Hell Of A Dream

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Another waste of a day, another hell of a dream.
another party at night, and then eyes in front of the screen.

Starting from the beginning, a beginning which never started.
A tower standing straight and then started to lean.

Submitted: November 20, 2011

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Submitted: November 20, 2011




Another waste of a day, another hell of a dream. 
another party at night, and then eyes in front of the screen.
Starting from the beginning, a beginning which never started.
A tower standing straight and then started to lean.
May be above line has no meaning to you, but somehow that's what comes out of my mind when i think about the life so far.
Anyways, let it be and let's move on to my dream or let's call it "The Hell of a dream". =))
Found myself in some kind of a path, a grassy path. Leading to one direction only. When i looked back, there was only dark[ happens in every dream.. ok? ]. So I had left with no other option but to move ahead. So i started walking. Surroundings of that path were kind of beautiful. Beautiful flowers, trees, green grass and blue sky. But there were no birds or butterflies or squirrels or any other creature on the trees. Anyways, i kept moving ahead. Then i found a guy coming from the opposite direction, it was Ravi.
"hey!",i waved.
"hello!", he replied.
"where are you going?",i asked.
"They thrown me out. So i am going back.",he said.
"Thrown you out from where?"
"There", he pointed at one direction.
"Arre where??"
"There naa", he again pointed at the same direction.
"Fcuk off",i got frustrated and said.
"They said the same thing..", he made a sad face and disappeared.
"whom was he talking about?",I thought.
I looked around, but didn't got any clue of what that place is actually. So i moved ahead and kept walking until the surroundings started to change. Everything, got changed. Flowers and grass disappeared, sky turned into red color, so as the trees. 
At a distance a giant red door, with a giant white board at the top, appeared . I tried to read what was written on the board. "W-E-L-C-O-M-E T-O H-E-L-L" written with the dark red color [bloody red]. I got scared, "OMG i don't want to go to hell, i am a good person, i deserves to be in heaven :( ". I turned back and tried to run but some strange force was pulling me back. I closed my eyes, and when i opened them, guess who was in front of me... Samira.. =)) With red horns on her head and a red stick with sharp edges.
"Hehe... Sammy You are looking horny..=))"
"Who is Sammy?? Anyways, shut the F up and show me Your I-card", she said.
"What I-card?", I got surprised.
"Identity-card", she said.
"Ummm... Voter I-Card will do?", i asked.
"No..",she replied.
"Ok then after that only I-Card i have is my Driving License card.."
"No Idiot. Your ETEITH I-card",she said.
"What's that? O.O"
"Eligible To Enter In The Hell", she replied with the full form.
"ROFLOL...=)) I don't think if i have any.. bweheh", i laughed and said and continued laughing. 
"khchaaak khachaaak khachaaak..."
She pierced my chest with the red sharp stick in her hand, obviously she didn't liked me laughing :/.
"ohh... my..go..od... you ...ki..i..ille..d me..", I said while falling down.
"You'll be fine. You are dead already, so can't be killed again.", she said and inserted her hand in the pocket of my jacket and took out a red card. "That's what i was talking about..", she said and put the card in front of my eyes.
I looked at it, my name, my photo, and the last thing i read was "Destination after death- THE HELL", and then i thought "Already dead O.O".
"You should have told me to check my pockets..aahh",i said with the pain in my voice.
"Thats my style ... ok??", she lifted her red edgy stick up in the air furiously
"ok ok ok k i wont....", but before letting me complete the sentence, she pierced that stick through my head and my eyes got closed.
When i opened my eyes, i found myself sitting on a couch between few hot girls, with red horns on their heads, were dancing around me. I cehcked my head, it was alright. Then i looked at those half naked girls dancing around me.
"Stop this nonsense!", i shouted.
"Wad d hell man.. let me come there if u dnt want to be there..", someone from the left side said. I looked at the direction of voice, it was krish.
"No i want to sit there...", tj appeared from somewhere and said.
"No only me would be sitting there", pragyan jumped in.
"Lol re lol. No one except me deserves to be there.", said mohit.
"This awesome place is meant to be someone awesome like me only", alex came from the dark.
Suddenly, a fight started. Everybody was beating everybody. Fight turned more violent when they started throwing chairs on each other. And then happened which was totally unexpected. Rutvij came from somewhere with a grande in his hand. He pulled the pin and threw it between those who were fighting. Everybody flew in air with the blast.
"These items belongs to me yanna rasacalaaz. Mind it", he said with a gun in his hands and then my cell ringtone started ringing "dhinkaadhinkaa dhinkachika dhinkachika e he he he" and rut started dancing alone on that song like crazys =)).
"Dhiskyaaaaaauuuunnn", i looked at rut thinking that he again fired at someone while dancing, but he was down. I looked at the other side, from where the possibility of bullet being fired was higher, and got scared because next one on the point of his gun was me. It was alex.
"But we are Fri..."
"dhaany dhaany dhishkyaaaaaaaannnun", he shot three bullets on me before letting me complete what i was saying, and my eyes again got closed.
I opened my eyes and found myself in an empty gallery, having two doors at one end with "IN" and "OUT" written on them.
As I reached at that end the door with "OUT" got opened and Krish and TJ came out then rut and pragyan and then Saima and emma following Maha and Shweta.
"Lol... Buffalo owners also in hell. Why? Why? Why?", i asked.
Then shweta came forward and replied," Stupid Chitragupta thinks that we exploited our bhains. How can that be. Bhains was our friend. Also she had an contract with us for 5 years plus she enjoyed swimming plus ate grass costing our full pocket money of one year. How can Mr. Chitragupta blame us so easily. I will sue him once i reaches the earth. You know what i am planning?? I am goin..."
"Ok.. And why are you running with gun in your hand", i said before she completes her blah blah and pointed my finger on the gun she was holding at one hand.
"We gotta kill alex dude.. He is becoming our "gale ki haddi",[which means, too tough to handle]". Then she took out few grenades and then a pistol and also two machine guns,"Take these... I have more. Tell me if you need ammo. Ok"
"Ok..O.O", i said completely surprised.
"What you all are looking at. Lets Go!",she yelled at others standing behind, and all ran towards the door with "OUT" written on it. I followed them and As we entered through the door, inside there was smoke, with little fire, all around us. 
"Alex burnt the place",Rut said.
"Hmmmmmmm..", Shweta nodded.
"Bloody destroyed everything",Said pragyan. 
"We'll chop his head off", said Maha furiously.
"Yeyyiii.. Kill Kill Kill..",saima and emma said together.
"We gotta kill him as soon as possible or he will take away my precious dope collection", Krish yelled.
"What exactly dope is? Don't you have some Eminem. Huh?", A voice came from upstairs.
Everybody looked above, with a hat on head, a gun in hand, two AK-47's at back, grenades on belt, he was Alex. 

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