Twirling Dolls

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This is really personal to me. If you read it you'll see it has a messege, its more than a twirling doll

Submitted: January 19, 2010

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Submitted: January 19, 2010



 ~Girl~ “Oooo, look at her there! 
The one twirling with bright blue hair.”
~Mom~ “What about the one twirling with such grace and care,
Ooops never mind, she has a tear.”
~Girl~ “Mommy, mommy I want her!
 I’ll buy her for all she’s worth
20,000 dollars if that’s what it took.
~Mom~ “Oh sweetie, no not her,
She’s not as pretty as the other one there,
That one with the hot pink hair.”
~Girl~ “But mommy please,
She’s unique and one of a kind,
She’s all I want forever, till the end of time.
~Mom~ “Oh no dear, not her
She’s not worth what you think,
Not worth anything, not even a blink.
~Girl~ “But mommy, I’d blink a thousand times for her.
She’s better than anything else,
I swear to you,
She’s all I want, please, it’s true.
I want her and nothing else.
I’ll love her till the end of time,
She’s all mine.
She’s unique in every way,
And mommy, I AM bringing her home today!  

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