The Secret Gift

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Cleo is 16 and pregnant. Right after birth she's given the bad news, the baby has neuroblastoma. Her choices were to let the child suffer or have him put down. She made the choice and said goodbye
to her child a few moments later. She never got to hold him, so she named him Zero. A few weeks later after she was sent home, a puppy appears on her doorstep. Is this a figment of Cleo's
imagination or could it be something a bit more?

Submitted: May 14, 2018

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Submitted: May 14, 2018



"I'm sorry miss." The doctor said to Cleo, tears just barely being kept from falling. The words he spoke to her didn't process or she didn't want to process. Without trusting her voice, she nodded her head. "I'll see to the preperations." He said walking away, gently rocking Cleo's baby. "You're making the right choice Cleo." Cleo's mother said. "You're only sixteen and he'd be in pain for his short life." "Mother can you please leave. I don't want anyone near me right now." Her mother nodded and dragged away her screaming father. "HOW DARE YOU DO THIS TO OUR FAMILY NAME! YOU AREN'T MY CHILD! THIS WAS YOU'RE FAULT YOU-" Cleo couldn't hear his last words throught the closing of the door and her sobbing tears. The doctor came back in a few hours later. "He's gone miss." Nixion came into the room, eyes darting around looking for his son. "Where is he?" Cleo shook her head and more tears fell. "He's gone." The doctor repeated quietly. Nixion's shoulders fell. He moved quickly over to Cleo and held her while she cried into his chest. "Excuse me for asking, but if he were still here what would you have named him?" The two had many names for their child, but one different name in particular felt right for the occasion. "Zero, his name can be Zero Blake Sean Ariel." Nixion smiled.

A few weeks later Cleo returned home. She spent her time sulking in the living room, tub, and her room. One day the doorbell rang suddenly. Cleo was all alone. Wooden spoon in hand, she approached the door with caution. Slowly she opened the door and when she saw what was on the mat she swung it open. A puppy sat obediently on the mat, head tilted and tail wagging. Cleo looked right and left, but no one was to be seen. She looked back down and the puppy was gone. She shrugged her shoulders, closed the door and turned around. She jumped at the sight of the puppy on the couch, pawing at that fishbowl on the glass table. "Why you little-" Cleo stopped mid sentece and cooed at the puppy. "Mayb you can fix my broken heart." While walking to the kitchen she heard footsteps behind her. The puppy was following her. "What should I name you? How about... Uno?" She asked, bending down and scratching behind his ears. Uno whinned happily and curled up on the kitchen table, while Cleo cooked some salmon.

The two spent the day together. It was the happiest time Cleo had for a long time. Uno loved being held like a baby and even fell asleep on her like that. "Night Uno." Cleo said, kissing his head and closing her eyes. The next morning, Cleo's arms felt empty. She opened her eyes and saw Uno was gone without a trace. So instead of a waking up to a puppy in her lap, Cleo had a yellow ribbion.

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