What Makes a Red Man Red?

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic


Doesn't everyone want to be like Peter Pan;

Stay young forever,

Play with your toys and laugh with your brothers?

You know,

Sooner or later Little John will turn out to be a big murderer,

Cuz being too mature can backfire later.

Curiosity kills the cat,

And John Darling just wanted to be a man.

And he was convinced that you could be a man-

Once you had a sword in hand.

Hand John a bow,

He’ll use it in defense

Then people will say:

“I thought he was smart”

Oh, but he is…

What makes a red man red?

The color of their skin or the arrow in their hand?

What makes you human?

The heart in your chest?

Or the brain in your head?

I guess it depends on your view;

And whether or not you think it's true.

You're either a fool or good manipulator

If you think about it...Hook just stayed in character.

Submitted: July 22, 2015

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Mr Watson

I know one or two Peter Pan's Unmasked. Men that have never grown up, they still do the things they did when they were teenagers, Hang around the shops with bottles of cider, smoke dope, live off the state. I'd rather be me. Nice : )

Fri, August 14th, 2015 8:39pm


hm, nice point. Another way to look at it. Thanks for reading and the comment

Fri, August 14th, 2015 1:56pm

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