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Characters for 'Glamour Army'! Coming soon.

Submitted: June 06, 2009

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Submitted: June 06, 2009




GLAMOUR ARMY - Coming Soon

Helena Sanders: The first one on the left is Helena. As blonde as she is she is far from being dumb and a bigger b*tch than Peaches Geldof. One hot model, Helena thinks she can get any boy she wants and beats down anyone in her way. Her biggest competition is Janine (middle, top row) because she has a more famous boyfriend than she.

Janine Kyles: Janine is in the middle, top row. Consider the shoot booked, because Janine is onesexy woman. Even though she is rubbish at the catwalk and not as good as some at advertising, she has a lot of confidence in photo shoots. This is because it's just a still image, and she's too timid around people watching her for a large amount of time (unless it's her boyfriend). No one really is a competition to Janine, she's either too lovable or too logical to argue with or she can't be bothered to deal with the haters.

Sasha McNolande: This one is the girlat the edge ofthe top rowwith dark skin and the pink dress. Sasha is more the photographer than a model. She's often invited to parties and nights out with Nat (last on the right, bottom row) because of their close relationship and partnership in shoots. Often people comment on how pretty she is on the inside and out but she has little confidence and her best friend is actually her cat Abigail.

Danni Parker: Second to the last is Dan, lower row. This shorthaired chick isn't usually seen as a real beauty but when it comes to designing clothes she shines like a disco ball. The only competition she has is Helena because, even though Danni gets invited to fashion shows because of her designs, Helena steals the spotlight and gets more jobs than her.

Natalie Keen: The final description, but not the last one included. Natalie is very popular, and like any successful woman, she is loyal to friends and at the same time brilliant at her modelling job. Also she has the bedroom skills of a rabbit, so men seem very attracted to her...

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