Let Me Write

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Memoir  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is why I should be read.

Let me write of an existence that's pure.
My hands are sweaty, soaked with words.
My mind is jumbled, searching for verbs.
My life is wading, anticipating tidal surge.

Let me write through interruptions, and I'll glow.
This is what I have to give, all that I know.
Stream of consciousness, perpetual flow,
Extracted from dreams in my head afloat.

Let me write, hear me roar.
A cunt, a siren, a bittersweet whore,
Life is this, to those who abhor.
For what you think is what you live for.

Let me write to all of you.
Oh, you have dreams? I have them too.
Please tell me what you're willing to do,
Because I'll do anything to make them true.

Let me write to Allen and Jack.
You have written of people the ones who are mad,
You have written and howled from the road in the past.
I assure that through me, the beat spirit will last.

Let me write, and I'll do it well.
I'll capture your brain, put you under a spell,
After you're done, you'll plead mercy for hell.
Because this is heaven, can't you tell?

Let me write, take heed my fair sign.
Let your mind be influenced, by thoughts of mine.
Your influence of truancy, is blind leading blind.
But my vision is clear, this is my time.

Let me write, I'll broaden your hue.
My passion is pure, honest, and true,
My passion, I hope, will inspire you.
This passion consumes as my talent brews.

Let me write, asserting my plan.
Because what I write is what I am,
Is what I think about life and man,
Is who I know and where I stand.

Let me write amongst criticism.
Let me write through alcoholism.
Let me write amongst belief schisms.
Let me drown in my egotism.

Let me write, and pay me now.
With change or strange I don't care how.
My words have meaning take this vow,
And into my soul you'll be allowed.

Now, let me write of my gratitude,
Of my ability to share my aptitude,
Of my love of life, my family and friends,
Of the enlightenment I gain until the end.

Submitted: April 21, 2012

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