Kazune And Karin Founding

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What happens when future parents want some time alone to 'hug'? They send their own child to the past of what they use to be. Kamichama Karin Anime has alot to do with this.

Submitted: June 23, 2008

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Submitted: June 23, 2008



Karin woke up to a beautiful sight from her bed. There outside her window was a perfect day and she was going to have fun today. She got up to get ready for the day. She took a quick shower and put on black set of Victoria Secret and then put on a purple mini with dark blue tank top. She soon went out of her room to find Himeka. She called down the halls and got no response, which left her thinking she was alone. She just sighed and walked down the stairs to the main floor and exited from the front door. Though she couldn’t help but turning around before closing the door. She walked out of the gates of the mansion she had been staying at with Kazune-kun and Himeka-chan for three years already. She was already seventeen, one year older thank Himeka-chan and the same age as Kazune-kun. She felt alone for awhile walking on her own and wished that Himeka or Kazune was there at her side. She soon felt a tug at her skirt, she looked down and saw a little boy wearing a bunny hat. He look so cute and so familiar to her “Excuse me, can you help me find my mommy?” he asked her cutely. She knew she couldn’t tell him no “Sure do you know what she looks like?” she asked him softly to not scare him. He looked down “I don’t know how she looks, I only know her name” he said sadly. She felt sorry for the boy “It’s alright, why don’t you just tell me your name first” she asked “It’s Suzune-kun” he responded . She smiled at the cute name and probably use it for future reference to use it on maybe a future son of her own. She was about to ask the boy’s mothers name when she heard someone called to her “Karin!” she turned around to be face to face with Micchi. She didn’t need him right now “Hey Karin, who’s your friend?” he asked with his British tone. She looked down at Suzune who was hugging her leg in fright from Micchi “This is a-a cousin of mine, we were just going home now, so ugh got to go!” she said picking up Suzune and running off from Micchi. She finally rounded a corner and stopped to put Suzune down and taking in deep breaths. When finally having enough breath to fill her lungs she notice Suzune was watching her curiously. She thought to try and ask him again for his mother’s name, but before she had a chance somebody else called her “Karin-chan!” she looked towards the voice and saw Kazune-kun. The boy that was with her jumped at Kazune “Daddy! Daddy! I can’t find mommy can you help me?” Suzune asked. Karin looked at Kazune “Daddy?! When did you have a kid and who with?” she asked confused. Kazune was still in a state of shock from Suzune. When hearing Karin he shook himself from his daze “Huh, he isn’t my kid. This must be some kind of joke right?” he question the boy. Suzune didn’t exactly understand what he meant “What do you mean daddy? My daddy you, Kazune-kun” the boy stated. Kazune-kun knew in away this is going to be one big misunderstanding. Karin didn’t think she was needed since the boy found his ‘Daddy’ already. She was about to walk away when she felt another tug at her skirt again. She looked down and saw Suzune “Aren’t you going to help? You said you would help me find my mommy” he said with a pout. She knew she couldn’t ignore that “I’ll help you, just remember I was doing this for you Suzune-kun” she said pointedly to Kazune. Throughout the day they went up to various women and teens and even a old lady asking if they were the boys mother Kazune-kun’s girlfriend. They had no luck in finding his mother at all. She even ask Kazune-kun that if he had a kid with her then he should know her because he screwed her. Of course she said this when Suzune wasn’t around them for a moment. Then when Kazune tried to defend himself, Suzune came back saying “Daddy I don’t see mommy anywhere!” then ran crying to Kazune. Karin just turned away and asked another lady but to no avail said ‘no’. After having going around town for awhile did they finally decided to call it quits and head back to the mansion. When there Karin finally remembered she never got the name of Suzune’s mother. She turned to the little boy and bend down “Suzune what is your mommy’s and daddy’s wife name?” she asked deathly sweet. She for some reason really didn’t want to know, but knew she had to ask. The boy answered smiling “Her name is Karin Amazon Kayo!” proud to know his mother’s name. Karin simply gave a twitch of a smile then fainted dead at the stairwell where she was about to walk up