I live in a box

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic
We all live in one big box

Submitted: November 09, 2015

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Submitted: November 09, 2015




I live in box;

Invisible walls and repetitive clocks.

I have to make the best of it,

Maybe one day I’ll find the courage,

To pick the lock.

Maybe one day they’ll accidently leave it unlocked.

Or not…

I can’t help but doubt my own hope,

I’m in a tub not an ocean; I’m just a little toy boat.

Success has to be earned isn’t that funny.

Life is like a big ol’ box of bunnies….

Jumping around, up and down

Everybody thinks it has to be funny

But it’s sad

Life is a serious game,

It's like a heart that gets lost in a wave

Life is a headache to lose

Life will always tease you if you don’t have one....

Life is mean thing.

Life can be horrible, magical, and intriguing all at the same time.

The mainstream life aint for me

I don’t like what I see on T.V.

Let’s go to the woods like little house on the prairie

Stay in my cabin or picks lots of berries,

Lets just make some pie and get married.

It use to be so simple


Everybody just lived, a friend was a friend....

Now comes the fall of man

Happiness and sadness will all weigh the same in the end.

Because both have their lessons,

Both have their pros and cons

Sometimes I don’t know whether to be happy or lost.

Cuz I-

I am no one at the moment,

But tomorrow I could be famous.

And what a funny world we live in,

Everybody wants to be somebody

Cuz the world says that their a no one unless they follow life’s cliché;

Every day the same

Don’t explore,

Stay in one place.

I live in a box, invisible walls,

Some say we can go where we want but what  a big lie-

And I needed to know, does the grass really grow,

Does it really change, does it really get longer day by day.

Does my heart beat?

Does it go insane every time I get mad, every time I hide my real face?

And years later I crawled and cried

 Because I opened my door and all the grass had died.

 No one told me you had to water it.

I thought it just grew like a miracle; you weren’t supposed to bother it.

But I was wrong again.

So I ran away, I just kept running.

 I took the back roads, hoping no one could outrun me.

I needed to know do we really reap what we sow.

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