Deadly And Torn Love

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

When a girl decides to make her true love, she finds that it's not all its cracked up to be

“For only $400 you can create the perfect love for yourself. You can determine everything about them and nobody will ever know,” said the advertiser on the TV.

Jessie stopped and stared at the TV screen blankly. She was now thirty years old and hadn’t had a real boyfriend or relationship in four years. All of her friends had settled down and had started to have families of their own. Then there was her, a thirty year old woman, single, and lived in a two bedroom apartment with her dog Tinker.

She sat there and wondered what it would be like to find her dream man and finally settle down. She knew it wasn’t likely that she would ever find that guy. Maybe she should call that place. Just maybe. It wasn’t right though, but nobody except her would know right? ‘Enough,’ she thought,’ I need to go to bed.’

She got up and went to bed. The whole night though she tossed and turned, as she thought about her dream man and he was only a phone call away too.

She got out of bed at eight o’ clock and turned on the TV. Every channel had the same commercial on about creating your dream man,
‘ That’s it,’ she though ‘I’m calling.’

She grabbed the phone and dialed the number that appeared on the screen.

The operator asked for her address and told her that there would be a booklet in the mail for her to fill out and send back. She sat back on the couch and sighed softly, has Tinker jumped on her lap and curled up. She absentmindedly petted the dogs tiny head and body.

She and the dog both jumped as the doorbell rang. Tinker ran to the door barking and she slowly opened the door.

“Hey there Jessie,” Amber.
“Hi Amber.”
“What is wrong?”
“ Nothing. Why do you ask?”
“ I don’t know you seemed out of it, but anyway ready to go shopping?”
“ Yeah just let me go and do somethings really quick and then we can go. So why don’t you have a seat in the couch or something.”
“ Sure. I can wait.”
“ Thanks.”
“ No problem.”

She went and quickly changed her clothes and everything really quick. That they spent it shopping. She had nothing else on her mind the whole time. All she wanted to do was shop and that is what they did until almost all the stores they could think about were closed.

She returned home to find a package laying at the front door. She opened the door and slid the package in inside and shut the door. She took all of her bags to her room and sat at her closet. She proceeded to go back to where she let the package lay and pick it up. It was not heavy at all. She carried it to the couch and opened it up. Inside the package laid and a stack of books and papers. As she went through them she saw that they were the company that you could create your dream man from.

She slid everything around the coffee table and began to look through it. She slowly began to fill out each section of the form. She wanted nothing more but for this person to be her true love.She finished all the papers that needed to be filled out and sent them all back. She did this all secretly for which she didn’t want anyone to find out.


She awakened to the sound of his voice. She rolled over and smiled at him. It had been nine months since they had gotten married. She studied his face. He blue eyes, blonde hair and perfectly straight white teeth. She wanted nothing more but this in a guy he liked all the things she did and they did everything together.

They were waiting to have kids for another couple of years but it was fine. She wanted nothing more than this. What she had now was amazing and still nobody knew her secret. Her friends has been quite shocked when they first started to date and then even more shocked when they decided to get married.


“ Just give me some place please Jonah,” she pleaded staring up at him.

“ No. You wanted your dream man now and now you got me. You said you wanted someone that would protect you at all times. So here I am protecting you and willing to give my life for you and you want to tell me that you want space. Well you aren’t getting it at all now Jessie,” he roared in her face.

“ I’m sorry Jonah.”
“ Dang it Jessie. You don’t get it do you? I created you to obey me and nothing else. Why do you think you are here. I created you a few decades ago. This is why you are here. You were created to want me and only me Jessie. You cannot get away from me now or ever. Do you understand me.”

“ I don’t get it at all Jonah. What have you done to me? Who are you and what do you want from me?”

“ I am what you created. You are what I created. We were created by each other. Long ago. I am not human, you are Jessie but not for long. You can run and you can hide all you want, but you can never escape me.”

“ Jonah what are you going to do?”

“ What I have waited centuries for Jessie. This is the technology of today. The ones you create are damphirs. I am only here to create the life you wanted and only that. Now its over and done Jessie. Give me what I want.”


She had ran two weeks ago. After she bombed the place where she lived. The only “person” to die was Jonah. It hurt her the most but she needed to do it. The love was deadly but amazing at the same time. She wanted to know if everybody’s dream man was a Damphir or if some of them were actually human. She started her life all over again in only two weeks. 

Never again did she wanted to find her true love. All that it had done was cause her misery and more pain then she needed in her life.

Submitted: March 18, 2012

© Copyright 2021 unknownteen95. All rights reserved.

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