Mistaking Disguises Part One

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This is Sailor Moon written all over it, it teaches you on how being yourself is the best thing to do.

Submitted: June 23, 2008

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Submitted: June 23, 2008



Serena was sick and tired of having Darien not notice her so she was going to use something that would help. She took out her Luna Pen that Luna had given her when she became Sailor Moon. The Luna Pen was able to disguise you anyway you want. Right now she thought to make herself into something Darien would want. So she went into an alley and said the key words “Luna Pen disguise me into a nineteen year old that’s sophisticated!” the pen soon started the transformation. By the time it finish her transformation she was wearing a baby blue mini skirt and white halter top. She also had on stiletto shoes. Though covering some extra skin was a blue jean jacket over the top. Her hair was no longer in it’s meatball style. She had curly blonde hair with a clip holding some of her hair back. Her height and eyesight was the two that changed most. Her eyes were no longer cerulean, but a deep midnight blue like Darien’s but with more shine. She was at least a foot taller than her 4’8. She was now 5’8. She was now a walking older woman. Serena smiled to herself and put the pen away in her sub-space pocket. She then walked to the opening of the sliding doors of the arcade. She walked in noticing she was getting cat calls. A couple of men came up to her asking to go out, but she turned all of them down. She walked over to the counter where she saw Andrew’s jaw hanging open, Serena smiled at him. Andrew smiled back “W-would y-y-you like s-s-something?” he stuttered to her. Serena smiled at him “Just a strawberry milkshake hun” her voice came out beautiful and older and sultry. Andrew nodded and went off to get her order. Darien was sitting with his back face to her, so he didn’t see when she came in. she huffed at the insufferable man. Andrew soon came back with her shake and much more stable to talk “So what’s your name cutie?” he asked. Serena smiled at him
“My name is Ser-” she stopped. She couldn’t tell him her real name so she made a fake one “Serafina, my name is Serafina Star” Serena added a last name. Andrew smiled “Hey, I heard that name somewhere in a book, it’s suppose to mean winged angel” Andrew told her. Serena smiled “Really I didn’t know” she said. Andrew smiled “Yeah well, why don’t I call you Seraph for short?” Serena smiled at her new nickname already “I believe that one has a meaning too. It means highest of accounted angel” she said. Andrew smiled “I know and it suits you. Well I have to get back to work, but don’t hesitate to call me” Andrew said leaving to help customers. Serena didn’t mind and just smiled as he left. Darien was wondering who this new girl that Andrew was talking to was. Darien turned around in his stool. He was wearing a khaki pants and black shirt under his green blazer. What he saw that was sitting next to him was a woman at least of nineteen. She was wearing a pretty skimpy outfit but was pretty good looking none the less. He thought to himself that Serena look better than this woman. Serena was just right with her curves and was sweet with angelic cerulean eyes. She also had long blonde straight hair in two bun balls on the top of her head. He loved that girl, but he be damned if he showed it. This girl right here though was totally different. Her curly blonde hair and deep midnight blue eyes. That were like his eyes but with more sparkle to them. Darien thought he be the charmer and talk to her “Hello, my name is Darien. What’s your name gorgeous?” he said. Serena was so surprised when he talk to her, she felt like she was going to keel over and die. Then she remembered he asked her name “My name is Serafina, but you could call me Seraph like the guy Andrew” she said in a sultry tone. Darien knew the meaning of those names and though she didn’t really fit the category. Like Serena’s name meant moon goddess. She definitely suit her name. Though this one that meant angel should have a name meaning demon. She look like the devil in that clothes. She seemed to have smiled at me. She seemed okay for a woman of her age. Though I better get going already. Though I seem to hear incessant beeping and I think it’s coming from her “Excuse me Seraph, I think your pager is beeping” I told her. She turned her gaze away from me “Really, it’s probably my friends, thanks I got to go” she got up from the stool and left. Serena couldn’t believe she didn’t notice her communicator beeping. She went outside back into the alley and took out her communicator “Hello, Moon here” she said. She didn’t see nobody come on, but she heard Mars voice “Get over to the park, Moon brat!” Mars yelled. Serena got mad “I’m coming Pyro, don’t have to get your panties in a bunch” Serena yelled back. She turned it off before mars could reply. She got her broach to transform “Moon Crystal Power!” she called. Her transform took place and she came out in her sailor suit. She jumped atop of the building heading to the youma attack.
Darien felt a pull at his soul telling him Sailor Moon transformed. He got up from the stool and put down a five dollar bill to pay for his coffee. He soon went out to the alley where are heroine left from earlier. He pulled out a blood red rose from his coat pocket and transform to Tuxedo Mask. He soon jumped to the building and left to where Sailor Moon’s pull was directing him. Serena was soon at the battle to help the girls. She went to Sailor Mercury to see if she found the weakness of the beast. She looked up at me “Sailor Moon you’re here, good. The weakness to the creature is to the heart” she said pointedly. I looked at the creature that was shaped like a heart mid center. I nodded, I thought get some cover and headed to Venus and Jupiter. Mars was on the other side of it. When all three called out their attacks, I added mine. When they clashed together the monster was destroyed into Moon-dust. All the girls gathered around me wondering where I was “I was at the Crown Arcade. I’m sorry I was late I didn’t do it on purpose” the group forgave me but Mars seemed a little ticked off still. I told them I see them later and left. I knew if I de-transformed I probably be back to who I was acting as earlier. So I de-transformed around a shaded area of trees not knowing in one of them someone was watching.
I couldn’t believe it, I was about to figure out who Sailor Moon was. I waited in anticipation as the light of her de-transformation died down. What I saw though, I didn’t expect. There she was from earlier from the arcade, Seraph. I thought it couldn’t be her. I was suspecting Serena. I mean like the truly one you love is going to be the one person that I pretend to see as an enemy. To me it seemed to make sense. I stayed in the trees until I saw her leave. I soon jumped out de-transforming to my civilian form as Darien Shields. He watched on as she walked away. Soon he walked away sullenly. He ran over what happened in his mind. How he saw her de-transform. If she is Sailor Moon he gives up on her love but in hope to get Serena’s. He just have to see her to have a confrontation of how he feels. He knew that would be hard because he tried to never let anyone see his emotions. He walked off to his complex thinking what he would do tomorrow.
Serena got tired of holding up the figure, so she went into an alley for it to die down. Soon after that she walked to her house in hopes for a good meal.
She walked inside her home hoping for some sign someone was there. She called out to them, but she got no response. She went to the kitchen to see if they left a note. She found one attach to the fridge with a bill. She red the note in her hand.
Honey your father , me and your brother left on a business trip. We would’ve brought you but you have school. So here’s a bill to buy groceries, not junk. If your going to cook then have Lita present with you at the time.
Love, Mom.
‘Great’ Serena thought, I got the whole house to myself. I don’t like being left alone. Oh well, I guess I’m going to have to deal with it. Serena set the money on the fridge again with the letter attached and went up the stairs to her room. She thought to take a nice bubble bath. So she stripped her clothes when she was in her room and walked into her restroom. She turned the water on to let it fill up. So she put her hair up and then laid back down in the tub. She felt the water soak into her bones and made her relax.

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