Inspired Thought

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This is what I wrote after meditating for an hour. I felt so inspired to write this. I hope you all like it and provide me with feedback.

Submitted: May 05, 2012

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Submitted: May 05, 2012



Aspiring to "walk the talk," while experiencing deep thoughts and emotions as I try to bridge the gap of differences that exists between them and I. Hoping that i will go a long way in becoming a more eudemonia person, good and sweet, spirited, hospitable, warm, open and willing to be vulnerable. Affirming of others and recognizing that when they are humiliated and oppressed- I am too; it is a common humanity attitude. Who am I? What am i going to be? Who have I been? I ask myself these questions with reflexion, with connection but with a challenge. However, it is not who i have been that is important. Self-actualization matters the most. My present strength, achievements, virtuosity, and the mastery of self  intellectual, temporance, courage, and justice. When you are in control of these factors, there is no external influences which can resist you. How different my life is today from those poor days that never seem to end. But those days passed with hidden purposes. Now I am rich in different aspects. One is spiritual wealth. When one changes the way one looks at things, at life; one can explore the whole world in an afternoon. An open mind can be that bridge to self-discovery. The flow of energy from the Cosmos bring new eyes to explore human "imperfections" and the ability to execise the imagination beyond this world!~Knowledge is love, life, and vision~ Helen Keller

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