The Freshmen

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Sex, Drugs and RnR in 1970 Berkley CA: As two college buddies reflect on they lost loves for to different reasons right before graduation


“If we are only four years older why do I feel middle aged?” Roger said

Tim stopped his stroll looking into a darkened classroom “Cause we both have lived a lifetime in those four years.” Tim said

Roger “You can say that again.”

Fall 1970 Berkley University, Berkley CA

“Here let me help you,” Tim said picking up Hannah’s books that had fallen

“Thanks” she said little bit embarrassed

“No, problem what is a petite girl like you lugging around the books that are twice the size as you what are going to become a rocket Scientist?” he said

Hannah with a slight blush tilted her down “Close European Literature “

“Oh so you’re major is in weight lifting,” he said

“No I want to teach literature,” she said

“Well, I hope you don’t make your students carry these many books to class” he said

“I‘ll try not to Thank you...” she said trying to get his name

“Tim” he said

“Thank you Tim” she said

“Anytime...” he said

“Hannah” she said

“Hannah that’s a pretty name” he said

“Thank you” she said still trying to hide her blushing cheeks

“So how about we put these books away and go get something eat,” he said

“Ok Tim” she said

“Excuse me you can tell me what this stands for” Roger said shoving a piece of paper in front of the woman who was standing in front of me.

Taking the paper and looked at to where he was pointing, “4 South the building we are in now” she said

“Oh makes sense thanks,” he said

She turned her back to him and continued to wait in line.

“Excuse me I’m sorry to bother you again is that Business Principals one or two?” he asked

“One” She said not facing him

“Thanks” he said

Roger stood behind her noticing her red-orange shoulder length hair how it laid perfectly down her back.

“Your hair color compliments your face,” he said

Now she had gotten beyond annoyed “Thank you but if this your way of trying to hit on me it’s not working and quite frankly it’s weak” she said

“Well thanks for the unwanted constructive criticism but for the record I was just trying to make conversation,” he said

“Sounded like a come onto me,” she said

“Well it wasn’t so where‘s the apology” he said

With a slightly rising, voice “Apology? Where do you come off asking me for one?” she said with her face becoming red like her hair.

Both of them stood leering at each other neither one of them backing down knowing they were both right in their own minds.

“Lucy O’Hallan” a voice called

Lucy still unmoved

“Lucy O’Hallan” again the voice said

Roger let his guard down with a smile knowing he had just won with Lucy having to go.

“Roger Flattery” another voice said

“Hey you want to get a bite to eat” Lucy called

“Sure” Roger said stuffing his papers in one of his books

“Good there’s burger joint here on campus,” she said

“Is this a date or you version of an apology” he said

“Neither” she said pushing the door open

“So Tim what are you majoring in?” Hannah said sipping her milkshake

“Architect” he said stuffing a French fry in his mouth

“Wow that’s great why architecture?” she asked

“I don’t known even when I was a kid I’d always like to build things and see how far high I could make then always trying to reach for the sky. Why do you want to teach literature?” he said

“I’ve always loved the way society was in the resonance period Life back then may not have had modern conveniences but when society was prim and proper respect wasn’t an option it was a law” she said

“I understand with what’s has happened in the world in the past few years. So that means you‘re a hopeless romantic” he said

“Guess so,” she said

“Do you mind if we share the booth with you?” Roger said holding his tray

“Sure” Tim said getting out of the one side sitting next to Hannah

“Thanks” he said with Lucy sitting down

Roger “Man a little packed in here wouldn’t you say”

“Just a tad” Tim replied

“All Freshman” Lucy said biting into her burger

“Including us” Roger said

“Us too” Tim said

“Roger” said putting out his hand

“Tim and Hannah” he said taking Roger’s hand

“This is Lucy,” Roger said

“Nice to meet you both” Hannah said

Lucy nodded to Hannah with a full mouth

“Hannah and I were just talking about our majors mine is architecture and Hannah’s is European Literature. May I ask what‘s yours?” Tim said

“Business” Roger and Lucy both said at the same time with mouths full

“Advertising” Lucy, said wiping her mouth

“How ironic I‘m majoring in Marketing” Roger said

“That why you’re come on line was so weak,” she said

“It wasn’t a come on line,” he said

Hannah and Tim tried not to laugh the way Roger and Lucy were acting.

“If you don’t mind me saying did you guys just meet?” Hannah asked

Lucy taking a sip of her soda “Yeah about an hour ago”

Tim “Could have us fooled you guys act like some old married couple” he said

Roger and Lucy looked at each other Roger had a look of that could be possible while Lucy’s look was one of you got be kidding me.

