Damn! She loves me...

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Everything seemed beautiful, when we came out through the gate, even the people breaking their jaws in the ground. Wind seemed like playing music in my ears and the birds started singing those beautiful songs in their own beautiful language. Trees seemed like dancing with the tunes of those songs. And me, I was just looking at the beautiful face of my gorgeous Angel.

Submitted: December 26, 2011

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Submitted: December 26, 2011



Sometimes, someone, somewhere, gains that unfilled space in your heart which even you don’t have any idea about. That’s what I came to know, this morning. I had no idea of my reaction when I’d face her. 
“Would I be able to look into her eyes?”
“What if she comes to know that I don’t love her?” “Should I tell her? Or not...?” “How would she react?”

Those were the questions I finished concluding when I reached in front of the college gate. I didn’t notice that long queue and those unfamiliar glares when I was entering the college gate. 
“Hey you…”
I looked at the direction of the voice. An old guy, with long moustache and huge fat body, was glaring at me with his red eyes. I realized my mistake and looked at other glaring faces. Without wasting any time, in giving back what they deserved for those glares, I walked towards the end of the line. 
“Good, so now we have a security guard. Where the hell was he throughout this year?” 
I thought and looked at my watch and then at the long line. I was stuck there for almost half an hour. He was checking the Identity cards of every student before letting them in. 
I had much time to think about my situation now (that was the only thing to do at that time). So I gave a slight push to the stream of my thoughts and again there was only her in my thoughts. “May be she is already in…” “Where can I find her??” “Canteen…?? Or May be library?” “I guess I should check the class first” “How about the ground? May be she is sitting there with Sunaina?”
This was the first time Sunaina came into my thoughts. I didn’t know how to react in presence of her. “God… What kind of situation you have put me into?” When things got difficult and there was no answer from the side of my soul, I preferred to ask God for a solution. “Help me out of this situation, please?” I almost begged looking into the sky and I didn’t even notice when words from my thoughts came on my lips and also that I was in front of that big fatty muchhad. 
“Show me your I-Card?” confused muchhad asked for my I-Card. I was quite sure that he was thinking of me as some kind of idiot blabbermouth blabbering with himself only. Well, I never cared what anyone thinks about me so I just I checked my pockets and then bag and when didn’t found anything I looked up to thank God once again for being so generous. May be that’s how he helps those who are urgently in need of help. 
“Do you have it??” he asked once again.
“No. I guess I forgot it at home but I assure you that I am a student. Roll No. 34562 BCA 3rd year. You can ask anyone. They know me very well…” I tried to convince him.
“But I don’t… Please get your I-Card and then come here”
“Epic fail” I thought and turned back to leave.
“It’s ok. He is my student. Let him in”
A, kind of, known voice struck my ears. I didn’t believed what I saw when I looked back. It was Mr. Tiwari, The Savior, looking and smiling at me. At that time I looked at him like an angel of God, came to save my day. I touched his feet to show my gratitude. 
“God bless you” his blessing filled me with a lot of positive vibes. 
“What happened sir? Why they felt the need of security guard today??” I looked at the fat muchad again. He was busy doing his work so I turned back to Mr. Tiwari.
“A student informed us that some outsider’s gang is planning to violate the campus environment.” He was clearly worried about the circumstances which were about to evolve. 
“Oh… and why is so?”
“One of our college students said something offensive to someone who was an outsider and he couldn’t react at that time because of the presence of other college students and now they want to avenge…”
“Oh… That’s why” I rolled my eyes.
“Anyway, you go to your class and leave rest upon us without worrying at all” Mr. Tiwari said.
I smiled, thanked him once again and left.
Now, I had to find Amrita. I thought about searching the canteen first as it was just a few steps away, but then I saw those idiotically smirking faces outside it and I dropped the plan and walked towards my classroom. As I entered the class I saw same familiar faces but didn’t found what I was looking for. She wasn’t there and so as Sunaina. I asked some people who may have an idea about them but they were clueless too. 
“Where could she be?” I tried to invoke my sixth sense and other magical powers within me. But nothing seemed to helping me out of that situation. Finally I left to search the next place on my list, the most frightening place of the college The Library (That’s what I thought). I had never been to such a place throughout my life. I had seen her, once, entering that strange looking place. 
“How did you survive there?” I asked her when she came out. But she just laughed, looked at my face and again laughed at my stupidity (or fear you say). But today I had to go inside that place. (Am I overreacting?) Anyways, I walked in and took a quick tour. Same nerdy faces mingled with their monstrous books. No one had any idea of what’s going on in the surroundings. I looked at the librarian; she was busy with her book too. 
“Blow up this place and they won’t even realize it” I thought and left. I was tired of disappointments but still filled with curiosity. Suddenly I saw Saurabh passing by. I yelled out his name as loud as I could. He looked towards me, with that surprised and suspicious look.
“Hey!” he said.
“Dude… You have to help me. I don’t know how you would do it but you have to. I am looking for Amrita. Do you have any idea where is she?”
“No! I just came. But what is the matter. Is something wrong?” he asked, I didn’t know it was anxiety or curiosity, in his tone.
“Everything is wrong. Just call me if you saw her. And remember it’s a matter of life and death…” I didn’t have any idea what I said but importance of the situation was the only way to make him help me. I left without uttering a single word, leaving him with his eagerness. 
I searched the ground after that but she wasn’t there too. I thought of giving up my search operation and that was when my cell phone rang. 
“Hey” it was Saurabh.
“Found her?” I asked straight with a bit of disappointment in my voice. I knew what would be his answer. “I don’t think she is here. You must try outside the college. I have to attend this lecture…”
“Yup… I saw her sitting in the canteen with Sunaina and few others…”
“What the heck!”
“Why? What’s wrong?” he was surprised again at my response. 
“Oh! Nothing… Just some emotional stuff…. Thanks a lot for help dude…”
“It’s ok bro. Take care. Bye” he said.
“Bye” I ran towards the canteen after ending the call.
“I was looking for her all around the college and she was there and that too with her. Godsh! How am I going to ask her about that now?”
I reached the canteen and saw her sitting on the last table laughing with her friends. That was the first time I didn’t noticed anyone around her, not even Sunaina. She was looking beautiful in that bluish, kind of, dress she wore. Her aura was mind blowing, fading the effect of others. Her smile was looking different today. Wait a minute! 
Did she put on make up today?o.O
“Why the hell she needs to put this makeup thing on when she looks good without it…” I thought.
Suddenly I saw Sunaina, whispering something in her ear. And she just smiled.
Sunaina have seen me looking at them and now I had no choice but to go and talk to them. I walked slowly toward their table. It seemed like I had kilos of weight on my feet, when I was taking steps toward her. I reached there.
“Hey everybody” I said.
“Hey Paras” they said Altogether (what the heck). Not Amrita, though.
“Does she need a separate “hie” now…?” the “bad-me” said.
“Hey Amrita…!” I ignored the “bad-me”.
“Hie” she smiled.
“Can I talk to you for a second?” I asked.
“Of course you can… we are just leaving…” Sunaina interrupted. I looked at her grinning face. I thanked silently for her co-operation. Strangely, I forgot my feelings about Sunaina at that moment (May be there were none at all…). 
They left the canteen leaving both of us together. Finally, I was facing her. She preferred to look outside the window than looking at me. Truly speaking, she was looking like an angel at that moment. A single confession of her love magically changed my feelings for her. For a moment I forgot why I was there.
“I am so lucky having her in my life…” I thanked God. After so many downs and falls, finally I was in front of her. 
“Are you playing some kind of prank with me?” I felt stupid when I realized what I just said.
She turned towards me and looked into my eyes. Her eyes, having a magical effect, hypnotized me for a moment. I returned to my senses when I heard her saying something.
“You never realized? Did you?” she asked.
“How was I supposed to, with your sarcasm online…” I said.
She just smiled and again turned to her outside view.
“I wanted to ask you so many questions but now I am kind of speechless…” I said and continued “I looked for you everywhere, throughout the college but didn’t found you anywhere…”
“I was here waiting for you… Sunaina told me to wait here…”
“How and when did she found out all this…?” I asked curiously.
“I was at her house last night with few other friends. We were playing truth and dare. Very stupid game it is, I must say. I asked for truth on my turn. And she asked about my feelings for you…”

