Damn! She loves me

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Sometimes, we find ourselves in situations which aren’t that easy to handle as they looks from far. Those Situations, needs to be handled very carefully and with much care. We can’t even ignore the occurrence of such situations in our lives. These situations are like deadly puzzles which need to be solved or else you are screwed. This morning, I found one of these situations hanging on my head like a sharp sword ready to piece your head apart.

Submitted: December 23, 2011

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Submitted: December 23, 2011



Sometimes, we find ourselves in situations which aren’t that easy to handle as they looks from a distance. Those Situations, need to be handled very carefully and with much care. We can’t even ignore the occurrence of such situations in our lives. These situations are like deadly puzzles which need to be solved or else you’re screwed. This morning, I found one of these situations hanging on my head like a sharp sword ready to piece my head apart.
“I guess… I love you”, those were the words she said before ending that early morning call. I was surprised and at the same time in a strained condition resulting from those forces in my mind, acting in opposition to each other (Or should I say I was tensed). I didn’t know how it happened. We were friends from two years and now, at the last year of graduation, she loves me. My mind was full of questions that I wanted to ask her. Well I prepared myself, collected my stuff and left for college.
On my way, I was thinking about the possibilities of how my best friend could turn into be my secret lover. “Was it because of my smile?” I questioned myself. “No way… She isn’t the type of girl who falls in love with someone just because of his smile” I convinced myself.
“May be because of the gift I gave her on her birthday” I kept generating the options in my mind.
“But she said that gift was cute but old fashioned and she expected something else but loved that too” I contradicted myself again. It was getting more and more difficult to understand.
“Why the hell does she always keep confusing me with her non-sense sentences?” I kept questioning in my mind and hoped some kind of answer will come from my soul. But instead of answers, my mind was full of questions which only she could answer.
And then I don’t know why, from where and how our first meeting flashed in my mind.
That wasn’t my first day of college. It had been two weeks since I joined the college. All was good, nothing to worry about. No senior-junior games as my elder brother was at his final year of college. So, all the seniors of the second and third year were known and, indeed, good to me.
I was sitting with my school buddies outside the lecture hall. We were fed up of looking at the same nerdy faces throughout the week. We were hoping for a miraculous entry of some angel from the heavens into our class. God heard us and that was the time when that girl appeared in front of us with her “not so bad” friend. Our eyes were locked at her and obviously she was aware of the situation. So, without giving us any look she directly entered the class. Though, her friend did notice us and said something in her ear and she just smiled.
“God accepted our prayers and sent one of her angels to our college…” Saurabh commented.
“What did that other girl say to her?? Was that about us?” Rahul questioned.
“May be she praised your beauty…” I grinned.
“Guys are handsome not beautiful. “Beautiful” word is used for the girls. Didn’t you learn anything in school, eh?” Rahul questioned me.
“Exactly…she was praising your BEAUTY, dude” I grinned back.
“I am not a BEAUTY” he got my point and immediately backed up.
We just laughed and Rahul, as always, got frustrated.
Meanwhile, both of them chose their seats and placed their tashreefs on the seats they had chosen.
“Let’s see who gets that empty desk behind her…” Saurabh said and walked fast towards it but before his entry in the class, that seat was already taken.
“Hahahah… Better luck next time, dude” we laughed from behind.
“Arsehole…!” Saurabh came back with the rage on his face.
“Hehe… What did you think? That only we were interested in that sweet smell coming from her hair? Eh?” I said but inside I was burning too. That guy has even started talking to her and she was replying with a smile on her face, leaving us burning in the fire of jealousy.
“So, where were we yesterday?” Mr. Tiwari asked from the class.
“Here only, sir.” Someone cracked the fantastically rubbish joke which was heard almost in every class. The whole class looked at the speaker, without laughing. And the person, who cracked that mind-blowing joke, got embarrassed. And not to mention that Mr. Tiwari also noticed the guy who shouldn’t have said what he said.
“Hmmmmm… You got a nice sense of humour, Mr.?”
“Puneet, sir” that guy replied.
“Yes Mr. Puneet. So where were we yesterday?”
He had no words left to speak. So, he kept his head down and words inside his shitty mouth. Well, did I mention that this was the same guy who was sitting behind that, so called, angel of our hearts.
“Ok anybody else?”
Almost the whole class was clueless about the topic discussed in the last lecture. May be everyone was lost in their own world like me. Except a few nerds who were not willing to put their raised hands down, whole class kept silence like those deadly storms leaves behind after screwing everything.
“You… Yes you with pink ribbon kind of something on her head” Mr. Tiwari pointed towards our angel.
“Sir, it’s her first day” someone yelled from behind.
“Who was that?” Mr. Tiwari shouted.
Again the same silence. “I said who the hell was that” Mr. Tiwari shouted again. Again the same, deadly, silence. He looked at her again when he found nobody replying to his question.
“Ok… So it’s your first day.”
“Yes sir” she replied with the sweetness in her voice.
“What’s your name?”
