The Sleepers

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Not really sure what genre this is, just came to me out of nowhere. It's about a deserted town in the future that is used for secret government experiments, one of which is virtual reality.

Submitted: April 11, 2016

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Submitted: April 11, 2016



Year: 2030

Klopos was a small town filled with lonely streets and long forgotten dreams. Buildings decayed, roads were nothing but dirt and gravel. All the houses hid themselves safely behind their fences, dark shadows hung above the roofs and crept across the lawns due to the abundance of trees.  When you looked up the sky was leer, it was like an old dark blanket; there were a few holes here and there and the leaves and pine needles served as the design, it became something of it’s own. The deteriorating wooden fences served as a border, something people only crossed if they absolutely had to. The people of Klopos hardly ever left their homes; they sat happily in their favorite living room chairs, and laid cozily inside their beds and warm baths. The whole town was in another dimension; a technologically induced coma, hooked up to virtual reality machines. Their bodies were here but their minds were far, far, away, stuck inside the depths of their subconscious- inside made up psychological worlds, with fake human’s and magical cities.  Meanwhile, in the real world, their city was a sad, dark nightmare, a town that was simply just there, becoming glued to the earth like the mud and the trees. It was a melancholy, dull existence and none of them knew it.

The people of Klopos were volunteers, placed inside a deserted town for the purpose of carrying out an experiment, an experiment created and designed by a secret government organization called N.I.P.

These volunteers were also hooked up to computers, data was stored and sent to the government officials. Compared to the N.I.P.’s last experiment, these people weren’t being held against their will; they could live their lives and were free to roam around town if they wanted, but nobody ever did. The officials kept the homes stocked up with food and water, and being so addicted to their virtual realities, they didn’t see a reason to leave.

Hardly anyone knew the city existed, it had been deserted for so long that it simply became a distant memory. But one day, while exploring the woods, two twins came searching for Klopos, the same town that had haunted their dreams ever since they escaped the organizations last experiment. As they ventured further into the woods, they saw the familiar dark houses in the distance standing there like haunted dollhouses in a city of forgotten childhood;  a city their adolescent selves had  tried to forget.


The N.I.P. had done a lot of experiments in that deserted town, and not all of them were pleasant. Sometimes they would abduct people, then kill them  off after they found out what they needed to know. The twins would be dead if it wasn’t for a few sparks of luck and their determination to survive. They were only kids when they were abducted and placed in Klopos, which at the time was quite a pleasant and beautiful little town. The experiment they were placed in monitored how people would react to a perfect world, with perfect families and homes. The people were mentally programmed and brainwashed but the twins were different somehow- it didn’t work on them, they became rebels and they tried to escape multiple times and eventually succeeded. The kids were older now  and both agreed to come back and search for Klopos even though they couldn’t quite remember where it was located.

They twins, Kim and Lucas, made their way to the main gate. The town was far from perfect now and the haunting looks and eerie atmosphere helped to further evoke the hidden memories and forgotten horrors, it clawed at their heart but they were glad to see it ruined, happy to see an image that wasn’t what they remembered, it gave them some sort of satisfying victory. But part of them wondered if experiments were still taking place, and what kind of sick thing N.I.P. was currently trying out.

There were no guards or cameras like there had been before and the town looked utterly deserted but they were determined to save any other victims that had been placed here, and now that they were free, they could finally help to expose this sinister organization.

Kim and Lucas walked closely together, almost holding hands as they silently endured the pain together. Dirt clouds lingered behind them as they walked along the road. They eventually came across  a building they didn’t remember, it was newer looking than all the others.

Lucas simply looked at Kim, “Should we check it out?” Kim looked it up and down and shrugged her shoulders, “I guess, don’t forget the gun though.” She urged him to pull it out.

“Kim- I don’t want to hurt anybody.”

“I know but don’t you want to protect us? We don’t know what we’re up against.” There was  a moment of silence then she continued, “If you don’t want to hold it, I will.” She went to grab the gun but he didn’t let her, “No. I will.”

Gun ready, Lucas slowly opened the door.  It was mostly dark inside. Even though the building was newer, there was a heaviness that couldn’t be explained. A small lamp dimly lit the room.