“Lucy asked, “How long have the two of you known each other?”

“Same amount as the two of you,” Hannah said

“Oh I would have never guessed as much. Looks can be deceiving,” Lucy said

“Yes they can be” Hannah said softly

An awkward silence appeared “So where is everyone from” Roger piped in

That seemed to have saved the situation and conversation, which then had started a few more topics of discussion, which lasted until the restaurant was almost empty. When they were ready to leave stating how they enjoyed each other’s company wanted to meet again. With everyone looking at their schedules, trying together was impossible but for one time and that was lunch.

College life in 1970 Berkeley California was an exciting time to say the least with all the demonstrations and protests over the years that covered a wide range of topics. The rest of the world saw a huge number of people uniting for one cause but it was just a glimpse. Individually they each had their own story to tell including the four freshmen, they all had come from similar backgrounds brought together one fateful afternoon and each of them would never be the same once they left Berkeley.

“Hey Roger wait up man” Tim said almost out of breath

“Hey Tim got to make it quick late for class” he said

“Sure me and Hannah want to live off campus and we found a place just can‘t swing the rent would be interested in moving in we split everything equally” he said

“Yeah I‘m interested I‘m free after 3.” he said

“Great here is the address” Tim said handing him a piece of paper

“Thanks” Roger said

“You know what would be great if you could get Lucy in on it too,” Tim said

“Yeah right” Roger said with his thoughts wondering off the topic

“Roger Thanks again,” Tim said

“No problem” Roger said taking off for class

Roger quietly made his way into the lecture hall finding Lucy instantly he sat next to her. Once Roger picked up where the professor was in his lecture pulled out the piece of paper with the address and just stared at it... He like the other three lived in a dorm, Roger hated it, and he assumed that if Tim and Hannah were looking for a place, they were too. Roger was looking to moving in but would Lucy consider or would she think, it was another come on. Roger liked Lucy a lot since their first meeting and the classes that they had together were boxing matches and others they made a great team. Lucy’s fiery personality matched her red hair and when she was right in her convictions no one had a fighting chance except for Roger who had won a few of their sparing matches. It seemed there was more Lucy then her very tough exterior some softness or vulnerability to her and that is the Lucy, Roger wanted to know. He placed the paper on her desk and hoped for the best. She returned the paper with a question mark written on it. He jotted back that Tim and Hannah wanted to look at an apartment. They asked both of them if they wanted to move in and they wanted them to both look at it. Roger went back to the lecture when the paper came back with the word “Sure” on it.

“It’s 315,” Hannah said with worry

“Yeah no need to worry yet” Tim said looking around the apartment

“What if they forgot or he didn’t ask Lucy,” Hannah said

“Hannah please don’t make yourself upset with this if they don’t want it then we can find someone else” he said

“But I really like Roger and Lucy” Hannah said

“So do me?” he said with a smile

“Hello” Roger said coming up the stairs with Lucy behind him

“In here” Tim yelled downward

Roger and Lucy made their way to the third floor apartment that overlooked downtown Berkeley.

“So what do you think?” Tim said

“Wow its perfect. Lucy?” Roger said

Lucy strolled around the living room wondering if this would be a wise choice quickly going over in head the pro and cons of moving in. The pros where self-evident and she was sure the same reasons as the other three but the cons were her personal ones she did enjoy Tim and Hannah’s company but it was Roger that made her afraid and she didn’t know if she’ d had the strength to fight off how he made her feel.

“Sure why not” she said with a loud exhale

“Great I’ll get the landlord,” Tim said

“Thank you Lucy” Hannah said with a wide smile

Tim had returned with the property owner who had the paperwork already and the four of them agreed to split things four ways.

“Well since everything is settled there are one more thing sleeping arrangements?” Roger said

“Hannah and I will take the bedroom,” Lucy said taking Hannah’s hand into the bedroom

“Lucy thank you so much for doing this I don’t think Tim and I could have done it if you and Roger hadn’t agreed to this” Hannah said with a quiver

“What do you mean?” Lucy said

Trying not to cry Hannah put her head down “I don’t have any friends because no one likes me” she said

Lucy’s heart sank putting her arms around Hannah “Neither do I?” she said softly

“What do you mean yes you do” Hannah said

“Hannah I have acquaintances but not any friends there is a difference” she said

“But you are always around people “Hannah rebutted

“Yes but more times then not it’s not by my choosing,” she said sadly

“What do you mean?” Hannah asked

“Hannah we both know I come off being too strong and sometimes that put or intimidates people and not too many people want to deal with it. So I know what‘s like not to be like or left out” she said

“And that doesn’t bother you?” Hannah said

“It did at first but I’ve grown into it.” Lucy said in fact

“But don’t you want to change it?” Hannah replied

Now it was Lucy’s turn to fight the tears “At times yes and no” she said brushing away a tear

“And this is one of the times and that’s why you said yes to us,” Hannah said

“Maybe” Lucy said walking out of the bedroom.

