Twisted Tale

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This is a fanfic with my two favorite animes, Sailor Moon and Kamichama Karin. It has a moral; that even if you are a total oppostie from the person want to be with it doesn't matter as long as you share one thing in common, love for one another.

Submitted: June 22, 2008

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Submitted: June 22, 2008



It was a dark and cold weary night and all I could think of, was him. I had been tossing and turning in my bed for the last week already and I didn’t know what to do. So I did the one thing I never thought I do, ask my sister for help. She was suppose to be arriving in a plane tomorrow from Tokyo, Japan. She was the most heart kind person to know and really bubbly and spontaneous, straightforward person I knew. I was always the one to be more cal and serious but also have a kind and also another trait I dislike. We had our clumsiness, clumsiness of the kind that you tripped over in a band march and screw up the whole section and send a cheerleader to the hospital. That clumsiness was mine, her clumsiness is bumping into people literally and end up making new friends. I envy her clumsy self but she still waved off my anger and gave me the respect most. I know for sure tomorrow though is going to be an adventure with us two. I closed my eyes seeing as how I have to pick her up tomorrow at eight in the morning. I could only imagine how my day would be with her.

********Next Day*********

I waited outside the airport for her right by red suitcase at my side. It had been three years since I had last seen Karin. I know she probably be different from when I had met her, or maybe not. She drove up in a violet Lamborghini not getting off she gave that look through passenger window that said ‘Get in all ready’ I got in. I put my red suitcase to the back before sitting down in the passenger seat and closing my door. She soon went off once my door was slammed “No hi?” I asked. She looked at me briefly “Hi Serena, I see you haven’t changed a bit” her eyes wandered me. I turned away “So tell me again, why do you want me here Karin?” I asked still looking away. I heard her cough “I need some help, there’s this guy I met a-“ ”Ooh ice cream parlor, lets go!” I squealed cutting her off. She sighed and pulled into a parking place at the ice cream parlor. I quickly jumped out of the car and made my way in. Though being my usual clumsy self I bumped into someone and I looked up into ice blue eyes and blonde hair. I blushed “I’m sorry didn’t mean to bump into you” I said shyly. He helped me up “It’s quite all right miss...” he looked me for my name. I blushed “Serena, you are?” I asked him for his name. He gave me a toothy grin “Kazune, nice to meet you Serena. How about I buy you a drink?” he asked with his silky fine voice. I smiled even wider but then I remembered Karin is with me “I’m sorry I don’t think I can. I’m here with my sister and I just flew down here from Tokyo and...” “It’s all right you don’t have to explain yourself. As a matter of fact I’m with my brother here. Right now he’s in the restroom, but why don’t we come sit with you and all get to know each other and become friends” he offered. I could say not to him “Sure” I grabbed his arm and dragged him over to where I saw Karin sitting. I sat him down “Karin this is Kazune and I’ve just bumped into him right now” I explained. She seem to have blush scarlet, but I didn’t know why “I’ll be right back, I’ll take your orders. What do you want Karin?” I asked sweetly. She looked at me “Coffee, black and you?” she asked Kazune for his order to help along. Kazune smiled at me “I’ll have a sundae and look here comes my brother” he directed his hand to a Greek god. He had black hair and dark blue waves for eyes and he was at least 6'7 from my five feet. I smiled at him “Hi, what would you like to drink?” I asked sultry. He didn’t really respond to my face but answered “Coffee, black” he said. I started cracking up “Oh my god, you could be my sister’s twin if it wasn’t for the fact you’re a guy” I said still giggling. Kazune seem to have laughed as well getting the joke Karin and Kazune’s brother stayed quiet looking at us as if we were crazy “It seems we have a match of hyenas to” Karin spoke up. Kazune’s brother looked at her “I agree, I’m Darien, you are?” he spoke formally. She had on a serious face “I’m the smarter half of my sister” she looked at me.

