I've seen fire, I've seen rain

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Contently Deranged Travelers
A collaboration with Robert Kasch- We wrote a story based on the same picture. Also, my first ever science fiction short story

Submitted: March 18, 2016

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Submitted: March 18, 2016



Collaboration with Robert Kasch- Write a story based off a picture. We choose this one, feel free to join in and write your own (based of the same picture):

“Yes Aliens, Doctor. I’m telling you. Elfish beings…” Mike, 25 years old, sat in Dr. Bennet’s office. No matter how impossible it seemed, he was determined to convince the doctor he wasn’t insane.

“I understand Mike…But, you have to consider these are simply just dreams. You have no proof these things exist.”

“Doctor, I know you’re supposed to think I’m crazy. I’m in a mental hospital for heaven’s sake…but I’m not insane! I know they’re real. I know you’ll never believe me but honest to God, it’s the truth!”

“Well, calm down now, I’m listening. Tell me more about it.” Dr. Bennet waited patiently, shifting in his chair, pencil ready.

“That’s the thing…I don’t know. I only get bits and pieces. All I know is, they’re watching earth…right this second. As we speak. They watch everything like a movie. They plan things; they take humans and experiment on them.”

“Have you been taken, Mike? By these aliens?”

“No, well not yet anyway. But who knows what will happen.”

Mike couldn’t help but notice the doctors condescending face.

“You know what? I’m done here Doctor. Can I go back to my room?”

“Well…of course but I hope I didn’t upset you.” Dr. Bennet cautiously showed him out of the room.


Come night time Mike had another dream…

10:00 P.M.

Elder Poe put on Luke’s nightly lullaby. The phonograph gently played, “I’ve been working on the railroad,” The slow version. Luke could see the lights of the city, there was a circus. He could see the kids like ants running in circles. The sun was just dipping below the surface. He could smell the cotton candy, he could hear the rides.  So close yet so far.

He sighed and turned to look towards Elder Poe. Elder was lighting a candle.

“When will we be able to go?” Luke looked towards Elder; the light revealed elder’s mutated face.

“Patience, luke, Patience.”

“Master, I have waited many years. You told me we’d go today.”

“Earth is not ready for us.”

“But I have studied, I know everything about it. Even how humans think and act. I’m ready.”

“Luke we will not discuss this any further.” The elder quickly shuffled across the room and turned off the digital screen, the room went dark and the circus disappeared along with the children. Once again reality hit Luke like a ton of bricks. Elder glared at Luke and blew out the candle.

Luke watched the elder leave, the metal door violently slammed.  Something was wrong with the elder, he seemed angry, upset about something.  But he never told Luke anything, Luke was too young for adult secrets- he hated it.  Somehow, even though his room was full of toys and miscellaneous objects, it felt so empty. He felt empty.


Earth seemed like a better place. He could no longer just imagine and pretend, he had to go there. Tonight he was going, even if they wouldn’t come with. Who cares what Elder thought was best.


Luke placed his hand on his thick glass window, it quickly turned to ice, and within minutes it completely shattered. Luke looked back for a split second contemplating his choice, but he knew what he had to do; he flew out the window- full speed towards earth. Millions of stars flew past him. He stretched out his arms as he broke his way through earth’s atmosphere. He was there within seconds.

His heart was pounding, he was ready.

But something was wrong.

There were no bright lights, or warm looking houses. No roads or shops. No people, at least none that he could see. The buildings were half there, broken down. A wasteland. This was not the earth he knew. This was not the earth he watched and studied.  He sat atop the rubble. Completely shocked and overwhelmed. What was going on?

All of a sudden Luke felt a hand on his shoulder. He quickly turned around and saw Elder Poe standing there.

He’s going to be furious I escaped. He’s going to punish me, Luke thought.  He winced, ready for a good smack but felt nothing.

Master smiled at him, a face of genuine sorrow, perhaps pity.

“Luke…this is why we couldn’t come today. Earth has been…destroyed, it happened last night.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Luke was instantly teary eyed, this couldn’t be happening.

“I couldn’t tell you. It was too morbid.”

“But you would have to eventually.”

“Not exactly, I was just going to let you watch the old earth footage, so you would have a normal childhood. So you would grow up dreaming about the old earth. I didn’t want to ruin it for you. I wanted you to dream of the future, a better one.”

“But there is none. None. No homes or people.  I’m sick of pretending my whole life. It seems my whole life has been a dream, I’m stuck in sad dream with empty promises.”

After a few minutes of silence, Luke collected himself,

“What happens now?”

“Well, unless there are humans, it will never be repopulated. There’s no possible future for Earth. We have to move on.”

“But you know how much I studied- you knew Earth was my favorite. I waited my whole life to come here! To meet a human, I can’t just leave. I refuse.”

“Of course little one…but there is nothing else we can do.” Elder picked Luke up like he was a toddler. Luke resisted but elder held on tightly.

“I know this is hard, I’m truly sorry.”  They both flew back to the moon.


Mike awoke. His eyes adjusted to the room. He sat up quickly, breathing hard. He was only dreaming. It was 11 a.m. Medication time.

He got in line with all the other patients, the crazies.  5 years in this place, 5 years. Every day was the same. It was hell on earth.

The nurse gave him his pills; he pretended to swallow as usual, went to the bathroom and flushed them down the toilet. He made his way back to the main room, sluggish and feeling drained.

Mental patients sat in various places. Some played board games, some stared through the windows, others simply watched t.v.

Mike sat down at one of the couches. There was a coffee table with crayons, pencils, and paper. He took a piece and started drawing what he had seen in his dream.

All of a sudden Dr. Bennet came over, he gently sad down beside him.


“It happened again didn’t it?” He whispered.

“Yes,” Mike whispered back,  his tone melancholy. “Another piece of the puzzle. I was shown another alien.”

“What did he look like?”  Henry searched mike’s eyes. He seemed desperate for answers.

Mike lifted up his paper to show him.The alien was almost human looking; it was albino but had the most gorgeous blue eyes. It looked like an elf.

“Interesting….” Henry moved his fingers across the paper, as if he could feel it physically.

Mike grabbed Henry’s hand as if to tell him something tragic, “I know what’s going to happen now.”

“And what’s that?” Henry furrowed his eyebrows, listening intently.

A nurse interrupted their conversation, “Dr. Bennet, a young lady is waiting for you in your office.”

“I’ll be right there Julie,” Henry sighed as he pat Mike’s shoulder, “We’ll have to talk some other time. You can tell me more about it tomorrow, I promise.”

“No!” Mike grabbed the doctors hand, still whispering, “Someone has to know! Earth will be destroyed, everything on it, all of us are going to die.”

“Mike I have to go, I believe you okay? But we can’t talk now.”

Mike let go and Dr. Bennet looked at Julie, he seemed embarrassed. Julie politely nodded at him and they both walked away.


Later that night Mike woke up but he wasn’t in bed. Tons of rubble lay on top of him. His vision was blurred. His whole body was buried except for his head. From what he could see, everything was ruined. Just like he had seen in his dream the night before.

Mikes head throbbed; his feet were on fire, there was excruciating pain all over his body.

He could see the same alien from his dream, Luke, in the distance. Mike reached out weakly, with all the strength he could muster. He couldn’t speak.

“Hey! Help me!” He whispered hoarsely, but there was no way Luke could hear him. Everything was happening, just like the dream.

A tall alien stood next to Luke, he grabbed him and within a few minutes they flew towards the sky, faster than lightning.


Mike looked up towards the stars.  He coughed and closed his eyes and thought once last thing before he died:

If only Luke had known he was standing right beside,

The very last human. The last man alive.











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