Empty Heart

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Submitted: October 16, 2014

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Submitted: October 16, 2014



I remember so little from that night. The shimmering stars in the clear dark night sky. The wind howls ringing in my ear, as I dashed through the trees not daring to look back to see my assailant. Nonetheless, I knew I could not elude him.

That was when I found myself at the tip of a cliff. I looked up to see my attacker. He had this black silky cloak with a red logo of some sort draped on his shoulders. His eyes were pitch black and full of lust. You could almost smell the hunger radiating from him.

He eyed me up and down. That was when I felt a bit exposed. I was, after all, wearing my hospital gown. I folded arms across my breasts and looked around trying to spot somewhere to abscond to.

He seemed to have noticed, as he took a long stride towards me. He tilted his head to his side and stared right at me. I lifted my head up, to meet a swirly pool of chocolate eyes that instantly got me transfixed that I did not notice his arms snake around my tiny waist. “My name is Phoenix Angel. Do not worry I shall be slow and gentle you would feel a thing” he told me with his angelic voice.

It was then he struck. Not after whispering the word mate.


“My parents appreciate their privacy” I told the guests leading them away from the door and down a lobby where there is four doors which leads to the basement, the kitchen, the dining room and the gallery.

“Little girl”, one of the guests, Sir Duncan, sighed staring up at the gigantic ceiling with paintings of cherubs and angels. “How big is this place?”

I would have giggled by being called little girl, for I was only 15, but tried to act sensible for once and replied “Almost six thousand square feet and sixteen rooms. Not including the servants quarters of course”, a detectable air of snobbish supremacy apparent in my voice.

I continued with the tour, my head held up high. I was guiding them down a narrow passageway when we stopped at a huge tall black door. My eyes has gone wide and my skin pale as I realised where we stopped at.

“Death” one of the guests whispered. I have not been in this room since the incident. Tragic was the only way to describe what had happen. I could feel the intense atmosphere hanging above my head as my palms had gone clammy.

My head felt like it weighed a ton as the world started to spin. My hearing has gone muffled as I tried to make out the shouting. It was then I blacked out.


“Isadora! Isadora!”

“What is it cousin?!” I snapped.

“My master cook needs fish”

“Well go and fetch it yourself!”

“Shan’t, I got carrots to chop”

“Aghh, why me? Why not pot boy?” I moaned stomping my feet.

“Pastry and chicken”

I scoffed at him but got my red cloak for the chilly journey.

“The horse is ready, Oh and do ask for the finest COD”

“Wait, why can’t one of the servants do it?”

“You and I both know they are too busy for the feast tonight, now hop on already”

It was almost noon when I arrived to the scene of the fire. I rushed inside the mansion. There was smoke everywhere making my eyes water. It filled my lungs, chocking me.

“Mother! Father! Anabelle!” I screeched looking around frantically.

“Lord have mercy!” helpless cries came from the yard.

Suddenly the door opened, and a gust of wind sent flames roaring to the ceiling.

“Make haste!” someone ordered.

I tried to suck in air, but there was hot smoke everywhere which kept growing thicker and blacker.

I felt myself being swept into someone’s arms and carried out of the house.

“Mother, Father” were my last words till I was out cold.


“Child, do you hear me”

I nod and look around helplessly. “Wh-where am I?”

“With me, you are ours now”

“Who are you?”

“Queen Angel, now hush no questions, follow me, my husband has just arrived from a journey and dare I say he is craving for food”

So I trudged alongside her not realising my fate.

The End. 

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