Mixing Of Two Worlds

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This is another fanfic of mine with my two favorite things Magic and Anime. Harry Potter and Sailor Moon. This shows you how any magic can be inside of you, me or anyone else.

Submitted: June 22, 2008

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Submitted: June 22, 2008



It was so hard to not look at her. She was just too beautiful to not stare at. The way her hair fall into her eyes and then to be brush back by delicately soft hands. It was always hard to just stare at her, he wanted more to just stare. He loved the joyous laugh she gave off and how her laugh would send any depressed person into a cheery mood. Her baby blue eyes would also smile along cheerily with silver specks in the center of her eye sparkling. She would be someone he would never forget. Here he was now a lawyer in law and justice like he wanted, but yet he was still missing something, her. He wanted to see her again, it had already been ten years since he last seen her at her fourteen year old age. He could only imagine how she would look now. He ruffled his black hair while looking at himself in the mirror across him. He notice how cobalt blue eyes were still glazed with her memory. A knock soon came on the door of his office a minute after looking over himself in the past. He stared up to see his secretary, Lita, she was one of many friends of Serena’s. He always wanted to go up to the girl to ask her about Serena, but always back down. Lita seem to not notice how his eyes seem to be daydreaming “Mr. Shields there is a gentleman that has request to see without an appointment, he wants to speak with you, he says it’s urgent” she told him of the man that was now standing behind her. The man had brown wavy length hair that was tied in a to a ponytail that gave him a swift look. Darien seem to not ever recall a man like him. No one of his description came to mind. He went through his mind if he knew anybody with hair like that and penetratingly dark green eyes and structured chin, no one came to mind. So he directed Lita with his hand to let him in. The man sat in front of the desk in a chair as Lita walked out closing the door “Are you Mr. Shields the best known lawyer all in Tokyo and always won his case?” he asked. Darien seem to notice the man knew him pretty well “Yes I am that lawyer, what is it you need mister…” “Staff, Malachite Staff” he said his name. Malachite had wanted the best lawyer right now for the specific case with his cousin. His cousin had been traumatized that needed a lawyer that knew his way. His cousin was dear to him like his own sister, he had never had siblings, he was an only child. Though his cousin made him feel as she was his own sister. Right now he needed to protect his sister “Mr. Shields I need you to stop any other cases and work on this specifically, I will pay you as much as you want as long as you do this case” he said firmly and demanding. Darien swallowed back at what he was asking “What exactly is this case about?” he said intrigued. Malachite sighed “It is my cousin, she has been put through a trauma of men. She was raped and nearly killed at her apartment in New York city from when she was attacked. She don’t seem to be giving off any recollection so I thought if maybe I could find a lawyer that’s willing to be patient and find tactics to use her in remembering in putting evidence against the man that did this to her” he explained himself. Darien sighed knowing this would be tough, but he would except it “Where is she now Mr. Staff?” he asked to see the woman who had been put through this. Malachite let out a breath of relief “She’s outside in the lobby waiting, your secretary seem to know her somehow and tried to speak with her, but my cousin claim to not know her at all” Darien was now very keen to meet the person if Lita knew her. He couldn’t help but think it was probably Rae or one of the girls. Though what was brought to his sight in the doorway running in was a mass of blonde hair flying everywhere. The girl ran right into the man that he was just speaking to. She was shaking with sobs “Shh, what’s wrong Rena?” Malachite asked trying to comfort her. She sobbed into him “That woman out there tried to get near me saying that she knows me, but I don’t know her and I got scared and-and” she didn’t finished and just stopped talking and cried into his suit. She was wearing some blue jeans with a dark blue shirt. She seemed about 5’8 and was quite curvy. When she brought up her face to look around did Darien notice her face. It was like looking through the past. There was the girl that he hasn’t seen in ten years and when he sees her he finds out she has been raped and seem to have some memory loss. She looked back to Malachite “Mal, who’s this? Is this the person that you said that was going to help us?” she asked like a nervous wrecked little girl. Darien seem totally lost in her presence. He wanted to run up to her and hold her close and take all the pain away. He wanted to now murder the man who did this to her. She seem to only have little recollection “Ugh, I was wondering where’s the woman’s parents I’m sure they must be concerned” Darien said trying to make some act of noise. She started crying again into Malachite’s shoulders shaking “Her parents have been murdered Mr. Shields and I kindly ask you not to bring her parents up into words again” said Malachite coldly. Darien nodded “I presume that we have a talk later right now would be best if I took her home” said Malachite now getting up with carrying the fragile woman Darien knew. Darien wanted answers of what has been going on around him. So he thought the first person he call in would be his own secretary Lita. He pressed the little intercom on his desk “Lita would you come in here, please” Darien said hastily. A second later did she walked through the door, she was teary eyed. Darien thought it was from earlier when Serena refuse to admit she knew her. Darien made a hand gesture for her to sit down. She sat down “Lita I want you tell me what has been going on around me right now. You have known Serena and I’m asking some personal questions to help me in my new case” he said