With first semester coming to a close the four of them seemed to be coming and going between jobs, studying and other outside interests they all made it work with the delegation of jobs around the apartment. Tim had set up his drafting table near the windows of the living room with Hannah using a card table along side Tim. Roger and Lucy had the couch and coffee table as their make shift study as they had the same classes together and more times then not got stuck with each other to work on various projects.

“Anyone home” Roger entered the apartment with a few boxes of pizza

“We are Tim,” yelled backed

“That’s the answer I was looking for,” Roger said

Hannah ran into the kitchen getting some plates

“Thanks man didn’t think it was that late,” Tim said sitting down with a piece of pizza

“Thanks Roger” Hannah said

“No problem we all have been working hard the past few weeks I think at one point we all forgot to eat let alone what food tastes like” he said

Hannah taking a bite “Expect Lucy she’s going to turn into a coffee bean with all the coffee she consumes”

“Speaking of my sparing partner we have a project that’s due tomorrow,” Roger said

“She and Stephen left about 2” Tim answered

“Stephen?” Roger asked

“I think he was the one that heading up the protest march that’s coming up” he said

“Which one is it this week?” Roger wiping his mouth about to take a sip of his beer

“World Peace” Hannah said

“That seems to be a popular one? He said sarcastically

“I guess all the other problems in the world have been solved then that one:” Tim said with the same sarcasm

“Except one” Roger shot back

Hannah “I think it’s quite noble,” she said

“Hannah I don’t disagree with you but I can safely say we might never see it and especially in our lifetimes” Roger said

“Well I’d like to think it will one day” Hannah said getting up

“Maybe if there were a million Lucy’s protesting they stopped all the unrest just to get her off their backs,” Roger quipped

“Sorry Stephen and I had to finish some stuff for the march tomorrow,” Lucy said entering the apartment

Roger shot Lucy a look “What?” she said on the defensive

“Nothing” He said getting up taking his plate into the kitchen

“What’s his deal?” Lucy asked

“Stephen” Tim said heading back to his work

“What’s wrong with Stephen?”

“I think Roger is jealous of Stephen,” Hannah said softly

“Why would he be?” Lucy said

“I don’t know” Hannah replied

Lucy was now a bit confused what interest did or concern did Roger have in her seeing Stephen and to Lucy it was none of his business.

“He’s phi beta kappa,” Lucy said

“That’s nice,” Roger, said coming back into the room sitting on the couch taking a sip of his beer looking at his paperwork

“Lucy have some pizza before you and Roger start,” Hannah offered

“No it’s ok Stephen and I had something already,” she said sitting down on the couch

Hannah knew she was no longer going to be useful or helpful and went back to her work.

“You got the mock proposal done?” Roger making no eye contact with Lucy

“Yeah” she said shuffling the papers trying to find it

“You know I wasn’t asking for his academic resume,” he said

“Well I was giving you something to measure yourself up against him” she sniped

“I think it should be the other way around” he said

“Here” she said handing him the paper

“Lucy what is it this not what we had agreed on” Roger said disgusted

“It’s still the same concept and end result,” she said

“But what’s in the middle doesn’t match or go along with my part. Guess it‘s going to be a long night” he said

“What’s that’s supposed to mean?”

“That for it to match my end we are going to have to do re do it,” he said

“So what I did all that work for nothing?” she said

“No we can keep some of it what I don’t know yet” he said

“Well let me know what you deicide to keep I’m going to bed” she said leaving the room

Roger tossed the pad of paper on the table and leaned back on the couch knowing now it was going to be along night for him.

“Hey why don’t you go to bed?” Tim suggested

“Why I’m not tired,” Hannah said leaning on the table with her eyes closed

“Just resting your eyes then,” he said with a small smile

“Oh” she said shot up

“How many more pages do you have to write?” Tim asked

“I’m done trying to cut it down a few pages,” she said

“Want me to read it?” he offered

“If you have time I wouldn’t want take time away from your work,” she said

“Not a problem I could use the break” he said rubbing his eyes

“Are you done?” she said

“Yeah just trying to keep the building from falling into the Pacific if the big earthquake comes,” he said

“I know you will find a way you are very good and through” she said

“Thanks” he said

Hannah got up and went to the bedroom trying to be quiet before she went to sleep.

