lost little kitten

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there was a bad storm on old mcdonalds farm and one of the kittens got lost.the little kitten meets cows dogs chicken and even 5 nice boys.

Submitted: August 21, 2012

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Submitted: August 21, 2012



the big bad storm hit OldMcdonalds farm.

All the rain make this little blue eyed kitten float away.she had nice clean white fur untill she got wet.

"Oh no! i cant walk on water!help mommy help me!"

the little kitten saw her mommy with her brothers and sisters at the top of the barn.

the next day the little kitten awoke 

"Mommy! where are you?!"the little kitten was sad and didnt know what to do.

so she walked and walked until she met a cow.

"hello?mr.cow? have you seen my mommy?"the little kitten asked ever so nicely.

"no i havent sweet child but i will help you!"

"oh really thank you!"

"now little kitten where do you live?"

"old mcdonals farm"the kitten said with glee

"oh little kitten oh how am i so weak and tired?im sorry but you must go on,you must understand!"

the cow has turned around and went back to its home.

so the the little kitten walked and walked untill she met some dogs.

"oh mr dog mr dog oh why cant you see im lost and in need of help home"

"oh little kitten why cant YOU see im the oldest out of the three"

the little kitten asked the other dog

"please please please help me i am in need"

the dog carried the little kitten to a park and she must go on without he.

"oh boy oh boy how am i going home now?" 

the little kitten sighed and sat on its bum untill thses 5 boys came upon thee.

"whoaa louis look what i found!" 

he picked up the kitten and turned her around to show her face

"cute kitten"!liam lou and zayn said.

"chicken legg...oops"niall said stroking that cat.

"oh boys oh boys oh why cant you see im in desprate need of thee!"

"whoaa it can talk!what do ya want?"harry said

"to go to old macdonalds farm!"

"oh ok"

the boys gave the kitten a bath and drove to the farm where the mommy cat ran to the car 

where the kitten and mommy where reunited again!


a story done by a one direction lover <3

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lost little kitten

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