lucky wish

lucky wish

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



this is maddie,maddie was just a reagular day for me,spending time with my mom,step father and baby sister.It was my 17 birthbay when i made a lucky wish...**THIS IS A HARRY STYLES LOVE STORY*
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this is maddie,maddie was just a reagular day for me,spending time with my mom,step father and baby sister.It was my 17 birthbay when i made a lucky wish...**THIS IS A HARRY STYLES LOVE STORY*

Chapter1 (v.1) - lucky wish

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this is maddie,maddie was just a reagular day for me,spending time with my mom,step father and baby sister.It was my 17 birthbay when i made a lucky wish...**THIS IS A HARRY STYLES LOVE STORY*

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: August 21, 2012

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: August 21, 2012



I got up around 8.i got dressed into a high waisted blue floral skirt with a white strap less top with bottons going down the middle tucked in.

a long silverneck lace with an owl on it.a black belt around the top of the skirt and cute braselets and earrings.

cute heels and my hair in a messy yet cute bun.

i came down stairs and my parents dressed and ready to was my sister.

"hey why didnt you wake me up sooner?"i sat down next my mom.

"beautysleep,besides youve would've been grumpy."my mom looked at me while pulling off her glasses.

"happy bithday!"my step dad yelled while pulling out a cute ring.

*baby starts crying*

"nice job don.." my mom said giggling.

"so where are we going?"

"we are going to eat then go to the mall,you have a $250 limit."mom said handing me the money.

"whoa $250 dollars?!"i am so happy!


*we went to get breakfest*

"happy birth day to you!" they were all singing as i blew out my candles.

*i wish i meet my soulmate,the perfect guy,the one for me and me only*

i was so happy! we talked and ate and talked.

we spent at least an hour there.


im at the mall and my parents and daliyla,my younger sister,are shopping at GAP.

so i went on my own.

i have bags from forever 21,hollister,areopostal,and a couple other places.

i go to the food court and get a smothie and a small pizza.



I go to the mall for a relaxing day but im in disgusie.

you cant tell its me but if some one does i have body gaurds in disgusie following me at a reasonable distance.

i go to the food court to have a small meal.

i get a giant pretzel and a coke.i go to sit down but there isnt a stop where theres not a group of girls.

i see this table with only one girl away from all the people.

"only one girl..." i whisper to myself.

as i get closer and closer she gets cuter and cuter.

and when i reach the table,shesbeautiful.

she lifts her head and looks at me straight in the eyes.


she even has the cutest voice!

i sit down in front of her.


there was an awkward quieteness for awhile untill she said something

"whats your name?"

holy crap.will she know?will she scream and fangirl and alert other fans!?


ugh i sound like a complete idiot

"what am i too breathtaking you are speechless?"we laughed together.

"yea,haha,im harry....styles"

i look down and close my eyes getting ready for *HARRY SIGH THIS!CAN I TAKE A PICTURE?!?!FOLLOW MEE!!*

"thats a cute name! im maddie,maddie bass."

what?she dosent know who i am..

"you dont know who i am?"

"uhh yea we just me i dont know anything about you.."

i looked up at her confused,i saw her eyes,they were hazel,and amazing.

"harry styles,from one direction.."

"huh? whats that?"

i looked at her smirking,she was still confused.

"one of the boys who sing what makes you beautiful.."


she made the cutest face when she relizes who i am.

we ate and talked and i found out it was her birthday,i thought i knew every thing about her and she was a good listener,and never interuped me and was sweet,funny,and kinda cared for other people.

"oh hey i gotta go, my-" i interuped her


i gave her a slip of paper

"here, text me tonight?"

"uh ok yes i will,byee!" as she got up

hugged me,and left.

i couldnt stop thinking about her...



"That harry guy..was...awkwardly cute.."i whispered to myself as i was walking to my car

i put my bags in passenger seat and noticing i left a bag,i bought two dresses from hollister and cute pumps to match them...and also a victoria secret bra!!"nooo no no no noo..."i whined. i have to text him now..

"heyy harry i left a bag at the table,can you get it and meet me at the outside doors of belk please?-maddiexx"

i hope he gets it...



my phone viberated,i got a text,i read the text out loud but to myself.


i ran as fast as i could back to the table and there it was.

i went into the bathroom and took off the disgusie.i poked small holes through a beanie so i could see 

i put it on so no one could notice me.

i look in the bag and see shoes,dresses..and a...bra!

i laugh to myself and run to the door i came out and saw her



i looked to see if it was harry but it wasnt..

i sat on the bench with hands burried into my face.

"here you go"i hear a sexy voice

i look up to see a sexy boy,curly hair and green eyes.

"a-are you h-harry"

i stood up shocked

"yea! heres your bag!"he was breathing heavily and was kinda like a puppy dog..

i put my hand through his curls

"you have nice hair.."i was still so shocked

he laughed in amusment

i took my bag and said my good byes.

i unlocked my car and moved my bags to the back seat.

i start my car but i hear my car door open,the close.i look over and see him sitting,in my passenger seat.

"you have a nice car,its clean too"he said it so calmly.

"what are you doing in my car?"i ask

"oh yea i have to go with you.." he smiles


"because i ditched my costume and i have no way of leaving ill get raped by fan girls" he started laughing

" can come with"i smile and drive home

on the way there he asked if i wanted to come hang out with the guys i can only go if mom says yes..

we get home and i tell harry to stay in the car.

i go inside and beg my mom to come but she still wont let me go

"fine,ill make you let me go!"i tell her making her cautious.

she reassures herself"no you cant and wont.."

i walk out and get harry,hes a charmer,

"mom this is my friend,can i go now?!"

my mom is shocked,"ye-yes you-" she shakes herself out of it

"no.."and she turns her head

"mom you dont want me to be forever alone?"i ask while harry smiles

no respond

"mrs.bass,im sorry if im annoying you so i will go..." harry had the cutest puppy dog eyes and softest hands.

"no wait"my mom stops harry

"may i please take your daughter out?"

he looks her straight in the eye

"yes of course you may!! go go!!"

mom shoos up out to have fun"whoa harry i knew you were sweet but not mind controlling"i said at i got in the car

"awww you think im sweet" 

he put his hand on my leg

he started laughing at me speechless

so i just started driving

harry punched in the address on my GPS.

when we arrived his hand was still on my leg

it was like us bonding,with out talking..

i reallyyy like him but i dont know yet if he like likes me too

when i knocked on the door this other handsome boy opened it.

"HARRY!! you have came and brought a pretty lady!"

"ok maddie this is louis,louis this is maddie"

"well hello maddie welcome to my house!!"louis said but then another guy came up behind him

"my house..not his.."

"ok maddie this is zayn,zayn this is maddie."

"hello maddie very nice to meet you!"

zayn said making me feel very welcoming

louis ran to the living room and all you could hear was "MMMAAADDIIIEEEEI IIISSS HHEEERRREE!!!!" "WHAT REALLHA!!" "guys stfu and lets greet her inside.." the two other boys appeared  "sorry for their stupid screaming im liam, and this is niall" "heyy im niall" 

niall was eating cereal,then handed louis a carrot.the greeted me inside and talked and played and i ate with niall helped louis make a carrot cake watch zayn tease liam about spoons and cuddled with harry and his cat molly.


END OF CHAPTER ONE!!:( im really sleepy beacuse it 2:38 and it was really long










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