Finally guys, who didn’t have any chance to know her name, felt on top of the world,
“What a heavenly name she got man? I think I am in love with her?” Saurabh murmured from behind.
“Yah… Indeed” I replied with a smile.
Like all other guys in class I was also feeling the same warmth of love inside my heart. I also wanted to have a chat with her. In the class, as she spoke her name, it echoed in my mind and heart like the sounds of that huge bell on the top of some Tibetan mountain. We all wanted to have a chat with her and also, we were dreaming of her presence in our arms.
But soon we realized that Sunaina was a pretty hard nut to crack. After one week, Puneet asked her for friendship but she smashed his expectations down on the floor. After that day most of the other guys, who were planning to propose to her, dropped their plans.
Saurabh found another girl in the science department to talk about. In our group, only I was left with some feelings for her. But nobody knew about that. She was my secret crush or kind of something.
One day I watched a movie in which the hero becomes friends with an ugly girl in order to woo her beautiful friend. At that moment, an idea stroked my mind and without watching the whole movie I started preparing for the next day.
It was a fine morning with mixed voices of guys and girls in the environment. I saw her standing in front of the canteen, alone. It was the perfect time to talk to her. I approached her. She wasn’t ugly; I mean she was quite good. Not just quite good, she was quite beautiful actually. Anyway, I approached her and smiled; she smiled back.
“Hi!” I gave a start to the conversation.
“Hello!” she replied with a smile.
“Do you remember me?”
“Yes… Of course I remember you. You are my class mate.” She replied with a very polite tone.
“Exactly… My name is Paras Shukla. What’s yours?”
“Amrita, Amrita Sharma” she replied with the same tone.
“Cool name you got. You are alone today. Where is your friend?”
“Oh. Now I got it. You are here to ask me about Sunaina. Well, she is not coming today. She had some stuff to do at home.” Amrita replied, in a formal manner this time.
“Well, thanks for the information but it doesn’t matter where is she. I saw you standing alone here and I can’t see anyone standing alone. Loneliness is a kind of bliss you know. So I came to accompany you. But you kind of misunderstood me. But its ok as you may…”
“You talk a lot, “KIND OF”. Do you know that?” her words halted my speech abruptly.
“Uhh… Yah I know that. But you know if I don’t speak anything then you may get bored and leave.” I tried to regain the control of the conversation.
“Oh… so you are trying to entertain me. eh?”
“I am just trying to make a conversation”
“And why is that?” she said with a sarcastic tone in her voice.
“I guess we can become friends. Can we?” I came straight to the point because it seemed usless to impress her first and then coming to the point.
“Yeah sure”
“Sure we can be friends” she replied.
I was quite surprised at that time.
“It wasn’t that hard” I thought in mind.
“Ok then. Friends we are” I said.
“Yes we are” she laughed, again in the same sarcastic way.
We shook hands and that’s how she became my friend. After that day we started meeting after college. We started chatting through SMS and sometimes on Facebook also. She shared almost everything about her and so as I. I told her how once we climbed on top of a mountain and there together with my friends, we killed a huge bear and then how I got bitten by a Kobra snake and healed automatically. And obviously she was smart enough to get that I am lying.
We shared almost everything with each other except what was in our hearts.
On her birthday I presented her a gift in which, inside small spherical glass, a guy and a girl were sitting on a bench holding a heart in their hands. And there was “BEST FRIENDS FOREVER” written on that heart.
She seemed quite happy after seeing that gift but like always, she can’t keep her sarcasm out of any conversation she makes. She loves to make sarcastic comments every time she speaks.
So how can she leave my gift alone without her sarcasm?
“It’s cute. Old fashioned but lovely. I was expecting a gun but it’s not bad too. Actually I don’t know but I guess I love it”
“Whatever” I said.
Two years passed and I became a bit of friends with Sunaina too. That night I decided that I would tell Amrita about my love and may be she would help me getting more close to her. And may be I will graduate with her love in my life.
In the morning my cell phone rang.
“Hey! Ammy… What’s up?” I was thinking of calling her and here she was.
“It seems like you are low today. What happened?”
“I need to tell you something” she replied anxiously.
“You know I was thinking of calling you and I have something to tell you too, but first you tell me”
“I am not sure whether I should tell you this or not”
I got a little tensed at that moment. She may have found out my feelings about Sunaina and now she may have some bad news like Sunaina having a boyfriend or may be she is running away with that guy Puneet or worst, she is getting married with a 40 year old scientist from NASA.
“Tell me what it is, Ammy”
“I was expecting you to say it but I guess you would never. So that’s why I am saying it. You can refuse also and I don’t care what your answer is”
“Ok… But what it is?”
“I guess… I love you”
She hung up before listening to my reaction. I tried to call back but an old, stupid, “good for nothing” lady said that it’s switched off. She left me in a state of dilemma. And why the hell was she expecting me to say it. I was pretty much like a confused soul standing on a sea shore, with two amazingly beautiful boats in front of him. I didn’t want to be that person. I just wanted a simple boat, I mean a simple girl to love. I can’t choose between these two. One is my love and one is my best buddy,who doesn’t know about my feelings for her best friend.
“Thanks for ruining my plan” I looked up at the sky and said.

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