What Kind of Circus is this?

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Kevin thought he and Michelle had the perfect relationship until one morning she tells him something that would make him look at the way he was living his own life.

Submitted: June 04, 2011

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Submitted: June 04, 2011




Michelle and I had met one night at a local bar through some mutual friends and we seemed to hit it off really well having a lot in common having a fun evening. A few days later, she called me wanting to know if I would like to go out for dinner. Looking at my schedule, I was booked for the rest of the week and did not have anything open until the end of the following week. She said that a rain check would be fine and would call me back next week, which made me happy in having something to look forward too other then late take meals and non-stop business meetings with dry boring conversations. Our first official date almost didn’t happen with my meeting longing a but longer then I had expected my company was in the process of taking over a small company which had more stipulations then what was agreed upon and those had to be dealt with before handshakes could be made.

“Sorry had I know things would have run that long I would have told you to order already,” I said sitting down

“It’s ok I took care some of my own business” she said finishing her glass of wine

“What do you have taste for” I said opening the menu

“Oh something that’s not on the menu,” she said with a devious smile as I felt her foot press against my crotch

“Oh well that can be a bit of a problem” I said trying to retain my composure

After our first night together was part, smitteness and infatuation the sexual attraction had unleashed the part of our lives that we had put away in letting our careers drive our desires and passions. Meeting each other seemed to have had a positive effect on each other when we made plans we had something to look forward to that was not work related. Our dinner conversations started with work then would turn into anything we could talk about eventually lead to our bedroom trysts.

“Oh my god what is that” Michelle exclaimed be awaken out of a deep sleep

“Yeah” I said answering my phone

“Kevin we got problems Kaufman is reneging on the deal says it’s not worth him selling now” the other voice on the phone said

“You got to be fuckin kidding me. We worked for over 4 months on this what was his complaint.” I said getting out of bed

“Everything and anything he could nit pick apart. Kev bottom line is if we don’t find way to get Kaufman to sign both of our asses are going to be hitting the pavement,” he said

“I know,” I said letting out a deep sigh trying to collect my ideas

“Kev is you still there?”

“Yeah I’ll be in the office as I can,” I said putting my pants

“Kev it’s Saturday” the voice

“Even better I said I’ll start on what I can come up if you shoot on what he’s bitchin about” I said

“Ok we our work cut out for ourselves” he said

“Well it beats hitting the streets if we can pull this off,” I said

“I know faxing over now later”

“Who was that?” Michelle said sitting up

“Jim my partner in crime this takeover we were 99% of closing is now on the verge of no longer being a deal at all now Kaufman doesn’t want to sell so if Jim can’t get Kaufman to sign it’s adios to me and Jim.” I said

“Oh Kevin I’m sorry do you think you can get him to change his mind?” she asked

“Well Jim is faxing over Kaufman’s objections and see what Jim and I can do,” I said

“Hope you can do it” she said

“Me too” I said leaning over to give her a kiss

“I’m going back to bed,” she said

“You do that after all it’s Saturday,” I said heading to my office with a pot of coffee brewing and along with my ideas

“How our things going?” Michelle asked

“Well if I could keep all my ideas in order among all this paperwork I think I’m making headway.” I said

“Kev you look tired and you’ve been up early why don’t you take a break and get something to eat,” she offered

“I’m fine,” I said finishing the last of my cold coffee

“Ok” she said with a small smile kissing the top of my head leaving my mess and me

“Ok mad scientist time to come out of the lab and eat” Michelle said carrying two plates of food.

I looked up, looked out the window, and saw it was dark out leaning back in my chair rubbing my face. “I spent the whole day here.”

“Yep, I’m afraid so” she said putting down the plates on the coffee table

“You know what if Kaufman never had the intention of selling in the first place.” I said looking out the window

“What makes you say that” Michelle said blowing on her food

“Because everything in the Orin gal deal was what he wanted to the letter and now he doesn’t want any of it what the fuck,” I said

“Well if I was an owner of a company that I built from scratch and was my whole entire life I would be reluctant to give up it up with one signature of my name not knowing if what I worked for would be destroyed.” she said

“I understand but even in this first deal we had made that the main stipulation if he didn’t like how we were running his former company he would have the final say.” I said

Then the phone rang “Yeah Jim”

“Well now Kaufmanns saying is has a few others companies interested in buying him out,” Jim said

“What who?” I said feeling my level of agitation rise

“He didn’t say other then their were a few offers that were more of what he wanted then what we were offering.” he said

“That’s bullshit and we all know it we were the only ones that were willingly to do businesses with him when he wanted to sell in the first place.” I said

“Well if he’s bullshittin or not I’m sending over another list,” Jim said

I know had my attention to Michelle who took her empty plate and headed out leaving me on the table I knew she was pissed.

“Ok Jim thanks,” I said

“Are you ok man?” Jim asked

“Yeah it’s just Michelle,” I said

“Trouble in paradise?” Jim asked

“Well if I can get this Kaufman shit solved in a hurry,” I said

“I hear you check in with you tomorrow,” he said

“Ok” I said

Hanging up the phone I stood in the middle of my office wondering if I should call it a night and tried to relax with Michelle I walked up to the door and peaked out into the living room seeing her on the couch watching TV. The invitation looked more the appealing wishing I was cuddled up next to her, hearing the beep of the fax machine and seeing Kaufman’s new demands it was back to burning the midnight oil. I started to closed the door took a look at Michelle one more time still debating to join her a hard choice and one I wouldn’t have had to make if I hadn’t met her. Waking up to a stiff neck and sore back after falling asleep in my chair thought maybe I should take it easy today. I couldn’t there was too much riding on this deal, not only Jim and mine job but the reputation of the company that I worked for and what would be talked about if I couldn’t get Kaufman to sign. I headed upstairs grabbing a quick shower thinking it would clear my head and rid the stiffness in my body.