I thanked the creator of this beautiful game at that moment.

“…and when I told her she asked me to call you… I refused but she was not willing to give up… It was late night so I convinced her that I would call you in the morning… I thought in the morning I would leave before she wakes up… But in the morning she was awake already… I was trapped… and I had to call you… Sorry if i disturbed you anyhow…”
She was talking continuously without any full stop in her speech. I wanted to thank Sunaina. But she wasn’t around. 
“…Did I disturb you in the morning??”
“Well… Actually, you surprised me… You made me to roam around the college like a confused soul… You made me to face the biggest fear of my life The Library. You made me to think about you with a different view… And trust me I didn’t know deep within my heart I felt the same for you… I guess I love you too…”
I tried to rhyme the last two sentences and I don’t know I succeeded or not but I was sure of one thing that I made her feel special. Tears rolled down her eyes and she smiled. We kept looking at each other’s faces until we heard some noise outside. 
“…Fight! Fight! Fight!” everybody was running towards the ground. 
“Let’s go…” I said.
“What? I am not interested in looking at people breaking their jaws off…” she said surprised with my sudden change of mood.
“Godsh! I mean let’s go out and have lunch or something…” I said.
“Oh! Ok… Yah… I am KIND OF hungry actually…But we can eat something here also…Can't we?” she said.
“Yah… But I don’t think this environment of hatred is suitable for us…” I said.
She just smiled and we walked out of the canteen.
I had just found the Love of my life. Everything seemed beautiful, when we came out through the gate, even the people breaking their jaws in the ground. Wind seemed like playing music in my ears and the birds started singing those beautiful songs in their own beautiful language. Trees seemed like dancing with the tunes of those songs. And me, I was just looking at the beautiful face of my gorgeous Angel. I couldn’t stop myself from repeating those words in my mind, again and again. “Godsh! She loves me...

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