The room was very long, almost like a hallway. A man sat stood near a desk towards the back, he had Einstein hair and a long lab coat on.

Lucas hid the gun behind his back as they walked closer. The floor was newer and each of their steps echoed-  the strange man heard them coming almost instantly, he turned around and almost yelled then fell back on the desk , knocking over a few things as he gasped, “w-what are you doing? You’re not supposed to be in here.” He didn’t sound angry, he actually had a kind voice, though it was very shaky.

“We…” Lucas looked at Kim, not sure what to say.

“Who are you?” Kim interrupted.

“Well I’m…Osiris, I work here.” He sounded confused. Before they could answer he continued, “Now, who are you? You can’t be in here.”  

Lucas and Kim both wished they had something to say, but they couldn’t think of anything. The man started to put the items back on the desk. Lucas tucked the gun away.  Osiris’ face was now exposed- the lamp shined on his face; Kim and Lucas just realized one of his eyes was abnormal, there was no pupil just a black spiral as if he were hypnotized.

“Whoa,” Luke whispered.

Osiris turned around, looking right at Lucas, “Wait are you…volunteers?” His eyes darted back and forth between the two kids, looking deep into their souls. “If so, my deepest apologies.” He waited for a response.
Once again Kim and Lucas glanced at each other and Kim cautiously nodded hoping they wouldn’t regret it, “Yeah…yeah, we are.”

“What is this place?’ Lucas asked impatiently, wanting answers.

“This is uh…just the Boss’s laboratory, I come in to clean up and do paperwork.”

Kim found that hard to believe considering the mess.

“uh huh, what kind of work?” Lucas pried.

“I see… you must have so many questions.” The man set down the papers he was holding and gave them his full attention.

Kim looked out the window, “Yeah, for starters, what happened to the town?”

“Well miss, it’s been a long time, things have changed. I’m guessing you both have been asleep for a while?”

“Well, you could say that.” Luke replied.

“I see what you mean, virtual reality is like a dream yet it’s so real.”

“Virtual-“ Kim began, then remembered to keep her mouth shut.

Osiris smirked at them knowing something was up, “You sure you’re volunteers? I don’t remember seeing you around.”

“I mean yeah, I think so -were just confused after …uh..being asleep for so long.” Lucas answered.

“Well, that’s understandable. What made you want to wake up? Something go wrong in your worlds?”

They got uncomfortable, “No. Nothing was wrong, we just…woke up…Look we um, we gotta get going.” Kim elbowed Lucas then he agreed, “Yeah that’s right, we should get going.”

“I thought you had questions?”

“Well, we did but it’s all starting to come back now.” Lucas smiled.

“I see and I suppose you want to explore and get some exercise?”

Now Kim smiled, “That’s right. It was nice to meet you. ”

They were both about to turn around when out of nowhere, an owl came down from the roof rather suddenly, flying over their heads causing Kim to scream.

The owl perched on Osiris’ back. He had the same eye as him.

“I’m sorry he frightened you, this is Bohemian.”

Kim and Lucas nodded nervously.

Kim couldn’t help but ask, “His eye is the-”

“Oh it’s just the mark that’s all.” Osiris assured them.

Kim pulled Lucas’ arm trying to remind him they needed to leave.

Lucas tried to sound cheerful though he had no idea what was going on, “Oh, the mark, of course. Anyways, as we said, we gotta get going,” Lucas took one last glance at Osiris’ eerie face, “well, see you later, mister.” They both quickly turned around and made their way towards the door. They were just about to twist the knob when they heard Osiris whisper, “I’m sure you will.”


Lucas and Kim walked all the way down the street, making sure they were safe, before they stopped to talk.

Kim talked first, stopping Lucas from walking any farther, “Lucas, what did he mean by virtual reality?”

“I guess… some sort of experiment they’re doing now.”

“And the volunteers? What does that mean?”

“I don’t know…” Lucas scratched his head then sat down on an old bench.

“And that guy he was so…strange. I doubt he’s who he says he is.”

Lucas sighed, “Who knows…”

“Lucas  I think we should just leave, I mean-“

“No Kim, we gotta check if there’s people being held here.”

