i am indestructable

soon, i see myself gazing back at me

as i stare at the once blank paper

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