********After having there orders********

Kazune was telling a story about Darien when he was little “So I told Darien, that’s not a parachute, that’s mom’s bra!” Serena started cracking up. Darien and I sat in silence at our brother/sister’s behavior. The two looked at us “Come on you two, aren’t you going to laugh?’ asked Serena. I turned away from her,, the guy she was sitting next to was the guy I had a crush on. They seem to getting along quite good, I guess I should give up. I couldn’t take it being in this stuffed ice cream parlor so I got up to get some air. Darien seem to care where I was going because he asked “Are you okay, do you want me to go with you?’ he offered. I smiled in appreciation “Yeah, you can come” so we left the other two sitting there. We went outside and we both took a breath and just looked up at the all ready night sky “So Karin, do you think you would want to go out with me sometime?” Darien asked all of suddenly. I looked at him, I barely knew him in the short while and wants to go out? “Sure I’ll go out with you, when and where?’ I asked taking out my mini planner from my pocket. He smiled at me “Tomorrow at seven, we can go to that new fancy restaurant Angel’s Delight. So you can wear something fancy” he stated. I blushed “Sure I’ll see you then. I believe we’re about to leave, my sister and your brother are coming out” I waved my hand in there direction. He smiled at me before leaving with his brother and I with my sister.

*******That Night*******

“Oh my god we both got asked out and going to the same restaurant. I should call Kazune and make it a double date” Serena squealed. I knew I shouldn’t have told her, but I did. So tomorrow we would have a double date. That night in my room I looked at myself in my mirror brushing out my blonde champagne hair. I also wandered my body with my own sea green eyes and I thought I wasn’t cut out to be the girl every guy wants. My face is oval and my skin is pinkish white and my height is 5'4, so I was shorter than Darien by much. I also what you would call the slim look, tiny waist right size bum and D cup breast. Was I the right girl for this date. Tomorrow I was going to be going in a long aqua green dress with butterflies on the bottom that are sequined. I only hope Darien would like it, I know I like this dress my dad had bought it for me about two weeks ago when him and mom came down for a visit. I decided I would wear it for an occasion like this and with my hair in a bun. I laid down to sleep but not before hearing Serena in the other room giggling over what dress she wear.

******The Date********

We went to the place where Darien and Kazune planned us to be and we sat in a secure area where we close curtains to have our own privacy. I ordered a chicken salad as did Darien and Serena and Kazune ordered steak plates. I knew Serena could pack it, but damn that was scary to watch. Soon they put on some music for a center dance floor and it was the Tango, I had really loved to Tango, I looked at Darien hoping he would ask me to dance. I got no response but then I got an unexpected invitation from Kazune “Karin would you like to dance?” he asked. I blushed and nodded my head in agreement. They went on the dance floor and ignored everything else .

**********The conversation*********
As soon as they walked away me and Darien closed the curtains and embraced each other “Oh Darien I’ve missed you since you left Tokyo” Serena gushed. Darien kissed her “Oh I know Serena. Look right now we need to set my brother up with your sister. There relationship would be astounding. They are exactly like us but opposite in sex. Anyways I would like to carry on with you” Darien shushed her by making out with her. Serena ignored everything else and went with it.

*******The Dance********

“You sure know how to tango Karin” complimented Kazune. Her blush was light on her face “I like it went you blush, you make it secretive. It makes you seem innocent” he compliment her looks that time. They dance the tango perfectly in sync while Kazune talked with her “Kazune, I want to tell you something” Karin said unsure of herself about this. She looked in his ice blue eyes and she was at ease “I’ve seen you before walking down the streets. I never said anything to you I just watched. I just want you to know that you are everything I imagined and I love you. I know this seems sudden but yesterday at the parlor I got to see you. Your so funny and cute and just an adventure by listening to your stories” she finished. They soon were closing up the dance with the dip and Kazune looked right in her eyes “I feel exactly the same” they kissed and it was so blissful, lights were going off in there head. They soon pulled apart and a thought struck there mind. What were they to do about Serena and Darien? They went back to the table holding hands and they notice the curtains were closed. Kazune being the curious on opened it. What we saw was not what we wanted to see. There was are brother and sister screwing around until they notice us. Darien looked at me “Ugh let me put my pants on” he scrambled looking for his pants while my sister was looking for her panties. I turned to only look at her “Just wanted to tell you guys that me and Kazune are together” I said not looking at Darien. They both looked at us with my face still turned, Kazune spoke up “Look how about Karin I leave and we’ll talk to you two tomorrow” “Yeah I’ll be the nice cop” I suggested. Kazune looked at me “Officer take me away in hand cuffs” he whined. I smiled “The hand cuffs are at home. If you like we can go use them right now” I told him. His eyes sparked “See later Darien, it looks like I’ve been a bad boy” Kazune grabbed my arm and we ran out. The two sat there in shock before closing the curtains and going back to before. They’ll be hearing a story tomorrow and an interrogation that’s for sure.

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