“We don’t have to- we should get back into town and bring some help or something. I just wanna go, ok?”

“What?  Heck, we don’t even know what’s going on yet…we have to look around some more.”

Kim sighed, “Fine, can we hurry it up them?”

Kim and Lucas approached the first house that was closest to them. They opened the gate and some crows screeched as they flew away. They slowly walked up the stone pathway.  The door had spider webs all over it.

“Trick or treat.” Lucas whispered and was about to pound on the door, but Kim grabbed his arm, stopping him.

“What are you doing?” He asked annoyingly.

“We can’t just knock, who knows what’s inside, let’s see if we can see if anyone’s home through the windows.”

“Good idea.” He replied, following her around the house to the other side.

Through one of the windows they could see a man’s brain hooked up to a machine, and his eyes were covered with bright circular discs.
“What is that!” Kim hissed. “We gotta help him.”

“Kim, I think those are virtual reality machines.”

“Yeah, they got to be.”  She agreed.

Lucas followed Kim to the front door, Kim flung it open and they cautiously made their way inside.

They approached the man.

“How do we wake him?” Lucas asked looking the complicated machine up and down, “I’m afraid we’ll do something wrong.”

“Well…” Kim shrugged then decided to shake the man’s arm. Softly at first, “Excuse me sir..” There was no response, “Sir!” She yelled.

All of a sudden the guy’s head started to shake like he was having a seizure.

“Kim!” Lucas yelled, “You shouldn’t have done that!”

Both of them backed up frightened.

All of a sudden, he stopped shaking and slowly lifted his arms up like a mummy would, then he quickly unclipped the discs from his eyes and the machine from his brain. His eyes had circles underneath them. He squinted at them as if he couldn’t see clearly.

“Who are you? Why’d you wake me?” His voice was hoarse and gruff.

“Sir we gotta get you outta here. Are you okay?” Kim sat next to him on the couch.

“I was… until you showed up. I was in the middle of a game! About to make a homerun,” He cursed and threw the discs on a nearby coffee table.

“Who are you?” He yelled.

Lucas decided to be honest, “We…we aren’t from around here. We came to save you.”
“Save me? What are you talking about? I’m having the time of my life. Well, I was anyway.”

“So you have no problem being held here against your will, while some wacko’s collect information on you?”

“What? I’m not being held here, I live here for crying out loud. I’m a volunteer.” He threw up his hands and started to lay back down, “now, if you’ll excuse me, I’d like to get back to my life.”

“Wait!” Before Kim could stop him he threw  the machines back on and fell back into a deep sleep.

“That was quick.” Lucas whispered.

“Lucas! We have to wake him back up!”

“Kim, I think these people are happy here. I mean…what are we suppose to do? We can’t take them if they don’t’ want to leave.”

“But Lucas-“
“Come on Kim, you were right, we should have just left. We should have never came here.”

Suddenly, the front window flew open by itself,  the wind howled and an owl flew inside. Once again Kim screamed, running towards Lucas while covering her head.

“It’s that Owl again!” Lucas exclaimed.

It stared at them, slowly twisting it’s head.

“Rain man requests you.” The owl whispered.

Lucas and Kim feel backwards. Lucas felt for his gun, and was tempted to shoot it.

“what…did that owl just talk?” Kim screeched, looking at Lucas for some sort of confirmation.

Lucas nodded starring it down.

“Rain Man will see you in his office.” The owl continued, then flew out the window.

“Did that just happen?” Lucas whispered.

Kim got up and grabbed his arm again, “We’re getting out of this town. Now, Lucas!”

“Kim, didn’t you hear him? Some guy named Rain Man wants to see us.”

“Lucas are you nuts? Come on! Let’s get outta here.”

“I think we better go find him, it will give us a chance to get some more information. Besides, I have a bad feeling things won’t go well if we don’t.”

“And I have a bad feeling things won’t go very well if we do.” Kim cried.

“Let’s check it out first. I mean, we just seen an owl talk. We can’t just leave not knowing what else is out there.”

Kim followed Lucas out of the house, “You’re going to get us killed you know that?”