“Lucy” she said

“Yeah” Lucy said

“Can I come to the protest tomorrow?” she asked

Lucy turned to face Hannah “Of course you can,” she said

“Thank you” Hannah said

“Should we wake him up,” Tim said looking at Roger asleep on the couch

“No it’s his day off and I don’t think he has class,” Hannah said

“You’re right I know he wasn’t to happy with Lucy must have been up late”

“Do you think it was because of their project or Stephen?” Hannah asked

“To be honest a little of both. Lucy say anything to you?” Tim asked

“No and I didn’t ask.” she said

“I hope they can work it out and they can get a decent grade,” Tim said

“Me too. Lucy said I could come to the protest today want to come?” she asked

“Sure after my 100 class” he said

“Ok” she said

“And I haven’t forgotten about reading your paper” he said

“It’s ok it’s not due till the end of the month” she said

“I thought it was due this week,” he said

“No it was something else I forgot,” she said heading out the door

“Am I late?” Tim said finding Hannah among the students filling the campus square

“Nope Stephen is ready to start” Hannah said

Stephen had stepped up to the microphone starting his speech with the crowd having his full support from the first few sentences he spoke

“Checking out the competition” Tim said seeing Roger joining them

“What are talking about I’m here for world peace,” he said

“That’s not what you said yesterday,” Hannah said

“Free country I’m allowed to change my mind,” he said looking at the stage

Stephen spoke with passion and conviction about his beliefs about how he and others could make a difference; the world needed how they could do it with determination and non-violence. Hannah watched Lucy looking at Stephen with awe believing his words and being inspired to make a difference. The crowd forming an oneness from Stephen’s words were about to form a ball of energy when it was Lucy’s words. Hannah watched Roger who was captivated by the force of Lucy’s voice as she spoke echoing Stephen’s words and her own beliefs. Lucy looked out into the crowd seeing Roger smile then she darted away. His smile seemed to have caught her off guard feeling he had given her his approval not that she expected him to say anything to her but she knew this meant something to her. She and Stephen had an unstoppable force with their visions Roger just hoped she had some of that drive for him as well.

“Oh shit,” Hannah said coming into the kitchen

“What’s the matter?” Tim said following her

“Someone left the sink running and the there is water everywhere and today starts my turn to clean the kitchen” she said almost hysterical

“I’m the one that did I’ll clean it up” Tim said getting out the mop

Hannah got down on her hands and knees and started to sop up what she could with some paper towels falling over she started to sob.

Tim stopped mopping and got down besides her “Hannah its only water” he said trying to hold her

As much, she wanted to be in his embrace she pulled away quickly and ran into the bathroom locking the door.

“Hannah open the door what’s wrong,” he said with concern

“Nothing go away,” she said

Tim stood unmoved by the door as he heard the bathtub running thinking Hannah was going to take a bath went back to cleaning up.

“Who’s the bathroom” Lucy pounded on the door several time with no response

Then she walked into the kitchen “Whoa what happened here” she said

“I left the kitchen sink running and...” Tim said wringing out the mop

“Where is Hannah?” she said

“In the bathroom taking a bath” he said

“Well I pounded on the door more then once and she didn’t answer,” she said

“Oh my god” Tim said running out of the kitchen

“Tim” Lucy said chasing after him

“Hannah open up” Tim yelling with his fists pounding hard on the door

Lucy was now worried “What’s happening”

“she became upset when she saw the kitchen cause it was her turn I told her it was my fault we started to clean up and she started crying and ran into the bathroom and wouldn’t tell me what was wrong” he said

“Tim I’m scared,” Lucy said

“That makes two of us,” he said forcing the door down with his foot

Then a shrill scream filled the apartment with Roger walked in running to see where it was coming from to find Tim holding a crying Lucy and Hannah afloat in the bathtub. Roger pulled Hannah’s limp body of the tub and checked her pulse his look said it all.

Lucy screamed “No”

Tim tightened his arms around her with his own tears “Damit Hannah why didn’t you open the door and talked to me” he said angrily

“I’ll call the ambulance,” Roger said leaving the bathroom.

