Click Swipe and Touch

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

What is it you feel when the person you love sends you a Text message? And what is it you feel when your text messages are not answered? How often do we check knowing that there is nothing to check?
These are the ramblings of a young man who, bored in his office, can't stop thinking of "her".

Click. Swipe right. Click. Swipe Left. Touch WhatsApp. Touch Chats. Scroll Down. Scroll back up. Touch new message. Type her name. Read her status. Touch Cancel. Turn off.

I hate long days where there isn't much work to be done. It keeps my brain idle and that is never good. I remember a movie called... Well, I don't remember the name. They said a phrase in it "Idle hands are the devil's playground." So what is an idle mind?

Click. Swipe right. View screen. Wait... think about it... Turn off. It's been a few minutes, probably nothing new on her status.  Why bother?

I've been going through my work email over and over again trying to find any loose ends. Sadly, I excel at my job and thus have no pending items for today. I am now getting paid to warm my seat and watch YouTube.

Click. Swipe right, view list of open chats... "New Message". It's from her. Click the drop down notification. Hold breath... "Oks". That's all it says...

Click the Text section to answer back. Change to special characters. Touch colon, touch right parenthesis, view result  : )touch send. Little watch turns to one check mark. I can breath now, knowing it's sent. Turn off.

One new email. It's about a 20% discount on a plane ticket to Cancun, Mexico. Now I’m thinking I want to go to the beach with her.

Click. Swipe right, touch her message, double blue check marks, click her name, check her status (no change), turn off. Feel rejected.

She does this a lot... She reads my messages and doesn't answer for hours on end. Sometimes she doesn't even answer. So I’ve come up with a solution.

Click, swipe right, swipe left over her message, delete, confirm, turn off.

I will do this every time I send her a message. That way I don't know when she's read it or even if she's read it. I can't get upset over something I don't know. Or can I?

I look around the office. Are they all really working or are they just pretending, like me? Some of them look really busy as they stare off into their FaceBook accounts. I would know. I'm supposed to supervise them and I do. I know every website they surf. When I red flag something (porn, violence, suicide hotlines, job offers), Human Resources talk to the employee to see what's going on. Some don't come back the following day. I wonder if they know what it is I do...

Look at cellphone... What the hell... Click, swipe right, open whatsapp, scroll through chats... Maybe I forgot to answer someone. Click home button, check email (same one as my computer), click home button again, turn off.

I'm beat. The day must almost be over... I look at the office clock that's crookedly hung on the wall in front of me. I'm missing three and a half hours of work. What am I supposed to do meanwhile?

Tickets! I had promised her we'd go to the circus soon. Not the animal circus (I hate those, and they are banned in this country). I mean Cirque du Soleil. But the tickets are so expensive. And besides, I can't pick our place from the internet. I'll have to go to the booth and buy my tickets there with an actual living human being.




Did I lock my car? I think I did. Wait... No, yeah. I did. I remember clicking the button twice because a shady looking guy passed by when I closed it the first time. So I closed it again. I wonder if he took it personal. It was.

The sales manager just introduced chaos into the office. He turned the AC on. That's taking the bull by the horns here! The director's secretary, who is always sick, will probably come back from lunch and turn it off, reminding all of us that she is sick and that we have to respect that. I hate her... Did something just vibrate?

Click... nothing on the notification center... Swipe down... Swipe up... Swipe right... Turn off. Nothing new.

I rub my eyes and try not to fall asleep. I'm yawning every few seconds now. I wonder how her day's going. Should I text her? I don't want to seem like those guys that need to know every second of their girlfriend's life. I just want to know if she's having a good day or not. If she's happy. I guess that can seem invasive.

Click... Turn off.

Grab headphones... open iTunes... "A new version of iTunes (12.3) is available. Would you like to download it now?" Click "Don't download". I don't want to be red flagged by my self. I have 7,188 songs... Click random... Listen... Click next.

I always do this... I click random and always skip the first song. This is to make sure that it's trully random. But out of 7,188 songs I would probably only listen to 500 right now.

My phone vibrates once. I get excited. Twice is an iMessage or an eMail, once is whatsapp... Once could mean it's from her. Quickly now... Click-swiperight-touchwhatsapp-waitforittoload-YES! It's from her... click her name, read message. It's a smiley face. An ordinary happy smiley face. I like to think that if I don't answer she'll do the same thing I'm doing now... clicking and swiping waiting for an answer...

Click back, swipe left over her name, delete, turn off.  

Now she's been double blue checked.  Her turn to feel rejected... But does she?

Click. Swipe right. Click. Swipe Left. Touch WhatsApp. Touch Chats. Scroll Down. Scroll back up. Touch new message. Type her name. Read her status. Touch Cancel. Turn off.

Submitted: October 05, 2015

© Copyright 2022 unknown knives. All rights reserved.

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H. Adams

Love the loop. Loops are so fun to write, aren't they? Especially when it works, it works in a really interesting way. Like the office setting; it starts out as such a dull atmosphere and leaves you with no preparation for the kick at the end. I like the shortness too, gets the idea across in a nice, simple way. Another terrific story.

Fri, October 9th, 2015 2:29am


Thanks Hanorbi!

Mon, October 12th, 2015 7:33am

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