Hell Of A Dream-2

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Well, life is slowly moving on the right track.
But that's not the point. Point is, what happens next. My dreams are kind of, Unexpected. So please do forgive me for this "What happens next". May be this post is not so funny. Also, everything is just a part of my dream and at some points totally nonsense. May be whole idea of a dream is utter nonsense. So, God bless those who are reading... xD

Submitted: November 20, 2011

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Submitted: November 20, 2011




Well, life is slowly moving on the right track. 
But that's not the point. Point is, what happens next. My dreams are kind of, Unexpected. So please do forgive me for this "What happens next". May be this post is not funny like my previous posts. Also, everything is just a part of my dream and at some points totally nonsense. May be whole idea of a dream is utter nonsense. So, God bless those who are reading and liking it. Hah =)) 
So here it goes...
It was alex, with a brutal smile on face. There was also Shagufta(i don't know her) at one side, with a golden pistol in her hand. 
Anyways, Alex pointed the pistol on krish,"Where are my precious things?".
"What things??", he said.
"You know exactly what i am talking about??",alex replied.
"No i don't", krish said.
"Abey, Golu ka Golden chamacha and Chandu ke Chacha ka chandi ka chamcha **[Golden spoon of Golu and silver spoon of Chandu's uncle]**",alex explained what he wanted.
"Don't tell him Krish", Shweta murmured.
"But he'll kill me.. :(",krish murmured back in her ear.
"I promise you Tell him and I'll kill you",Shweta murmured back.
"*sob sob*", he had nothing to say.
"Stop it Both of you and give me what I want",Alex yelled with full power.
"We don't know, Okey? Please don't kill",Krish replied.
"Enough! That was the last time i asked. Now be ready to go to heaven...", he said with an evil smile on his face.
"Nooooooooooooooo! Not heaven... pleeeeeeeeeeeezz",Krish screamed.
"bwahahahahaha", Evil laugh and he pointed his AK-47 at krish. But before the shooting starts, something came from somewhere and fell on the floor and after a small blast, that room got full with red smoke. Two shadows appeared from the dark, with horns on one's head, and got lost in smoke. 
"Khachaaak khachaaaak khachaaaak dhadaammmm booom pataaak pataaak"
I got scared, don't know about others as nothing was visible. 
Suddenly two bombs blasted where alex was standing "Dhadaaaam dhadaaaamm" and someone flew out of the window, breaking the glasses and with a voice "I'll come baaaaaaaaaack".
It was alex who was thrown out of the window by someone. I got curious to see who were these two shadows. Both were standing at the place where alex was standing before, and no idea about shagufta. One with Horns on head and other was without horns. Suddenly, my phone started ringing "Dhinkachikaa dhinkachikaaa dhinkaachikaaa ehehehe eehhehehe"
And one of those shadows started dancing like crazy. I got confused, something struck in my mind. I tried to remember something but couldn't. Anyways, i looked above, clouds of smoke disappeared, but there was only one shadow standing now, and it was no-one other than Sammy, with her red sharp edged stick in one hand. 
Everybody ran toward her to thank her and surely no one realized that she wasn't alone. 
"You fought like a ninja... I love you Sundri(beautiful) number please.. __/\\__", krish said.
"Hehe... So you saw me fighting? strange.. And I dnt have cellphone okey?",sammy replied.
"You saved us...", rut said.
"Really?",Sammy replied with a question.
"ummmm uhhh... yah.. kind of",rut said.
"Your smile reminds me of my old girlfriend. So howz you doing?",krish said.
"O.O", she just looked surprisingly at him.
"Well, whoever you are, You got to be in my team", Shweta said.
"Nah. I already have a team", She replied.
"Really? who are other members of your team?", I asked with a suspicious tone .
"Why do you want to know that, Handsome?",she replied.
"*blush blush* :">",I had nothing to say. 
"I like your horns bebe",Krish interrupted again.
"Khachaaaaaaaaak" she pierced her sharp stick in his chest. 
"AAAAHHHHH...",Krish screamed with the pain in his voice and fell on the floor.
"OMG why the hell you killed him??",i yelled at her.
"Like i said earlier no one can be killed as all are dead already plus i don't like someone yelling at me", she said and "khachaaaaaaaaaaaak". I saw my body without head falling down and felt like my head is floating in the sky. Soon my eyes got closed once again.
