The Approach

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When a ballsy guy meet a horny girl.

Submitted: November 05, 2015

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Submitted: November 05, 2015



My head is aching from playing computer game all day long. I remember how miserable I felt while telling myself that this won't give me anything beneficial, that I should find something productive to do, over and over again, until I looked at the clock and remembered that dad will be arriving soon. I turned off the computer. Gaming hangover kicked in. It's already 6 pm, and it's cold. I forgot that winter is already coming.

"I'm going out, need to get some fresh air", I stated to my digitally occupied parents. No one heard what I said.

I go down to our cold damp basement, head to my dull room and put on my dollar sweater, dollar track pants, five dollar coat (which is fabulous as fuck), took out $3 out of my hanged dollar jeans, fetch my keys, then head out. Winter. Flashbacks of my ex came to my mind. It was the same cold that made me appreciate the heat of her body and love. Too bad its not the same year, nor the same man she's fucking. I wonder if her new boyfriend fuck her better than I did. I remember her on my bed with a dim yellowish lighting, her cute little pussy being stretched out wide by my massive cock in a doggy style position. Somehow imagining her moaning loudly, being fucked at the same position by another guy turns me on. Perhaps it was the porn overdose during my preteen that made me sensitive to third person view. I shrug the image out of my mind as I paid attention to the sidewalk I'm walking on. A faint beeping and engine rumble caught my attention. It was a tow truck. I wonder if a car broke down, or it was just parked at the wrong space. As I deduct this in my mind, I noticed a silhouette behind the curtain of a window of an apartment in front of the tow truck. The figure is like of a doll, with a ponytail hair. I think she's also watching the phenomenon outside of her apartment. In my eyes, it was a semi skinny girl with a crossed arm, standing inanimately. I'm curious, I stopped walking and examine the figure more carefully. Maybe she's alone, maybe she's horny. Damn, if this girl is as I imagine, I will not go home unfucked. I stood there for about 30 seconds until she moved. She noticed me I think. What if she's creeped out? or curious? maybe both? Her hand moved the curtain gracefully, revealing a magnificient face that exceeded my expectation.

Oh.. My.. God..

She's a fucking angel. I noticed my jaw dropped and eyes widen. Unconsciously of course.

I manage to wave my hand mechanically. I was astonished. An amused smile spread across her face. Suddenly, the tow truck became silenced, wind stopped blowing, all I can hear is a giggling sweet voice and my heart beat. I can sense a rise of desire in me, as well as a rise of erection. I got to talk to her. My surprise became excitement. She must be the hottest girl I saw in my whole life, and I'm not going to miss this chance. Not this time. I eagerly signaled her to come down. No matter how weird this is between two strangers, I am going to talk to her. She put her two fingers on her lips, pondering over the decision of letting me come, or stay, and masturbate. Obviously it's also a chance of an adventure for her. After a brief moment, she run hastily away from the window. Good call. "She's horny.", I assured myself. She came to the entrance. Despite of the mixed feeling of excitement and uncertainty, I managed to drag myself to the door. As I get closer, her beauty intensifies. She's about 5'5" slender woman. Her dancing eyes is blackish in color, small face, pink lips with a hint of a sexy smirk. My eyes roll from her face down to her collarbone then to the cleavage, which is showed very deep because of the damn revealing white undershirt shes wearing. She's not wearing a bra. Not wearing a fucking bra. Her nipples is poking out to me, her tops being stretched out by her semi big round tits. God I imagine grabbing them, feeling its soft almost mushy texture. The part that caught my attention the most is her great meaty legs, being coated by a cute pink shorts that's 1 inch close to her gaping middle. Her dark eyes delighted, twinkling merrily. She's just my type, only better. Now it's only a door that separates us. My mind popped an image of her clothes being ripped. I wonder how her pussy taste like. Whoa, slow down brain. I looked at the door handle, and she promptly open the door for me. An aphrodisiac scent welcomed me, the kind of scent when you don't take a bath for a day. I guess she just got home from work. The lion inside me growled.

"This is really crazy..", she said, while holding an expression of bewilderment yet excited.

"I know, but the moment I saw you at the window, I know I have to meet you", I explained.

"I'm Von."

"I'm Alish..", as she present her slender hand.

"You're name is as exotic as your beauty", I said as I shake her hand softly. She grinned, amused.

"We should get to know each other, so why don't you invite me to your apartment for a cup of coffee?"

"Then, would you like to drink a cup of coffee inside my apartment?"

"It would be nice.."