“Where are you off to?” I asked seeing Michelle dressed to the nines

“Well if you are going to work on Sunday no reason why can’t I?” she said

“Michelle I’m sorry about last night,” I said

“No you’re not,” she said putting on her shoes

“Hey this wasn’t my choice Kaufman is being an asshole,” I said

“Well that’s not my problem it’s yours,” she said getting her things

“What time will you be back?” I asked

“I’m going back to my place call me if when you get this done completely finished meaning he‘s signing or going somewhere else” she said leaving

Since Jim had called me with the initial news of the Kaufman deal I had lost track of not only time but days with my eyes about to fall out of my head looking at nothing but a computer screen and papers was about to collapse. Leaning back on my chair looking out window trying to let my mind wonder anywhere that did not have to with Kaufman my first thought was Michelle. We had not spoke since she left my place and I understood her feelings if I wasn’t going to spend time with her why should stay at my place but what pissed me off a little was she didn’t at least call me and ask how things were going.

“Hello” Michelle answered her phone

“Hey stranger would you be interested in a corporate merger” I said

“Kevin do mind I’m having dinner with a client,” she said with a lower voice

“Kind of of late to be having dinner” I said looking at my clock it was 1000pm

“His plane was late and this is not the time of place Kevin,” she said

“Well then what is a good time?” I asked

“Is your business taken care of?” she asked

“Yes” I said lying

“No it’s not because I’m having dinner with Kaufman right now,” she said

“Well make sure he doesn’t fuck you up the ass like he did with me oh I forgot you like it in the ass don’t you Michelle” I said

“Well it at least his is big enough to feel” then she hung up the phone

Now I was fuming not only was Kaufman in town and did not call me but he was having dinner with Michelle who did not call me to tell me he was. Now my mind had started to work wondering with shit he was pulling but the thought of him fucking Michelle up the ass had me more worked up then anything I painfully made my way to the bathroom and jerked myself off cursing both Kaufman and Michelle.

“Well Kevin I didn’t think you had it in you to come up with this” Kaufman said putting his reading glasses down

“You pissed me off Kaufman,” I said

“I know,” he said

“So moment of truth is do we have a deal?” I asked wanting to be done with this prick one way or another

“Kevin where do you see yourself in 10-15 years?” Kaufman asked

“I hope not dead if I have to deal with pricks like you.” I said

“I’ll take it as a compliment but I hope you will be at the point in your life where this isn’t you life. There is so much you can attain in your career but it the other areas you will never attain if you are driven by one thing and that’s your career.” he said

“Thanks for the advice” I said

“Any time Kevin since I’ll be retiring once I sign on the dotted line,” he said

I let up a deep breath releasing all the butterflies I had in my stomach watching the old man sign the paper it was a done deal.

“Wish I could say I’d love to do business with you again but I can’t now,” he said extending his hand to mine

“I’m sure will always be able to drive a hard bargain,” I said shaking his hand

“Well if you excuse me I have a plane to catch and time to start my golden years,” he said heading out the door

I started to gather the completed paperwork when Kaufman said, “Michelle does have one firm ass,” he said

I contained filing the paperwork pretending I did not hear that as I heard him shut the door.

“Well aren’t you going to let me,” I said leaning outside Michelle’s door holding a bottle of champagne

“What if I don’t?” she said

“Then call the police now saying there will be a drunk man in front of you door,” I said

“I guessing you got Kaufman to sign,” she said walking back into the apartment

“You guess would be correct thanks to you,” I said opening the bottle

“What does that mean?” she said handing me two glasses with a worried look

“He didn’t go into great detail other then and I quote Michelle does have one firm ass”

“So what I fucked him Do you know why I fucked him because he told me that he was about to sell his company and he wanted a place that he could pay cash for up front and if I came down just a bit he would hand me over the cash by the end of the evening. Guess we both made some money off that old fuck” she said with a smug smile

“What after you fucked him so is that how you land those high commissions by spreading your legs what do you want from me a thank you and well then if that’s the case now it’s my turn” I said grabbing her

She slapped me hard “You fucking asshole get out!” she yelled

“Don’t you want to fuck me now and see what you can get out of me?” I said with anger

“Get out now!” she screamed loud enough wondering if anyone heard that and was going to call the police

I let her go and left heading back to my place and continued my celebration with what was in my liquor cabinet trying to comprehend why she did it and if Kaufman was the only one, she fucked.

I woke up to find her staring out the window the room cast in drab winter gray hue, which matched the expression on her face.

“It’s over Kevin,” she said softly

I now sat up seeing the sadness fill her face “I made a mistake and I feel horrible about it and I’m the one that has to live with it and in time forgive myself for It.,” she said

“Why did you do it?” I asked

“Part to get back at you for taken our relationship for granted when we weren’t seeming each other I did some soul searching and I found out that I’m just as married to my work as you are other then what had happened with Kaufman. KEvin we can’t do it we are too driven in our careers for either one of us to take a backseat and that’s not fair to either of us,” she said walking up to me giving me a deep kiss

“Take of you Kevin” she said walking to the door

“You too guess Kaufman was right in their being more to life then just work.” I said

Michelle turned to me “He said that to me too and were I saw myself down the line and I couldn’t answer him,” she said

“Me either” I said

“Now I know Kevin I want to at least be happy and I want that for both of us but we just can’t have it together and I’m sorry of the both of us,” she said with a tear

“Me too” I said

Then she walked out leaving me in a silent room with the thoughts of what did I really want to do with my life.


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