In The End.

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Something I wrote about 4 years ago now, I was going through a lot then.

Submitted: March 31, 2008

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Submitted: March 31, 2008



Through the depths of depression

with blood shot eyes,

taken all the pills

to make the day go by.

No happiness or laughter lie here

in the depth of me,

nothing but a black soul

lies within.

The nights are so long.

Sleep is an unknown thing

Sitting on the floor

I watch the blood run.

Scared by what morning will bring

I cry all night long.

I feel myself start to fall asleep

I know soon I will be gone.

They'll find me in the morning

and wont understand why.

They thought everything was good

But they only saw my outside

Their planning the day

when they'll lay me in the ground

nothing will be the same

as if I were around

I regret the things that I've done,

now that it cant be taken back

If I were there

I know now I could fix it all.

It s unforgivable

When its through

I know that where I was

Wasnít suppose to be the end.

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