“Grace, mercy and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Though we are dust and ashes, God has prepared for those who love him a heavenly dwelling place. We commended Hannah into the hands of almighty God. As we prepare to commit the remains of Hannah to the earth, we entrust ourselves and all who love God to his loving care.” The priest said

Now the group of mourners scatted among themselves with Hannah put to rest with the same collected thought why did she do it. Tim, Lucy and Roger stood a few feet from away from the casket watching Hannah’s parents say goodbye to their daughter.

“Excuse me Mr. And Mrs. Baker we wanted to express our sincere sympathies.” Roger said

Mr. Baker shaking Roger’s hand “Thank you and thank you for coming” he said softly

Lucy reached out for Mrs.‘s Bakers hand “Hannah was a beautiful girl,” she said

Raising a tissue to her face “Thank you” Mrs. Baker said

“If you don’t mind me asking how did you know Hannah?” Mr. Baker said

Tim finally was able to suppress his tears down enough to speak “We were her friends” he said

Both the Baker’s where shocked to hear what Tim had said

“Oh Hannah never mentioned any of you to us” Mr. Baker said

Now the three of them were taken off guard “Really we were her roommates,” Lucy said

“Oh Walter” Mrs. Baker said with a loud sob

“It’s ok,” Mr. Baker, said taking his wife into his arms

“Mr. Baker I don’t mean to pry at a time like this but Hannah didn’t tell you that she was living with us?” Roger asked

“No, I am afraid not Hannah had always kept to herself as a child and when she got older she became one of those free something other another what did you kids call it?” he said

“Free spirits” Lucy piped in

“Yes, Free Spirits we just hoped that once she started school here she would make friends and be not so introverted” he said looking off to the side

The three of them stood silent with the weight of Mr. Baker’s words pushing down their already heavy hearts.

Lucy began some self-introspection remembering the conversation she had with Hannah. Lucy was an introvert herself but Lucy put up that wall that hid Hannah didn’t. Roger’s guilt came in the form of trying not being so black and white if he had lived, his life in this is the way the world is and no sense changing it where Hannah thought of the world in one simple philosophy just be nice to each other and the world would be happier better place. Tim couldn’t hold back any more tears and began to cry with Mrs. Baker embracing him with the comfort and the words he needed to hear.

“She loved you”

Tim squeezed his eyes shut with more tears “I loved her too” he said

The three of them returned to the apartment still trying to grieve Hannah and trying to get on with their lives.

“What are you doing” Roger said walking past Lucy and Hannah’s room

“What does it look like” she said throwing her things into a box

Standing in the doorway “May I ask why?”

“I’d rather not say,” she said

“Well in fairness to me and Tim I think we have the right to know,” he said

“Scott asked me to join him in DC where our message can be heard where it matters in the most to our government” she said

“When will you be back?” Roger asked

That question froze Lucy’s movements as she tired to wipe back a tear softly she said

“Roger I’m not coming back”

“What? Excuse me but I’m a missing something?” Roger said with a raise to his voice

What Lucy was about to say next was going to open an assortment of problems she didn’t want to get into now but it would be easier and quicker in trying to keep Roger at bay.

“Scott asked me to marry him and I said yes,” she said looking at Roger

Wiping his one hand over his face “Ok that explains everything now doesn’t but then again coming from you Lucy I should have expected something like this” he said

“What is that supposed to mean from day one Roger Flattery we have been like oil and water and they don’t mix?” she said going on the defensive trying not to let her real feelings for Roger show.

“Well then I guess I should have told you my feelings for you sooner.” he said

“Roger I know what they are and I’m not going to lie to you and not say I don’t have any feelings for you Roger but...” she let her words trail off

“But what Lucy now would be the time to truly tell me how you feel about me cause I do have real feelings for you Lucy” he said

Lucy wrapped her arms around herself fearing she was going to have to hurt Roger this way. “Roger you and I wouldn’t work” she said

“Lucy I beg to differ with you if we wanted to we both have the drive and determination to do It.,” he said

“Right there is the problem we are too much alike Roger and in the end we’d no longer have the drive and determination so before we even try it’s best we don’t” she said

“Do you love Scott?” He asked

“Roger doesn’t do this to me?” Lucy said becoming more upset

“Lucy!” he exclaimed

“Roger stop it!” she yelled back at him

Roger had no more fight and walked away

“Oh God” Tim screamed going to knees with his stomach in knots

Lucy came out of the bedroom “What’s wrong”

