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A short reflection on the boy I'm in unrequited love with ????

Submitted: April 19, 2014

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Submitted: April 19, 2014



Were you expecting to be loved? 

Of course I expected that. It's what I always wanted, always craved. To wake up one morning with your arms around me, pulling me closer. A warm embrace that enveloped me. Strong, soothing, healing hands caressing my bare skin. Exhilaration. Innocence lost. I would have given him everything. Say those words and I would've come undone. Soft kisses to my neck, back, inner thighs. Loved. Pulling me closer. Holding me tighter. Needing me. Wanting me. Give me a forever. A promise. A wish. Tell me yours. Your what? Your dreams. Your goals. Your passions. What you get up for everyday. What thoughts make you want to crawl under the covers for days on end. Haunting you. I would've tried to heal you. Maybe I wouldn't have succeeded. But I would've tried. Tried to soothe your pain. Build you up. Make you feel like the man you are to me. Take me. I'm still just a dreamer. But you know that. Your humor is what relaxes me. It's putting me in a good mood just thinking about it. 

But you love her, don't you?

Is she prettier than me?

What about skinnier?



More interesting?

Or have you never noticed the way I look at you with such hope, such want.

I pray to god. I pray you'll wake up. Maybe I'm the one that needs to wake up. Move on. Move along. I don't want to. I'm much more comfortable thinking of you. 

I can promise you one thing, however. I promise that I'll find someone wonderful. Someone worthy of my love. I deserve that, don't I?


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