I can't stop feeling

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Submitted: March 08, 2016

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Submitted: March 08, 2016



I’ve erased your from my phone… From my eMail… From my computer. Every byte of information that relates to you has been wiped clear from all my digital devices. I burned your letters and shredded your pictures. I’ve thrown away the things you gave me and have torn off the pages with your name from my diary. I’ve written over my scars of you and have drawn over my sketches of you. I have moved away from my house, sold my car, changed my shoes and no longer wear blue. I’ve had eye surgery to never see glasses that remind me of you again. I’ve watched every movie we watched together with someone else while roaming my hands through their bodies to smudge the giant memories of your eyes in shimmering from the light. I avoid the places where we met… The hotels where we stayed… The streets I would take to take you home. I’ve learned thousand of new numbers to forget yours. I’ve stopped having cheesecake, stopped making Chai, stopped going to McDonalds… All to forget you. 

But no matter what I stop doing, what I forget, where I erase you from, I can’t stop smelling your hair, seeing your smile, tasting your lips, hearing your laughter and touching your skin. I can’t stop feeling and my five senses all feel for you...

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