“That’s not her paper had I looked at it sooner,” he said starting more tears

“Tim what are you talking about?” Lucy asked

“It was her suicide note,” he said

Roger stood behind Lucy and read along with her giving them clarity to how she was feeling but still no answer as to why she killed herself. Her last words on the paper read, “To my friends Lucy, Roger and Tim you will always be my friends for you are the people that accepted me for I don’t think I will ever be able to accept myself in the world the three of you will enter once we part ways and we will part. Love Hannah”

“I should have read it sooner” Tim sat on the floor crying

“Tim please don’t beat yourself up” Lucy said joining him on the floor

Roger “Tim she’s right we all wished we could have helped her.,” he said

“Then why didn’t she ask for help?” he said

“Because she didn’t know how to.” Lucy said


“What are you up too?” Lucy said coming up to Tim’s drafting table

“Working on my final project,” He said

“Can I have a look?” she asked

“Sure” Tim said turning the drawing towards her

“Tim it’s beautiful Hannah’s would have loved it,” she said

“I know the least I could do to make it up to her,” he said

“Tim I know the three of us need time to get over this but please don’t hold this as being your fault.” she said

“I know just hurts Lucy I loved her and I know she loved me just wished things would have moved a bit faster between us so she’d still be here.” he said

“I know,” she said looking back down at the drawing

“Need any help with your stuff?” he asked

“No, got the last of everything” she said

“I’m going to miss you Lucy,” Tim said giving her a hug

“Me too here is my new address at the moment please I don’t want Hannah’s words to come to fruition we need to keep in touch we owe that to her” she said wiping a tear

“Sure what about you and Roger?” he asked

“Yes me and Roger as well goodbye Tim take care if you need to talk I’ll be here to listen” she said

“Thanks same goes for you too,” he said kissing her on the cheek

Lucy walked to the door and stopped “Tim where is that drawing supposed to be?”

“Behind the Literature building went to the Chancellor for approval he said yes” Tim said stilling working on the drawing

“If he renigs call me,” she said

“First on my list” he said

“Your chariot awaits my lady,” Roger said closing Lucy’s trunk

“Thank Roger,” she said with a genuine smile

“Anytime” he said

They both stood and looked at each other with two different thoughts one saying let’s try and the other we are better off this way.

“Goodbye Lucy” he said walking back to the apartment

“Roger wait” she said running to him with tears

She wrapped her arms around him as he put his arms around her

“I’m sorry,” she said softy

“Me too” he said kissing the side of her head

“I want you to know that I’m taking piece of each of you and that includes you Roger,” she said

“I know you will Lucy,” he said hugging her tight

They stood in their embrace for a moment when he whispered in her ear “When you finally achieve world peace call me.,” he said

Lucy let out a little laugh “In the meantime can I call you for some old fashion way of thinking” she said looking at him

“Always” he said

She hugged him one time “I love you Roger,” she said

“I love you too Lucy” he said

Then she broke away from the embrace first heading to the car.

“Hey Lucy what’s that old saying it is better to love and have lost”

Lucy shouted back “Then to never have loved at all” as she drove off

“Gentlemen the procession has started” A professor said into the classroom

Tim and Roger came out of their collective daze and headed into line walking outside to the Hannah Baker Park Tim felt Hannah’s spirit it had been three years and over that time Tim came to terms with her death but she was never forgotten. Hannah came into his life for a reason to teach him to never give up on his dreams for them to do come true and today he would receive his bachelors degree in architecture and this was his way of thanking her with this park in hopes that others could draw from her inspiration never to give up. Roger thought about Hannah how she saw the world with a slight rose-colored tint always finding the romanticism to life. He tried to incorporate to her own life but somehow found it a struggle and he silently promised Hannah that he wouldn’t look at the world so much in reality but once in awhile spend time in her outlook of the world if everyone was nice to each other. Almost reaching the stage, he noticed a familiar face

“World peace achieved in three years,” he said

“Not quite” Lucy said squeezing his hand

As the ceremony started, Lucy looked at Tim and Roger and how proud she was of them and wished Hannah was here to see her to would be proud knowing how Hannah wanted only the best for the three of them but couldn’t find that drive for wanting the best for her. Lucy closed her eyes and said to herself “Well Hannah our boys made it I wish you were here and that we were onstage with them for you deserved and I fucked my education up but I want you to know that since you‘ve been gone I‘ve let my guard down and it feels good thank you Hannah”

“Now for our guest Speaker Peace Activist Lucy” the chancellor said

Tim and Roger looked at each other with smile yep Lucy was still Lucy. Lucy stepped up to the microphone took a deep breath and a hard swallow “Four years ago I was mere freshman...”

Submitted: June 04, 2011

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