Vampire in Disguise

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Submitted: April 29, 2013

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Submitted: April 29, 2013



Her lips are stained with blood

Remnants of flesh still clinging to her jagged teeth

In the light she’s disguised like a mere flower bud

But a monster is what’s veiled beneath


Her eyes are a scarlet red in the night

Masked as a sky blue in the day
All she needs is a simple little bite
Though she always drains her victims by the bay


Her fingers are like talons
And one is graced with a bulky ring
By dark, the blood of men are drained by gallons

She hunts alone, keeping no one (nor thing) under her wing

She departs the water pool  in search of more
The entire sap of a single man not nearly enough
Besides, she discovered long ago that the dead were a bore
Then a living being walks her direction; “hey hot stuff”

She turns her head to face the human
Giving a devious smile and motioning him closer
He is unaware that she is non-human
She revels in his naïve mind; she is a composer

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