The Door To Wisdom

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Religion and Spirituality  |  House: Booksie Classic

My first story!! I thought this out for a coupla hours and thought I could give it a shot. A man rising to a new day and new fears, created from his mind. How? You'll see.
Drop any comment, questions, concerns, tips and advice.
I am able to comply!
uOnRkInGoIwNnS ( You'll find out what it means if you read the meaning!)

You wake up, the sun gleaming on your face, the alarm blaring away.
As you roll out of bed, you see the many birds flying out from the railing into the morning sky.
You look outside.
You see nobody.
  The streets are deserted.
The cars are silent.
The sounds of the city are no more.
You get up from the floor, back aching, heart pacing.
“Crap, the windows”
You immediately reach for the shotgun.
Cocking it, you silently stand by the door, slowly turn the handle and rush in.
The corridor is clear.
You then, stand by the door, ready,
fear crawling through your skin, a waterfall of sweat down your back.
The room is clear.
“The kitchen”, you think.
You taciturnly walk to the kitchen,
the cold barrel against your hand, the beating pump in your chest.
You lean against the wall, checking for shadows on the floral wallpaper.
You handle the cold and steady doorknob.
Your heart releases, its many tangles of fright and horror unwind themselves as
you sit down and summon a coffee and wished away the gun
“Um, what about a Moroccan brew?”
You smile, as you remember walking along the coast of the Atlas Mountains, just yesterday.
You smile that none of your nightmares awoke into the reality.
You see the sun slow down as it rises to the sky.
You see the people rise, unaware of the truth,
unaware of the lies that show up in the newspaper, in their coffee, in their faces
In their lives.
It's been a month and you still cannot shake it.
One day, after coming from the War and seeing the meaning of life and what is up ahead,
you realize that everything you wished for ... happened.
You could not get this idea out of your head.
The good thing is, it got weaker on certain times.
The bad thing is, it got stronger on certain times.
Desperate, you rushed to the library,
fuming at the recent happenings, your son running away, your wife dead....
You search the many ancient books of existence,
particle physics,
theoretical black hole transpiration...
Not one bit to bring her back.
Nothing to piece the life you had before...
You feel the weight of all that happened,
crushing you to a tiny bug, meaningless and insignificant.
"You do not find it beacuse you look in wrong place"
You looked aorund to see an old man, old as Time himself.
Standing by, clutching onto an olive pole like a support, he whispered,
"You do not find it because it is all in your head"
He started waving the stick.
"Uhhh, you okay?" you said.
Suddenly, the world went bland of colour and vision and then,
a bright star appeared replacing everything else.
"How do you know that all is real, and not real?
You create the world, because you see the world through your senses.
How do you know that the world is real if the only thing you can rely on are your senses? "
The star turned into a man, and then into a monster,
disfigured and torn from reality."Trust in yourself and try and kill me"
You step back, in fear of taking another life again
You wake up reasoning whether what just happened was real or an illusion.
The sun slowly rising
"It did not exist"
A personal triumph.
A dream that did not manifest itself into reality.
You see your wife dragging your son, running up the stairs,
dropping the groceries and reaching for a hug!
"Anything for this." you think.
Meaning: "Many philosophers questioned the true validity of our senses.
All our findings, experiments, and even our theories, are based on five rudimentary senses that can easily be tricked.
Even our reason is based on our senses. What do we know of the real world behind the veil of lies?
Is it all or nothing? One would have to open the door to wisdom to see the true meaning to life"

(or unknown ORIGINS: if u cant decrypt it!)

Submitted: December 23, 2009

© Copyright 2021 uOnRkInGoIwNnS. All rights reserved.

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