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dark i think

Submitted: November 19, 2012

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Submitted: November 19, 2012



The field sparkled as i walked out to my play mound right next to a tree. The sky was blue the clouds were white and the tree was a beautiful brown and green. Screwball the hare sat next to me as i played and played. For days i remember going to that spot and just playing then it happened. The sky turned grey the clouds black the tree lost it leafs and my world slowly unraveled from around me. In the stormy sky a flash of my parents appeared then flashed and was gone, next my siblings, then friends, soon children, grandchildren even Screwball was taken from me. I sat there alone wet cold and sad. Nothing was bright nothing sung or laughed, when i looked up it was bare gloomy and sunk.

A few days of this passed and then something wonderful happened. I meet a bouncing new best friend by the name of Con the raconteur. He was a bunny just like Screwball. He told me all was not lost in this dark place but only new fun awaited within. Soon i was making mud pies and dancing in the rain. Con told me about my parents and the sun and how they all had an idea where they would run away and leave me alone in dark place. So Con and I came up with our own plan. When all the other kids would go to sleep We would play the best games ever. We never played the same game but we made it just as fun. He would always play the same game a real messy one with red paint and squishy looking bugs, once he even got a dog bone and made it apart of his game. I played many different games. There was one where i would dance and sing and my old family would dance with me and other games where id have to go find everyone that was hiding.

I felt stranger and stranger as the days went on. The more games i played there tired i became. The police made frequent stops to my house my new nanny always dressed in white and even the younger kids that came to play would go off and play alone but that was okay i had Con. Come to think of it one a few of those occasions Con played a game with those little boys and girls, but he always came back to play with me. Eventually Con grew tired of all our games. He said we needed more friends. He told me to keep three things in mind at all times. One That He would never hurt me i was his favorite. Two that if anyone asked if i had a friend they couldn't see to leave him out of it He was a funny bunny but not an adult funny. And last he said to me as he wrapped his arm around me and pointed to a little black spot on the tree, Don't ever go inside there. That is the stuff that only bunnies and mommies can know about.

After that day i didn't like the field anymore. It was spooky, But i kept playing. We had a new friend everyday we played and some of those kids got to play Con's messy game but i wasn't jealous because i knew he was my friend and no messy games would change that. Then i finally met another little kid my own age that would play our games and be both of our friends. Con was thrilled to here it and soon the color grew back to the field with the blue skis and green grass. The only thing that didn't change back was the black spot on the tree.

My friend and con and i played there for countless more days until another truly sad day. Everyone was leaving again. Con flashed away, My nanny in white, all the new kids other the one that new Con. Everything once again just a truckload of sad reality. Then my friend had the greatest idea. Hey lets go into the black hole they said. I knew it was bad and i told them that Con would allow it he'd yell at us and never play games and just make it all so bad to just so much worse. Its already bad my friend explained and with that i promptly agreed to fallow her.

The dark hole was darker than the field and there were life size dolls everywhere. Some wrapped in white cotton some just laid out next to  there stuff. One man laid beside a tree and a chainsaw and one lady had her head in her mixing bowl. Then i saw him, Out of the corner of my eye. Screwball. My fuzzy rabbit i hadn't seen him since i met good Ole Con. Then the worst came I heard a scream AN ear piercing gut clutching horrific scream that nightmares are scared of. I opened my eyes to find a white room chains and bars on the window me in white pajamas with two nannies in white. I saw my shoulder and my eyes traveled down my arm. The pin that stuck on the tag to my rabbit was there in my hand and it was plunged into the heart of the little girl that laid not five feet from my bed the girl i had come to know as my "Real" best friend. i Looked back to my bunny and instead of screwball on my sheets where i had left him Con took his place."This is the stuff only mommies and bunnies know" he said

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