earlier. Kazune who had listen to the boy just gave a light chuckle then fainted. When both had woken up they found themselves in Karin’s room. They wondered how they got there, but then notice they were in the bed together with Kazune’s arms wrapped around Karin. They jumped at least five feet away from each other both trying to see the other out. Soon they heard the door open and in came Suzune “Yeah I finally found mommy! Big sis Himeka told me you were who I was looking for!” he cheered. Karin seemed so confused first question to ask was “How? How is this all possible?” she asked. Suzune laughed as if it were all simple “I come from future mommy and daddy. They told me they needed sometime alone and asked if I wanted to visit here. So that’s how I’m here!” he said all giddily. Karin now knew why the boy seem so familiar. He had Kazune’s hair and her eyes, it seem so clear yet she was so blind. The boy smiled and turned to Kazune “I don’t know why you and future mommy wanted me out for awhile, but all I remember daddy saying he just wants to hug mommy a lot” the boy said childishly and not knowing his future father’s meaning. Kazune knew what it perfectly meant and so did Karin because both blushed a deep shade of crimson. Then the boy said again “Well they want me to go back already, they said there done hugging, and I would only think so, because that was six hours of hugging” Karin and Kazune turned an even darker crimson as if possible. The boy smiled at them and said goodbye before disappearing. Karin look to Kazune “You got me pregnant? When? Where? Why? You baka!” she yelled at him. He tried to push himself away, but he made a big mistake. He pushed at her where her big breast were. They seem so soft and full to there C-cup. He couldn’t believe he was examining over her breast right now, but he couldn’t help it. She didn’t seem keen to move away so he kissed her. He kissed her softly, sweetly, and very lovingly. When he kissed her again though it was out of hunger for her. She seemed shocked at the kiss but soon responded to his actions. She then felt herself being pushed back towards the bed. They fell on top of the bed with Kazune over her. She knew where this was going to lead. She wanted to stop but decided against it. She felt her top being tugged off along with her bra. She felt overwhelmed by heat that covered her body. He took in one breast in his mouth and teased it by doing circles around the taut nipple. Karin moaned back in pleasure while he let out a satisfied groan. He then tugged at her mini and pulled it down off her long soft silk legs along with her underwear. She got frustrated that she was the only one with clothes on so she pushed him up. Kazune thought differently about what she was doing “I’m so sorry Karin-chan, I’ll stop” he said hoarsely. She giggled “No, I just don’t like to be the only one without clothes” she said and pulled off his clothes. When done he laid back over her and gave her a soulful kiss. She returned the favor and evaded his mouth with her tongue. When he finally was in her she wanted to die for the pure fact that she was in heaven. He moved slowly in and out of her then faster and harder. Both were close to their peaks they screamed out in pure ecstasy “KARIN/KAZUNE!!” both were spent. Kazune climbed off her and laid on her side, he grabbed her close before both had fell asleep. When awaken in the morning did they stare at each other. Karin right away went to the restroom locking it. Kazune thinking she was mad at him went to the door knocking “Karin I’m sorry, if you didn’t want this. I just want you to know that I love you no matter what Karin” he cried through the door. Karin opened it “I’m not mad at you, it’s just I believe I’m pregnant” she said. Kazune looked about to faint over “Nani!” he yelled to Karin.
They had a beautiful baby boy and named him Suzune. He was exactly how they saw so long ago. His father’s hair and mother’s eyes. They were going to take care of him so much people would say it’s too much. Even though so Kazune remembered the birth as he laid close to his naked wife at his side.
The doctors ran Karin in and got her set on a table in a room and Kazune was at there side to see the birth of there baby boy. When having the baby though, Karin didn’t grabbed at his hand, she squeezed the living death out of what created this child. He screamed in agony every time she squeezed it harder. When finally the baby came out did Karin look to him “You’re never going to get any from me again” and fainted into the bed.
Though here she was a week after what happen and he still gets it. He couldn’t be anymore happier to have a loving wife and son of his own. He thanked Kami-sama for these precious gifts.

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