The aftermath (i might make a better title soon)

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A work in progress

Jack ventured out of the hatch and into the harsh unforgiving wasteland, wondering what was ahead on the trail to Philadelphia. He knew this wasn't going to be easy and he still continued on. That, my friends, is the true example of a hero.

Submitted: October 14, 2009

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Submitted: October 14, 2009



Part 1: The beginning.
Jack woke up with a cringe in his back. He thought to himself, “I must have slept on it wrong or somethin’…” He got up and walked over to his dresser and pulled out some jeans and a black and gray skull t shirt. After he got all dressed up he walked into the bathroom and looked at himself in the mirror. He examined his wavy long brown hair and bluish green eyes. He chuckled to himself and thought it was funny he was looking at himself. He had been stuck in this hatch…this…this prison, since the bombs fell 3 years ago. He knew about the bombs beforehand…well he thought everyone had, since America had been in a war with china for the whole time he was growing up. It seemed pretty obvious in the ending years of the war when tension between the two super powers had grown tighter and tighter. He built this hatch when he was 15 and stocked it full of food for 5 years. It had a few rooms, about 9. There is the main living space where most of the events (if there were any) took place, the main bedroom, the guest bedroom (jack was beginning to wonder why he had ever bothered building this), the main bathroom, the guest bathroom, the food storage room, the freezer, the armory, and the closet. He had started to stock the guest bedroom and guest bathroom with canned food because he found he was never going to use it. The food storage room was about half full now since he had been down there so long. The freezer was full of meat coated with a special formula jack made that stopped the decomposition process in its tracks. The armory was stocked full of weapons. M-16s, M-203s, SAWs, M9 pistols, M29s, 22.s, hand grenades and more. Jack entered it and looked around. He took inventory and wondered why he was doing this since no one could enter the hatch without his key and since there was only one it was impossible to enter. He walked into the closet and looked around for a movie. “An officer and a gentleman…that sounds good right now…” He said to himself. He stepped into the main living room, walked to the TV, slipped the DVD in and collapsed on the couch. He sighed to himself and wandered into thought thinking about things from food, to getting out of the hatch. He had been thinking more and more about getting out. He was getting sick of this place. Dull, boring, depressing concrete. He forgot paint of all things. That’s one thing he wished he had. Yellow or red paint. Something to spruce up the place. When he thought about getting out he thought what supplies he would need. He knew there would be some civilizations out there but he didn’t know how long it would take or even if they would let him in. He would definitely need a radiation suit and some radiaway. He also need to check the outside from inside the hatch. That wasn’t possible though since he didn’t have anything that could do that. As he was thinking the movie came on and he sat back and fixated his eyes on the TV.
---_/~Three Hours Later~\\_---
Jack was awoken by the sound of explosions and gunfire. “Raiders...” He mumbled under his breath. He got up lazily and walked over to the armory. 1-42-33-56. He turned the dial to those numbers and open it up. Grabbing an M-4 and a few clips he sat back down on the couch. The gun was only for emergencies if anyone were to actually open the hatch, which was very doubtful, but as jack would always say “nothings impossible”. He put a clip in and chambered the first round. As the noises died down he thought to himself, “Just your average wasteland firefight…gotta love those raiders…not…” All of a sudden he heard a pounding noise. “What the hell!?” he said out loud, “what was that?! They couldn’t have found this place! I covered the hatch in grass and dirt!” “HEY OPEN UP IN THERE!” a strange voice yelled out, “OPEN UP BEFORE WE BLAST THIS DOOR OPEN!” Jack decided on not making a sound. If they thought no one was in here they might go away. “We’re goin’ to get some dynamite, you’ll wish you had replied!” The unknown voice called out. “Oh crap…they’re going to find me and kill me! That’s it I HAVE to get out of here…no matter what…” Jack said to himself. He went into the closet and grabbed a US military standard issue pack and a sleeping bag. He walked into the freezer and put down a little case and closed the door. He walked to the food storage area and grabbed a week’s worth of food. He set down his pack on the couch and walked into the armory. He turned on the light and looked around. “I know I’m going to take an M9 but what else am I going to take? I can’t take everything there is way too much…ok…M9, M-4, a few grenades, a few land mines, and the rest I’ll destroy for when the raiders get here.” Jack grabbed the guns and put the landmines and grenades in his pack. He grabbed ammo and a bunch of clips for the guns. He thought of anything else he might need but came up short. Jack picked up his pack and climbed up the 20 foot ladder to the unknown wasteland, never to return to the hatch again…

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