I don't know. It's like we don't have to talk to know each other. There's this instant connection as soon as we look each other in the eyes. Maybe that's subcommunication?. She's horny and I'm horny, and we felt that. She walk up the stairs, and I gladly followed behind. Her ass is right in front of me, so I can't resist slapping it. So I did. The sound echoed along with a her short "uh!" on the empty hallways. She stopped walking briefly. I notice the gaping space between her legs became a little moist. I grinned. She giggled. My horniness jump sky high, chest feel full, and blood rushed down to my deeply slumbered slug, waking it up. Her walk is sooo elegant and sexy. As we get closer and closer to her unit, my lust grew stronger and stronger, making me want to molest her right there in the hallway. She opened the door silently. It's like getting laid for the first time.

The silence between us, her dimly lit apartment, and the distance between her body and mine created a fast rising sexual tension that can burst at any time. There are black couches and a glass table. In front of it is a 60"ish TV set sitting on a black contemporary tv stand, but instead of a gaming console underneath it, its a pile of books. "Hmm, I wonder what she's into..", I pondered.

"Sit there while I, make your coffee..", she said with a flirtatious tone as she winked at me.

You're dead. I will pound your pussy till you cum..

She walked to the kitchen as I sat on her soft couch. But I was curious about the books, so I took a close look at them.

"Erotica, tantric sex, nice collection!", I read aloud. She's really is my type.

I pulled out a book and randomly flipped the pages, there were slight wet marks. I put the book back and go to her. She's facing the counter top filled with different kinds of teas and coffees, busily making my beverage. I approached her from behind and pressed my body against her. Her body stiffens as I moved my head next to her ear. Her sweet scent waken my senses. My cheek rubbed her ear as I whispered "Keep doing the coffee while I fuck you". She was not surprised, she's expecting this. Perhaps it's one of the fantasies she dreams while masturbating in the shower.

"Yeah?..", her submissive voice uttered.

"Say please fuck me.", I commanded.

"Please.. ahh.. please fuck me..", she meekly said as I pressed my track pants harder to her butt.

I can feel the sensation runs from her body to me. Considering the spontaneity of the situation, I can understand how aroused she is, as express by her soft moaning and the heat that's coming off her body. I licked the back of her neck, run my tongue around to her ear and bit it lightly. She breathed nervously. I kneeled down then slowly pulled her shorts down with her soaked panties, exposing a round ass. The thick juices of her closed pussy stretched down as I pulled the shorts further. I can feel the heat being radiated by her crevices, inviting me inside. I pushed my nose to her thighs and sniff the erotic scent of her cunt, her body jerked. I stand up while my lips run through her ass, then her thin undershirt, to her neck. I ran my hand from her curvy hips, down to the front and the side of her pussy. My hand gets moist as I encircle my middle finger around her clit. A little push on it tighten her body. No matter how tight she is, I easily slid my finger between the crack, massaging it, slowly stroking it up and down. It's so tender and soft and moist, I just can't get enough of it!. I withdraw my finger from her body, leaving her teased and desperate for more.

"You want more?"

"Yesss sir.."

I loosen the tie of my track pants and then drop it, followed by my underwear. Now were both naked below, were ready for action. Definitely. I pushed my throbbing cock on her smooth ass as I feel the heat being absorbed by it. She laid her palm on the counter top and dropped her head as she sticks her enormous ass onto me but not enough that I can see her pussy. Fuck.

"Just lean on the table."

She spreads her elbow all the way on the counter top and voila, now I have a great view of the pinkish, dripping wet pussy that looks like it was never been fuck for a very long time, waiting for my cock to please it. Her figure is so perfect, like it's been carved by Michael Angelo. I slapped her ass, hard enough that it reddens. She gasp. I grabbed my cock and slowly slid the tip, stretching her tightly sealed hole, then pulled it out.

"You tease!", she laughingly exclaimed.

I smiled. It's like playing. You enjoy every second of it. I then slowly slid in halfway, then slide out as the lips unwrap my soaked cock. I tensed my jaw and then.. RAMMED the whole thing inside her, pushing her whole body to the counter top.

"AHHH!!!!", the little devil cried.

I rammed the pussy, tenderizing the whole meaty flesh. Pull out then rammed the damn thing again. And again and again. Were starting to sweat, as I pound her body to the bones. Pull it, then bam! Sweat from her back started to fall down to her pussy, mixing with her thick juices.

"HARDER! FUCK ME HARDER!!!", she shouted loudly.

The intensity of our fucking gets stronger and stronger, the tip of my cock started to hit her womb as I thrust further. With every collision our sweat sprayed around us. I started to make low gutteral sounds along with her succubus moan as we rhythmically moved our bodies against each other.

"I'M COMING!! IT'S COMING OUT!!", as she gasp for air.

I thrust faster and deeper, the momentum keeps building, then as she clenched her pussy, I ram it all the way in and held it there.

"Oooohhhhhhh!!!", while she tenses her body in sync with the splashed from her pussy.

I still didn't came, so I told her.

"It will be a long night."

I just came up with this story last night. Hope it was a good read. Stay tuned for more ;)

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