sternly. Lita responded with a nod telling him she would answer any questions asked. The first thing he wanted to know was when was the last time she saw Serena. He found this a little ironic because he found an excuse to ask about Serena “Lita I need you to tell me when you last saw Serena” he waited silently for a response. His response soon came after “The last of any of the girls that saw was six years ago Darien. After we finished school and college we went are separate ways. We said goodbye to Serena at the airport of getting her dream job in New York city” she explained. Darien sat quiet, they hadn’t seen Serena in six years? You would’ve thought they see each other everyday. He soon asked another question “What about the guy she came with, do you know him?’ he wanted see if that was the guy that did it to her and just trying to blame someone else. Lita spoke again “Yes. That’s Serena’s cousin she was supposed to be staying with him in New York until she afforded her own place, they are just like brother and sister” said Lita to herself the last part. Darien wanted to know if Serena made any calls before the upcoming of her attack “Had she called any of you in the last three weeks or month?” he said concernedly. Lita seem to think for a moment before answering “I think she called Rae two weeks ago, but Rae didn’t tell us much about there conversation so you’re going to ask Rae yourself” she explained. Darien nodded in agreement “Lita I want you to call Rae up and ask if she mind a home visit, and if she doesn’t mind then tell her I’m coming over today” said Darien directing Lita out the door. Lita left doing exactly what Darien asked of her to do. Once the door had been closed he leaned back into his chair thinking what is going to happen now. She had lost her memory and was going to have to recollect them so she could give any evidence of her attacker. He sighed all this in and ruffled his black hair again thinking how much could have happen in one day. Lita soon came back a couple minutes later saying that Rae would see him at her place at seven in the evening. Darien gave Lita her thanks and to continue on with her previous work. He sat there and looked at his clocked and notice that it was 6:17, he needed to get to Rae’s. He got up and left telling Lita goodbye. He barely made it to Rae’s three minutes late, he knocked on the door of her home. It was merely a second he was standing out there when he got pulled in. He was then push to the couch and to be confronted with Rae “You wanted to know about the phone call from Serena two weeks ago right?’ she asked, he nodded. He seem to want her continue on herself, so she did “When I was talking to Serena she said that she felt like she was being watched, me thinking it was a joke told her she was crazy. She just told me she wasn’t crazy, she said she was saying the truth. I told her whatever, and that she needed to stop thinking somebody was out to get her. It seemed then she was going to say something else and stopped. She was quite on the line for awhile. When I was going to ask her what was going on she talked back to me all choked up, like if she was crying. She said Rae I’ll talk you later, got to go bye! I then started worrying after she hang up. I tried to call back thinking she was mad I didn’t believe her. Her phone rang for awhile and nobody answered. I thought maybe she was going through one of her fits and let her be” said Rae, explaining everything that was said over the conversation. He couldn’t believe it, Serena tried to tell one of her friends and they believe it’s a joke? How could she do that to such loyal person? It’s just wrong. He got up “I heard enough, thank you, I’ll be on my way” he said as he walked out the door of Rae’s home. He was pissed, how could she not believe Serena? Was she so dense to not understand that at the time her friend was probably scared to death? Wait, though he remembered Rae telling him that Serena paused saying to forget it. Maybe someone else was heard in on her call and that was when they raped her. He needed to find a way to get Serena recollecting back her memory. He was going to search into this all night if he had to. Darien had been looking over the nest if he could find any leads into recollecting a traumatize woman her memory and he seem to find one good person. Someone called Ronald Weasley, he sounded suspicious. He checked the mans background and everything is okay.
He knew tomorrow would be the day he need to take her. Well since it was already four in the morning, it was already tomorrow, so he got ready. Once freshen up from the shower, he went to use his cell phone to call Mr. Staff “Hello Mr. Staff, yes good morning. I’m calling cause I believe I found someone to help her with her memory” Mr. Staff made the time and place where we would meet for help and he of course was bringing Serena. They waited at a place called Little Alley, before they went into a place called ‘You Can Get Anything You Want Back’. When walking in Darien looked around for the owner that he saw picture of online. He was a red head with blue eyes. He looked around until he spotted a girl with highlight blonde hair “Excuse me miss, can you tell me where Mr. Ronald Weasley is?” he asked kindly. It was a girl with a daze off expression that looked for the man in question. When she came back she was with the red head he saw online “Hello Mr. Weasley, I need your help in something” he got Serena to come forward. She was wearing some jeans and red T-shirt. Mr. Weasley looked her over and look like he thought of something “Yes I believe I do have something, you say she needs her memory of the past months and friends?” he asked. I nodded my head in confirmation “Yes, she was attacked and raped, after the attack she seem to lost memories of friends, but not of her family members” I explained. He seemed horror stricken when I told him that “Luna go get me the cure, this one is the work of Harry Potter” the dazed woman went off again. Darien stared at the man “Harry Potter, who is he?’ he asked, since he did say that this is the work of Harry Potter. The red head sighed “Lets go in the back and sit down, I can’t tell you out here” he said walking towards the