Demigods in History

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From the Percy Jackson series. This is a list of all the demigods that have been recorded.


Submitted: May 08, 2012

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Submitted: May 08, 2012






  • Tiger Woods, Son of Nike
  • Michael Phelps, Son of Poseidon
  • Alexander Ovechkin, Son of Tayos
  • Shaun White, Son of Inora
  • Kobe Bryant, Son of Ares
  • Aaron Rodgers, Son of Apollo
  • Mark Ingram Jr., son of Hades
  • Julio Jones, son of Nemisis
  • Trent Richardson, son of Hephaestus
  • Tim Tibo, son of Poseidon
  • Shaun Johnson, Daughter of Athena
  • Dwyane Wade, Son of Nike
  • Lebron James, Son of Nike


  • Harison Ford, Son of Dionysus.
  • Julia Roberts, Daughter of Thalia. (Thalia is the goddess of theatre)
  • Ferris Beuler, Son of Hermes
  • Kristin Stewert, Daughter of Apollo
  • Brittany Spears, Daughter of Aphrodite
  • Bruno Mars, Son of Apollo
  • Black Eyed Peas, Children of Apollo and Hermes
  • Megan Fox, Daughter of Aphrodite
  • Michael Jackson, Son of Apollo


  • Percy Jackson, son of Poseidon
  • Thalia Grace, daughter of Zeus
  • Leo Valdez, son Hepheaustus
  • Jason Grace, son of Jupiter (Roman form of Zeus)
  • Tyson, son of Poseidon
  • Carter Kane, son of Horus
  • Sadie Kane, daughter of Isis
  • Walt Stone, Unclaimed
  • Zia Rashid, daughter of Nephthys
  • Jasmine (Last Name Unknown), daughter of Sekhment/Hathor
  • Annabeth Chase, daughter of Athena
  • Nico di Angelo, son of Hades
  • Piper McLean, daughter of Aphrodite
  • Clarisse La Rue, daughter of Ares
  • Connor Stoll, son Hermes
  • Travis Stoll, son of Hermes
  • Pollux Smith, son of Dionysus
  • Raj Mandali, son of Dionysus
  • Corey Bailor, son of Athena
  • Sarah Smith, being determined.
  • Lucas Camilo, son of Athena
  • Oliver Pattinson, son of Athena
  • Alex Redding, daughter of Aphrodite
  • Zac Dean, son of Ares
  • *-Malcolm, son of Athena


  • Amelia Earhart(aged backwards) daughter of Zeus
  • Fred Roonan (aged Backwards) son of Hermes


  • Edward "Blackbeard" Teach son of Ares
  • Five of Blackbeard's crew undetermined


  • Heracles, son of Zeus (Became a God)
  • Dionysus, son of Zeus (Became a God)
  • Eurytion, son of Ares
  • Antaeus, son of Poseidon
  • Polyphemus, son of Poseidon
  • Samebito Sikamoto, son of Heracles



  • George Washington, son of Athena.
  • Winston Churchill, son of Poseidon
  • Franklin Delanor Rooselvelt, son of Neptune (Roman form of Posiedon)
  • Adolf Hitler, son of Hades
  • King Christian X, son of Zeus
  • Ingolf Elster Christensen, son of Thor (Viking form of Zeus)
  • Robert Menzies, son of Poseidon
  • William Lyon Mackenzie King, son of Zeus
  • King Leopold III, son of Poseidon
  • Chiang Kai-shek, son of Poseidon
  • Ahmed Urabi, son of Jupiter
  • Abraham Lincoln, son of Athena
  • William H. Seward, son of Hebe
  • Christopher Comlubus, son of Poseidon
  • John Adams, son of Bast
  • James Madison, Son of Themis (Goddess of Justis)


  • The Beatles, sons of Apollo.
  • Harry Houdini, son of Hecate.
  • Helen Keller, daughter of Aphrodite.
  • Marilyn Monroe, daughter of Aphrodite
  • William Shakespeare, son of Apollo


  • Leonardo da Vinci, son of Athena
  • Pablo Picasso, son of Iris
  • Charles Thomson, son of Prometheus


  • Harriet Tubman, daughter of Hermes
  • Oscar Schindalar, son of Themis
  • Daniel Shays, son of Mystos
  • Jason, mortal
  • Theseus, son of Posedon


  • King John I, son of Krios
  • King George III, son of Babi

Declaration of Independence (All were Half-Bloods)

  • John Hancock, son of Thoth
  • Button Gwinnett, son of Themis
  • Lyman Hall, son of Ares
  • George Walton, son of Hades
  • William Hooper, son of Dionysus
  • Thomas Jefferson, son of Apollo
  • Joseph Hewes, son of Hephaestus
  • John Penn, son of Thoth
  • Edward Rutledge, son of Zeus
  • Thomas Heyward II, son of Suran
  • Thomas Lynch II, son of Nike
  • Arthur Middleton, son of Deimos
  • Samuel Chase, son of Aphrodite
  • William Paca, son of Nekhbet
  • Thomas Stone, son of Phobos
  • Charles Carroll, son of Hermes
  • George Wythe, son of Thantos
  • Richard-Henry Lee, son of Thantos
  • Benjamin Harrison, son of Hypnos
  • Thomas Nelson II, son of Mystos
  • Francis Lightfoot-Lee, son of Poseidon
  • Carter Braxton, son of Eros
  • Robert Morris, son of Arkvoodle
  • Benjamin Rush, son of Ares
  • John Morton, son of Athena
  • George Clymer, son of Notus
  • James Smith, son of Aeolus
  • George Taylor, son of Mystos
  • James Wilson, son of Boreas
  • George Ross, son of Nike
  • Caesar Rodney, son of Notus
  • George Read, son of Bes
  • Thomas McKean, son of Set
  • William Floyd, son of Set
  • Phillip Livingston, son of Deimos
  • Francis Lewis, son of Hermes
  • Lewis Morris, son of Kronos
  • Richard Stockton, son of Krios
  • John Witherspoon, son of Hyperion
  • Francis Hopkinson, son of Calypso
  • John Hart, son of Heracles
  • Abraham Clark, son of Heracles
  • Josiah Barlett, son of Phobos
  • William Whipple, son of Hephaestus
  • Matthew Thornton, son of Set
  • Samuel Adams, son of Shezmu
  • Robert Paine, son of Shezmu
  • Elbridge Gerry, son of Horus
  • Stephen Hopkins, son of Zeus
  • William Ellery, son of Demeter
  • Samuel Huntington, son of Hecate
  • William Williams, son of Janus
  • Oliver Wolcott, son of Hestia
  • Roger Sherman, son of Pomona


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Demigods in History

Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction



Status: Finished

Genre: Fan Fiction



From the Percy Jackson series. This is a list of all the demigods that have been recorded.
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