Just for a moment

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Came to me after listening to "In loving memory" by alter bridge: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6YnIJpp2IZ4

Submitted: March 21, 2016

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Submitted: March 21, 2016



I’ll wait for you,

Will you wait for me?

Even though it's not like it used to be?

Maybe it’s not really waiting,

Just saving the memory.

Well, I promise to do just that,

And I wish you’d promise back.

I can’t hear you in that grave,

Your words are so muffled.

The mud must suffocate you,

I’m sorry it’s so much trouble.

The seasons changed but that’s it,

I’m still wearing the same suit,

Whether it’s going to church or just eating soup;

I remember you.

Autumn and winter mush together,

They follow me;

The rotten leaves and winters breath;

It still feels like death.

I used to love this kind of weather

 But now it’s just a drag…..

Melancholy is such a bully when you’re sick of being sad.

Now that you’re dead you seem so far away,

You’re under my feet but your souls just drifting,

It could be anywhere,

I just know its not with me.

I pout and drink another beer,

Then think-

Perhaps you caught a train in the clouds;

You’re zooming far away from here, out of bounds

Or maybe you’re underground trying to catch a cab,

You’re not safe n’ sound, you’re trying to get back.

It’s not knowing, that’s what kills me;

You know, it always has.

Sadness is universal

Everyone understands.

Yet it’s so hard to find the words to make others hurt like you have.

The imagery’s never quite enough

Or it’s too much.

Happiness no one really gets,

To every man it means something different,

I still don’t quite know what happy is.

Whenever I felt good,  it was just for a moment.

Will I ever be happy again?

Just a little good for a second?

It seems there’s no cure for this.

I remember I used to pretend to be happy so you’d notice

Now I cry and hope that you can hear everything.

The doctor says it’s grieving.

I guess that’s how I pay my respects.

 I wept until I lost my head.

Until I became numb,

Just another no one,  

Who lost someone.

My tears are no longer a gushing waterfall,

Now they dry in the sun.

They drip like sweat sizzling on the road,

It follows me everywhere I go

A constant drip,

A faucet I can’t fix,

I’m used to it.

Sometimes a tear lands on my arm,

I get goosebumps and I cry really hard.

A storm in the summer,

A flowing river.

And then the flowing stops,

And I feel lost-

It’s silent for a minute, and then I realize your gone,

But just for a moment.

Just until I hear another drip,

Now I need to hear it,

So I can pretend to be happy again.

All hope is silently lost.

I eat another can of soup,

I wonder what you’re eating on the moon.

At night, I look up and pretend you’re there,

Are you there Sue?

It’s selfish, but I hope you're lonely too.


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