“Come on Kimie, we have to get to the bottom of this.” Lucas started to turn his head in various directions, looking around chaotically trying to decide where to go.

“Over there.” He pointed. There was a really tall building, it was multiple stories high and it was slanted as if it had been purposely built  that way.

“Why there?” Kim asked.

“It’s the last building on this road, it’s the biggest. I don’t know, it just looks important, plus there’s a big sign out front but I can’t read what is says from here. Let’s go check it out.” He didn’t seem to care if she was coming or not.

Kim reluctantly followed.

They approached the sign but the words were all worn. It read: “Ra_nman’_off_ce”

“I think this is it.” Lucas said, looking towards Kim who kept her distance behind him.

“Who do you think Rain Man is?” Kim whispered.

He sighed, “No Idea…”

All of a sudden it started to rain really hard, lightning and thunder boomed throughout the sky. Kim ran towards Lucas, he put his arm around her shoulder and they both ran to the front door.  It had a large goblin door knocker.

Lucas’ whole body was shaking as he pounded on the door. It opened instantly, seemingly by itself.

Lucas peeked inside, and to no surprise it was completely dark.

“Hello!” Lucas called without stepping inside.

Suddenly the room lit up, it had poor lightning and the lights flickered.

In the middle of the room was an evil looking throne, and there sat something that looked half man, half demon. Sharp teeth and dark eyes  and it stared at them in the same way the owl had.

Lucas surprisingly had enough courage to yell, “Wh-who are you?

“Rain Man. And you must be the Awakens.”

“Awakens?” Lucas called, “Um no, I don’t think so. I’m Lucas...this is Kim.” 

“I don’t care what your names are, I just know you aren’t sleepers.”

“What? You mean, volunteers? Sure we are.”

There was silence.

“Honest, we were about to go back to sleep.” Kim added.

“You lie!” He yelled, his voice echoing throughout the whole room.

Lucas and Kim cowered.

“Now come here and I shall give you the mark, you shall become my advocates.”

“No!” Lucas yelled. This time Lucas grabbed Kim’s arms and tried to run. An unseen force pulled them into the house, they flew through the air towards the throne. Both of them screamed, and Lucas’ gun dropped to the floor.

Lucas and Kim were pinned to the ground, both squirmed and flailed their arms but it was no use.

The Rain Man grabbed what looked like two suction cups; yet they also looked like seashells. He slowly approached them, placing the cups on Kim’s and Lucas’ right eye.

They both screeched in pain. When the cups lifted their eyes were changed. Their pupils were missing, all that was left was a haunting spiral.

To Kim and Lucas’ surprise, the Rain Man let them leave without anymore complications.

They ran outside and down the street not looking back.

Out of the corner of their eyes they seen Osiris casually walking out of an old bookstore and he glanced up and seen them.  “Hey!” He called out.

Panting, Lucas and kim stopped.

“Come on, we gotta get out of here!” Lucas cried.

Osiris ran towards them, “Oh no, no, you can’t do that. Besides it’s not possible, there’s an invisible wall around the town's perimeter.”

“What do you mean? If that’s true, how did we get through?” Kim yelled.

“That was before you received it.” He pointed at his own eye.

Osiris sighed, “You belong to Rain Man now.”

“No, I don’t belong to anybody. I don’t know about you,but we’re leaving!”

Kim and Lucas continued to run and could see the main gate to the city in the distance.

Out of nowhere, it creaked open. A giant food truck came flying through stopping at the first house on the street. A man in a delivery suit jumped out.

“Hey!” Lucas yelled running even faster towards the front of the city, “Hey you! Help us!”

Eventually Lucas and Kim were standing right next to him. He opened the back door to the truck, taking out boxes and placed them on the floor.

“Can you help us?” Lucas cried, but the man did not respond. He didn't even look.

“Hey! Did you hear me? I said can you,” Lucas went to grab the guy’s arm but his hand went straight through.

Osiris was still behind them watching sympathetically, “He can’t see you son.”

Lucas shook his head in disbelief, “That’s impossible…it’s..”

“You’re dead.” Osiris said, The words chilled Lucas to the bone.

Osiris put his arms around both of them, “Now me monitor the sleepers.”

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