back. The dazed girl was behind him with a vial with magenta color liquid. They were now all in the back: Serena, Darien, Malachite, the red head and the dazed woman Luna. They all sat down in a chair “So tell me Mr. Weasley-” “Ron, please” he asked to call him by first name. I nodded “Well Ron, can you tell me who is Harry Potter. He is now going to have to go to jail, and probably be sentence to death” I explained. Ron laughed as if it was a joke “I know this is not a joke, but let me ask. Do you believe in magic?” he asked. Magic, magic isn’t real so why would he ask that “Sorry, not a magic believer” I said. He chuckled and pulled a stick out of his pocket. He flickered it in his wrist and said an incantation of sorts “Accio vial” the vial woman held flew out of her hands and into the air where he was. I smiled a little “Nice magic trick, but I’m real serious about this” I told him. He smiled “This so called stick you think it is, is a wand that I can do magic with” he said confidently. I thought he was being ridiculous “Look, Ron. Just tell me what you know about Mr. Potter” I told him firmly and demandingly. He sighed “Fine, but if you choose not to believe me that’s your choice” he said warningly. I thought, whatever “Harry Potter is the most famous wizard in the whole wizarding world for his known great magic. You, muggles know nothing of this of course. So far Harry Potter has been taking advantage of his power, by raping helpless woman and then erasing every memory except for family members. He believes family is more important, so any memories of a friend will be forgotten. This vial my wife has, is a tetaguna a creature of our world. That can cure your girlfriends memory” he explained to me this in a plain tone. I didn’t know what to say, except that she is not my girlfriend, but they are other matters at hand right now. I thought it be wisely to believe this and go along with it “Fine, I will believe you. Now how about using that, whatever you called it so we may regain her memory again so we can find out what exactly what happen” I said wanting to leave but having this be done first. They gave her the potion and she seem want to spit it up, but swallowed it defiantly. It took her a moment until she stared at us. When she stared at me, our eyes locked and I couldn’t help feel heat going into my cheeks. She stared at me a moment longer before she spoke “Darien? What are you doing here?’ she asked oddly. I fidgeted in my seat “Serena, he’s here to help with your case. You were raped, remember?’ Malachite asked. Serena’s eyes bulged out, probably in remembrance and describes the attacker “He-he had jet black hair and deep green eyes that sometimes flicker to blue and a lightning bolt on his forehead” she explained the on looks of her attacker. Ron merely grinned “I told you, the work of Harry Potter” he said triumphantly. Then Serena spoke again “I remember though, right after he finished. Something from where the mark of my heart would be, let out a bright red light into him, he collapsed to the floor until he staggered up and said something and after that I forgot what happened. He then came towards me though, he said ‘A veela, I thought you were muggle’ Then he disperse into dust and I believe that dust is at my apartment” she explained to everyone. Ron’s mouth was agape “A veela, I thought the stories weren’t true but I guess they are” he muttered aloud for everyone to hear. He seemed dulled in solemn and whispered lightly “He’s dead, he’s dead, Harry is dead” I seem curious as to what he meant. So of course I asked “What did you mean? Harry Potter is dead?’ I asked quiet curious. He looked at me “If that red spark did really come from her, then that means she’s a veela. A veela is a woman beyond beauty itself. The thing is though, if she is a veela then that means she is protected. If someone tried to take her purity it has to be with the one she gave her heart to, but if not then. Then that person will die within the spark she gave off as to ward off any semen in her. Also her purity is of course channeled back. So when she does find the one she loves, the pain of course well be re-in-acted again. So in an easier way to put it. Harry must of found her irresistible because of her being a veela. So in taking her purity at the time, he would die after it had been done. Though guessing before he died, he used a spell on her memories. So all in all Harry Potter is now dead” he explained. This was new to Darien and a little confusing, but it manage to sink in. He went over to Serena while Ron talked to his wife Luna about something called the Daily Prophet. He looked at her and couldn’t help be glad that she was okay. He hugged her without warning and just held her tight to his chest. It was when a pretty bright blue that came out in between them when he let her go was now looking to connect itself with his heart. Ron amazed at what he was seeing said “She’s found her true lover that loves her back” Darien seemed to have turned a shade of crimson as did Serena. Ron told them “The bond has been created between you and her, it won’t be broken, even if one of you died” he finished off. Darien and her stared at each other knowing that it seemed both wanted each other just as much as the other did. They smiled and kissed sweetly. Even in knowing everyone watched. Serena soon since had her memory back wanted to apologize to the girls and especially Lita. She was also considering of having a row,(Row: to have a verbal fight) with Rae. A couple days after did everything get back to normal. She moved back to Tokyo and moved in with Darien. Darien didn’t want anything to happen to her, especially from the wizarding world. A couple years along the road with each other they had gotten married. Two years later they had a daughter that probably was a veela like her mother. They named her Solemn Tarin Shields, she was going to be heartbreaker for sure. With black hair and her beautiful crystalline blue eyes like her mother, she was sure to stop men in there tracks. Serena was never more proud to have created something so beautiful with Darien. Her and Darien’s love would forever remain.

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