A summers escape

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this is a sample of a story im writing (still in need of much work). IM sure there are typos lol but like i said this is a sample (please comment and give me opinions on how I could make my work better please) :)

Submitted: January 05, 2013

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Submitted: January 05, 2013



A Summers Love


Chapter 1


It was the summer I graduated my freshman year in high school. I had not been planning anything for the summer that year but things were about to change. My mother Rosa had plans for me to move north to South Dakota to live with my father. My Name is Zac I am now a sophomore in high school I have blonde hair blue green eyes. I love living with my mother but since my mom and dad split I have the summer with my dad. My dad Mr. Johnson is a great guy he works as a mechanic at a small garage In Pierre SD. I feel this trip is going to be a Blow I thought to myself as I packed my things and got ready for an hour drive to the bus station. As we approach the bus terminal I think to myself once more, wow this place is deserted. As I approach the check in counter I am greeted by a gentleman who is tall slightly built and wear’s glasses.

Hello their how are we today? The gentleman asks. By the way my name is Gusto. “So where are you headed to today young fellow?” “I am headed to Pierre SD” mentions Zac as he waits for his ticket. “What’s in Pierre?” the gentleman asks, my dad Zac replies. Well here you are Zac, your ticket and the bus will be leaving shortly. As Zac boards the bus he looks back and waves by to his mom and takes his seat by the window and proceeds to depart. It’s 2:00pm here in this small town an merely a two or three hour bus ride to the bus terminal in Pierre SD. As the bus pulls into the terminal I look around and I don’t see my father anywhere. As I start to wonder if he will show up or not at all, I come to the conclusion that perhaps he is busy and cannot arrive or something has come up or he forgot as always. As I get off the bus and sit down I am approached by a gentleman not as old as Gusto but around my age, he is medium built brown hair and has the most alluring beautiful blue eyes. He introduces himself as Taylor. Hi I’m Taylor “May I get your things?” he asks as we shake hands and walk toward his old classic car.

How long have you been working with my father?” asks Zac. Umm I have been working with him for a few years now he replied. As they drove in silence for about 30 miles and pull into the garage parking lot they approach the garage and are greeted by Zac’s father, “I hope you enjoyed the bus ride I know those can be a pain, Mr. Johnson said.” It was pleasant I replied to him as he has Taylor get my
luggage from Taylor’s trunk. Zac interrupts Taylor and reaches in one of his bags and pulls out a Nikon camera and has Taylor go to Mr. J’s car. As Taylor finishes packing Zac’s belongings in the car Taylor
looks up and notices Zac taking pictures and approaches Zac and studies how patient and professional his movements in snapping the beautiful 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle parked outside the garage. As
  Zac leans forward to open the door he glances over his shoulder and observes Taylor watching him. “Pardon me” Zac speaks aloud to gain Taylor’s attention “forgive me Taylor I should have asked first I was so intrigued by the magnificent well-kept car I see before my eyes.” It’s ok I don’t mind having on lookers or enthusiasts talking about or snapping photos. “How long have you been fascinated with cameras” asked Taylor “oh it’s a hobby of mine I have been fascinated with cameras practically my whole life” Zac responded. “Anyway I have to get going your dad needs the help” as he mentions and wave’s bye as he strolls into the garage “oh one last thing will I see you tomorrow” he shouts before going in. later that night as Zac and his dad settle in for the evening his dad went on about how his day was. Midday the following day Zac wakes up and finds himself day dreaming about Taylor when his dad interrupts him as he gets ready for work.

As the day carries on Zac’s father Mr. J and Zac prepares to go to work, he begins to day dream more and thinks about what he and Taylor could do as their friendship matures. They approach the garage He sees Taylor detailing his car while waiting for them to arrive. During that afternoon while going out to lunch Zac starts rambling on about the car and if he had any plans for this evening. “Why no I don’t” replies Taylor. The two boys head back to the garage Taylor sits and day dreams and then snaps back to reality, “why is there something you would like to do?” laughs Taylor. I was just thinking about grabbing a movie tonight that’s if you’re interested? “That would be lovely” says Taylor still chuckling.

“What time would you want to meet me here?” says Zac with a smile. “Oh around say eight O clock”, replies Taylor. Cool I’ll be here, Zac says. While night time ascends and stars begin to brighten the night sky, Zac waits patiently for Taylor to arrive. Then down the street he hears the rumble of Taylor’s car. Taylor opens the passenger door from inside and Zac slides in and takes a seat. “What a lovely night it is” gestures Taylor. “It is splendid” replies Zac. During the drive to the cinema, Zac slides a little too close to Taylor hoping he didn’t notice that. Finally they arrive to their destination Zac makes Taylor stay in the car and wait till he comes back with the tickets. “What are we seeing tonight?” Zac approaches and Taylor jumps with excitement and snatches a ticket from Zac’s hand and sees its one of his all-time favorite movie. 



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