When i opened my eyes, I found myself sitting in the corner of a pub. I looked around, people were dancing on the song "Allah bachaye jaan.. Raziya Gundo me fans gayi". I looked for people i know but didn't found anyone so I walked in the bar and asked for a Coke. I took the coke in one hand and turned towards the people dancing on the floor. I saw, Krish and Sammy, dancing at a corner. Her Red horns were glowing. Then i saw Keanu Reeves (O.O), dancing with a girl whose face wasn't clearly visible. Then i saw Shweta, Saima, Emma and rut coming towards the bar.
"Blah blah blah", shweta said.
"what??",i asked.
"bleh..",she said.
"O.o okey",i said.
"She drunk too much cock today", Rut said.
"She shouldn't have. Now who will lead us to Golu ka Golden chamacha and Chandu ke chachu ka chandi ka chamacha", I got worried.
"Blah blah blah... blah blah.. bleh!",shweta said.
"Okey okey",i replied.
"One coke plz", Saima ordered.
"You shouldn't drink too much of it saima. You already had two bottles",Emma said.
"Ji this one will be the last one",Said saima.
"Where is Maha?", i asked Rutvij.
"She is dancing there with Keanu Reeves", Rutvij replied in an angry tone.
"Lol", i looked at the dancing floor and at that moment music changed from fast to slow and i saw Maha running towards the bar.
"Well she is coming here, dude", i said.
Maha reached the bar and ordered a coke. She looked at Rut and said,"Let's dance Ruttu".
"No. Go and dance with your keanu na. Huh",Rut said.
"Yah. He is actually waiting. If you don't want to dance then i wont be left with any choice but to dance with him only...", Maha said and pretended like walking away.
"Ok. Though, I don't like the song but if you are forcing me so much then i wont mind dancing..", Rut said.
They left the bar and started dancing on the song,"Mere dushman qayamat hogi".
After few minutes, music turned off and people left the dancing floor. It was closing time of the pub. 
Then i saw us all standing in a bus stop. 
Krish said,"Ok now we need to find those precious GKGC and CKCKCKC, before anyone else does".
Rutvij smiled and said,"I know where to find them".
"Where?", Krish asked.
"Those mountains near the doors of heaven. They could be on the peak of those mountains. Bus No. 216 will take us there. But it would be a dangerous mission for sure. So Raise your hands who wants to go there",Rut said.
"I got a test tomorrow", Emma disappeared.
"Ummmm Uhhhh.. Ji i don't think i should go",Saima said.
Shweta and krish raised their hands. 
"Why are you not raising your hands?", i asked Rutvij.
"Ummm. Actually, I have an appointment with Yamraj Tomorrow. Something job related. hehe", He replied with a false smile on face.
Maha raised her hand.
"Ok. I can cancel the appointment if you people are forcing me so much..",Rut immediately replied.
"By the way, why we need those golden and silver spoons? Some power issue, eh?",i asked.
"They are so shiny and we want to include them in our spoon collection",Saima said.
"*Nods*", shweta said.
"Yah. Very shiny..", krish said.
"Yah...Exactly. +1 to all", rut said.
"Lol..Ok, Look people I don't think anybody has to go anywhere. Those things aren't that special, ok? Why should we risk our afterlives for those stupid shiny things? hmmmm?", i asked.
"Yah. You got a point bro",Krish said.
"Yah. Right. Why should we...",Rut tried to said something but then maha stared at him,"But we should go i think... Right maha??", he asked.
"Lol. I was just looking at you and listening to what you were saying. Bwhehehehe",she giggled. 
"Hehe. Yah i was just kidding. That's so stupid to go th..." 
Suddenly my phone started ringing "Dhinkachikaa dhinkachikaa dhinkachikaaaa e hee he hee".
And Rutvij forgot what he was saying and started dancing like a crazy Salman Khan.
"OMG it was you who helped sammy and saved us from alex. Damn",i said.
"Really.. ?? o.O", All said together.
"Bwahahahahahah bwehehehehe... ho ho ho... OMG", Shweta started laughing on the greatest joke that nobody understood, not even the one who cracked it. 
Meanwhile, at the mountains near heaven.
"Yes! yes! yessssssss! I found My Precious. Golu ka golden chamacha and Chandu ke chacha ka chandi ka chamcha. bwahahahaha", It was alex celebrating on the peak of that mountain. Now everybody would be jealous of me and my spoon collection. Lets go back Shagu darling.",He said and headed towards their chopper. After sitting inside he said,"Start the engines darling..",
"But Alex..."
"But what Darling?", He asked. 
"Fuel Tank is empty..",said Shagufta.
"Damn it. How can that happen? Tank was full.. o.O"
"Are you an idiot? We covered so much distance. You should have brought some more petrol with you. You are good for nothing. Huh!",she said furiously.
"Shut up. Don't challenge my awesomeness...",he replied.
"You shut up. I just want to go back...", she started crying.
Suddenly, a voice came, "My children... You have no choice but to enter in the doors of heaven. Come to heaven, My children, Come to heaven!"
"Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo!", both of them screamed together.

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